Multiculturalism Review

Multiculturalism Review
Using your textbook and class notes answer the following:
1. Define the following:
Population Density
Concentrated Population
Dispersed Population
Population Distribution
Family Immigrant
Dependency Load
Independent Immigrant
Cultural Baggage
Push Factor
Pull Factor
Intervening Obstacle
Cultural Gap
Population Pyramid
2. What province do most immigrants come to in Canada?
3. What three major Canadian cities are popular to immigrants?
4. Give three reasons that immigrants would live in a big city.
5. List 5 examples of cultural baggage.
6. a) Why did Irish settlers come to Canada in the 1860's?
b) Why do immigrant source countries change over periods of time?
c) Give an example of another country that provided Canada with a large number of
immigrants at a particular time.
7. Other than failed crops or famine, why else might people want to leave their
home countries?
8.a) How many points does an independent immigrant need on his or her
application to get into Canada?
b) What factors are evaluated in order to accumulate points? (name 4)
9. What continent did most of the first Canadian settlers come from?
10. Where do most immigrants to Canada come from today?
11. Name one famous refugee and why they fled their home country.
12. Explain how Canada is compared to a “Tossed Salad” and the USA to a
“Melting Pot” when it comes to immigration and assimilation.
14. Explain the difference between a resource-based city and a transportation city.
15. Briefly explain/draw the 3 cultural settlement patterns of Ontario, the Prairies and
16. Give 3 reasons the “Habitants” need a forest at the back of their long-lots?
17. Why did the section system adopted in the Prairies not have much success?
18. List 3 examples of French-Canadian sports, hobbies or celebrations.
19. a) If a population consists of 25 children (ages 0-14), 50 adults (ages 15-64) and 25
seniors (ages 65+), what is the dependency load?
b) Why do organizations such as OHIP and CPP keep a careful watch on our
dependency load?
20. Sketch the shape of a population pyramid representing a third world country and an
industrialized country.