Chapter 6 Study Guide

Chapter 6 Study Guide
 1.
What did the Dutch call their colony in
North America?
 New Netherlands
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 2.
Why did the English want control of the
Dutch colony?
 The English colonies wanted to expand in the
direction of the Dutch colony.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 3.
What were the Society of Friends
(Quakers) beliefs?
 People are basically good and violence was
wrong. They were pacifists.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 4.
How did Pennsylvania get its name?
 Penn’s
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 5.
Define the right to trial by jury.
 The right of people accused of breaking the
law to be tried by a group of fellow citizens.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 6.
Define the term immigrant.
 Person who comes to a country to make a
new home there.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 7.
Name a few contributions of German
 Conestoga wagon, PA rifle, barn raising
Chapter 6 Study Guide
Who wrote Poor Richard’s Almanac, a
book published each year with a calendar,
weather forecasts, stories, jokes and wise
 Ben Franklin
 8.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 9.
Define Piedmont
 The
foothills between the lowlands along the
Atlantic coast and the Appalachian Mountains.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 10.
How did many settlers reach the back
 They followed the Great Wagon Road from
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 11.
Which immigrant groups settled
 Quakers,
Irish Catholics, German Lutherans,
Jews, and free Africans
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 12.
How did the settlers in the backcountry
plant their food?
 The settlers planted in the Indian way, with
corn, beans, and squash all growing from the
same mound.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 13.
Where did the first group of Jewish
immigrants settle in North America?
 New Amsterdam
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 14.
Describe the take-over of New
Netherlands by the English, such as was it
fiercely fought over or was there no
 There was little to no resistance because the
settlers disliked Peter Stuyvesant’s harsh rule.
Chapter 6 Study Guide
 15.
Who organized the first firefighting
company in the colonies?
 Ben
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