Argentina By griffin+Austin

Geography of Argentina Argentina is west of Africa, Argentina is south of north America. Argentina is west of Mexico. Argentina has lots of mountains. It has deserts.

Iguanazu falls • A trail leads into the iguanazu falls. the falls is really misty! If you go under the falls…..bring a rain coat! It is in surrounded by rain forest.

Food of Argentina • In Argentina for food there is sausage, apples, grapes, and bread rolls.

Kids of Argentina • Carlitos is twelve years old. His family lives on a ranch. They eat sausage called chorizo. They also eat milamesas which is veal fried in breadcrumbs . For fun they ride horses. Carlitos’s school is very small. He likes to read about the world.

Comparing Carlitos and Austin • Carlitos is 12 years old • Carlitos has brown hair • He likes to ride horses • He goes to a small school made out of concrete • I am seven years old • I also have brown hair • I like reading Harry Potter books • I go to a big school. It’s name is Harvey Clarke.

Comparing Carlitos and Griffin • Carlitos eats veal • He rides a horse for fun • He drinks mate. It is made from green leaves and hot water.

• He goes to school on a bus • I eat bacon • I play on my computer for fun • I like to drink milk.

• I go to school in a car

The End