Chapter 3-3 Middle Colonies

Chapter 3-3
Middle Colonies
3-3 Middle Colonies/New York
• 1660 England has to cluster of land separated
by land owned by the Dutch
• New Amsterdam bought from the Manhates
became a major shipping port in N. America
• Dutch West India Company offers headrights
to anyone who brought 50+ settlers to work
• Riverfront estate owners were called patroons
and ruled their lands like Kings
3-2 New York
• 1664 England sends a fleet to take control of
New Amsterdam
• King Charles II passed the colony to his
brother Duke of York
• Proprietary colonies – owners controlled their
land and the gov. unlike New England
• 1691 colonists demand and receive the right
to elect their own legislature
3-2 New Jersey
• Duke of York gives the southern part of his colony
to John Berkeley and George Carteret
• To attract settlers they offered:
Large tracts of land
Freedom of religion
Trial by jury
Representative assembly to make laws
• With no major port they made little profit
• 1702 New Jersey had been sold and was passed
back to the King
3-2 Pennsylvania
• 1680 William Penn receives land from King
Charles II to repay a debt
• Establishes Pennsylvania
• Penn belonged to a Protestant group of
dissenters called The Society of Friends or
• Quakers believed church and church officials
were unnecessary and practiced tolerance
3-2 Pennsylvania/Delaware
• 1682 Penn builds Philadelphia & becomes the
first town planner
• Penn writes Pennsylvania’s first constitution
• Penn attracted settlers by advertising with
• 1701 – Charter of Liberties gave colonists a rep.
• 1704 The Three Lower Counties in South PA were
given the right to form their own legislature and
later separated to form the colony of Delaware