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Centennial High School’s
Tuesday December 9th, 2014
Concert Choir
Women’s Ensemble
String Ensemble
Concert Choir
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Good Night
arr. Chester L. Alwes
Matthew Emery
Come in from the Firefly Darkness
Amy F. Bernon
Niti Contractor, Jakob Boeye, Leonardo Wu and Michael Jansto, soloists
Harvey Enders
Russian Picnic
Jesse Kistler, soloist
Women’s Ensemble
Megan Thoreson &Lisa Choi, flutes
Hannah Lee & Sandy Yang, violins
Your Voice is the Wind
Msilale Wanawake
Stephanie Boisvert & Taruna Emani, soloists
arr. Liebergen
arr. Valerie Shields
Amy Bernon
Paul Caldwell
& Sean Ivory
El Grillo
Josquin des Prez
Precious Lord
Thomas Dorsey,
arr. Nathan Carter
John Rutter
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron
Z. Randall Stroope
Sure on this Shining Night
Theodore Lucas
Bagels and Biscuits
String Ensemble
Allegro from Sinfonia No. 6 in G minor
J. C. Bach,
arr. Robert McCashin
And So It Goes
The 3-Minute Nutcracker
Overture to Rusland and Lyudmila
Billy Joel, arr. Larry Moore
Pyotr Tchaikovsky,
arr. Lloyd Conley
Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
arr. McCashin
Concert Choir
Directed By: Jessica Cummings
Laila Abu-Ghaida
Marina Glennon
Kathleen Amstad
Jack Goodman
Basilica Arockiaraj
Tori Green
Robert Ayoub
Brandon Gritz
Jakob Boeye
Isa Hanssen
Ann Bon
Amelia Haymes
Kayla Brooks
Anisha Ismail
Diana Cagas
Michael Jansto
Jade Chin
Aparajita Kazi
Niti Contractor
Moitri Kazi
Jesse Kinstler
Tara Lanehart
Yubin Lee
Christopher Lewis
Valerie Mathews
Steven Mitchell
David Nagy
Shardul Rakshit
Maximilian Shen
Khai Walker
Leo Wu
Marlena Yu
Women’s Ensemble
Directed By: Jessica Cummings
Stephanie Boisvert
Madeleine Chen
Olivia Clemens
Sara Deming
C’yana Denby
Taruna Emani
Nicole Hammond
Lauren Herr
Jessica Jiang
Katherine Kempton
Jessica Kisamore
Victoria Montanez
Emily Paris
Hannah Paris
Claudia Pilcher
Jade Singh
Jayla Waters
Allison Wilson
Directed By: Jessica Cummings
Skyler Betz
Mackenzie Brandon
Eddy Choe
Juhi Dwivedi
Miguel Fernandez
Thomas Hegarty
Michael Hegarty
Duo Hong
Cecilia Hsu
John Hunter
Rachel Jacob
Daniel Kelly
Allison Krahe
Amanda Krew
Jun Lee
Colin Murphy
Grace Nardei
Hannah Richardson
Victoria Stroud
Jason Vanisko
Montria Walker
Tomohiro Yamaguchi
Zeren Yang
Darrien Yu
String Ensemble
Directed By: Allen Leung
Violin 1
Violin 2
Joon Park
Gillian Rossbach
Ryan Krawczyk
Sally Kim
Supraja Kanipakam
Dylan Chao
Min An
Alice Xue
Steven Hu
Tim Zhan
Anagha Rama
Chance Xie
Gordon Wu
Franklin Yang
Kelvin Chen
Milly Shueh
Andrew Lim
Paulina Balderas
Kathryn Michel
Jake Vanko
Omar Richardson
Andy Lee
Amaal Yazdi
Jane Li
Andrew Lee
Ryan Guy
Rohit Vepa
Sai Mellacheruvu
Virginia Knight
Ipse Sokvary
Connor McNeil
Tahiyat Sheikh
Benjamin Germroth
Deanna Yi
Miles Scharff
Jenny Shueh
William Liu
Kevin Yang
Alex Farthing
John Zhang
Paul Kim
Christine Wong
Joey Yachera
Richard Cui
Matthew Karasack
Amir Labanimotlagh
Robin Maloney
Aaron Kim
Balaji Kodali
Yashas Lokesh
Mayur Krishna
Sara Wei
Mia Coyle
Noah Happel
Savya Konkalmatt
Hannah Nho
Nikki McGuire
David Rivenburg
Elizabeth Lee
Kiran Yarlagada
Grace Kim
Andrew Chen
Ashley O’DonoghueWalcott
Jane Li
Concert Etiquette 101
Please turn off all electronic devices.
Time To Pick Up Your CITRUS!
This Friday – December 12th 2014
CHS Cafeteria
Students are responsible to pick up their full orders.
If you are unable to pick up that night please make
arrangements with another music department family
or neighbor to pick up your order.
Centennial Music – By the numbers
• Eagle 2015 Population:1412
• Music Eagles:
– Band
– Chorus
– Orchestra
Non Music
Non Music
What is the easiest way to support
Centennial Music?
Giant Gift Cards!
Available in $25, $50, $100
5% Goes to CHS Music
Buy yours now in the Lobby!
Congratulations to our County GT Band Musicians
Lisa Choi, flute
Allison Seo, flute
Ken Chen, clarinet
Tom Zong, clarinet
Allison Wei, clarinet
Jake Grandolfo, bassoon
Sean Li, alto saxophone
Reece Updike, trumpet
Justin Reiss, horn
Andrew Tsai, trombone
Justin Wang, trombone
Jack Cole, euphonium
Claire Lee, clarinet (alt)
Frank Kou, tenor saxophone (alt)
Dora de Melo, horn (alt)
Congratulations to our County GT
Orchestra Musicians
Sharon Lee, oboe
Jinia Sarkar, clarinet
Claire Lee, clarinet
Allison Seo, clarinet
Jake Grandolfo, bassoon
Jason Painter, bassoon
Robert Carras, trumpet
Richard Matties, trombone
Adam Prechtl, percussion
What is the NEXT easiest way to support
Centennial Music?
Greg’s Driving School!
A CHS Tradition
Greg’s generously donates to CHS FOM
for every student that takes classes at CHS.
Next session is Jan 26th – Feb 9th 2015
Go Online and Register
Make sure to designate CHS!
US Army Jazz Ambassadors
CHS Auditorium
13 December @ 3pm and 7 pm
For Free Tickets:
Congratulations! CHS Vocalists
Junior All State
Lauren Herr
Aparajita Kazi
Moitri Kazi
Shardul Rakshit
Senior All State
Juhi Dwivedi
Taruna Emani
Jack Goodman
Duo Hong
John Hunter
Cecilia Hsu
Rachel Jacob
All Eastern Honors Choir
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly Cecilia Hsu Rachel Jacob Grace Nardei
Darrien Yu
Concert Etiquette 101
We’re glad you’re here!
Please do not enter during a performance.
Wait until you hear applause…
…then enter.
Enjoy The Performance!
Congratulations! CHS Orchestra Musicians
Junior All State
Jisoo Choi
Peter Ho
Steven Hu
Angela Kou
Nicole Lee
Alice Lin
Nicole Meister
Courtney Tse
Senior All State
Hannah Lee
Suzie Byun
Charrine Liu
Michael Cai
Daniel Wang
Siri Neerchal
Sandy Yang
Andrew Abdow
Daniel Zheng
Alice Kuan
Victor Chang
Mary Monroe
Evelyn Chen
Justin Lidard
Hali Kim
Michael Martinaitis
Sara Ho
Sahil Saini
All Eastern Honors Orchestra
Alice Kuan Hannah Lee Justin Lidard
What holiday gift do you buy for the
person that has everything?
Answer: Magazines!
Renew or Start Subscriptions for that hard
to buy for person on your holiday gift list.
CHS Band Musicians
Junior All State
Polly Moser, bass clarinet
Sean Li, alto saxophone (alt)
Braden Vaughn, percussion
Senior All State
Megan Thoreson, piccolo/flute
Lisa Choi, flute
Eric Villanyi, oboe
Ken Chen, clarinet
Sarah Arbaugh, clarinet
Andrew Frommer, trombone
Matthew Brady, tuba
Don’t Let Music Education Become a
Thing of the Past...
Support Your Centennial Musicians
1) CHS Friends of Music (FOM)
2) Howard County Parents for School Music (HCPSM)
3) National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
Thank-you to our Crescendo Club Members!
George & Linda Abdow
Shazabe Akhtar & Family
Ninu N. Ara
The Arnold-Amos Family
Beth & Paul Amstad
Bill & Lisa Arbaugh
Ed & Bay Balderas
The Bledsoe/Moser Family
The Benavides Family
Kerry Boeye - Cecilia Tomori
Alexis & Michelle Carras
The Chew-Chen Family
The Chiu Family
Teck & Selena Choo
Ken & Pam Clark
The Clemens Family
The Cole Family
The Dale Family
The Daly Family
Kathryn & Richard Davis
The Fernandez Family
Junyan Fu
Amy and Jackson Guo
Nicole Hammond
The Heckl Family
Michael Hegarty
The Hendrickson/Matthews
The Ismail Family
Angela Ji Family
Kadabha Family
Kiran Kanipakam
Abdul M. Kazi
Sarah Kim & Family
Sanghun Kim Family
Frank & Angela Kou
The Kowdley Family
Daniel Lee & Family
John Lee & Family
The Lehr Family
Sean Li's Family
The Lidard Family
Gary & Cynthia Martinaitis
The Moloney Family
The Montanez Family
Dan & Beth Murphy
The Neilon’s
The Parekh Family
Mike & Sandy Peterson
John & Suzanne Przybyla
Lois Reynolds
The Richardson Family
Tammy & Jeremy Rossbach
The Saini Family
The Seas Family
Allison Seo
The Stroud Family
The Thoreson Family
The Tsai Family
Alexander Wang
The Winters Family
The Woodford Family
Kevin Xu & Family
Jung Yi
The Yu Family
The Zabriskie Family
The Zong Family
Anonymous (2)
Save the Date: Spring Trip 2015
April 9th – 12th
Virginia Beach, VA
Next Payment Due:
December 19th 2014
Save The Date:
Berklee High School Jazz Festival
January 29-31 2015
Boston, Massachusetts
Do you own a business?
Look around…
All of these people could
be reading your AD – right now!
Pick-up a Business Sponsor form on the way out!
Save The Date:
Howard County Solo and Ensembles
CHS Friends of Music
Our Monthly Meetings are Open to All!
Next Meeting
Wednesday January 21st 2015
7:00 PM
CHS Guidance Conference Room
Save The Date:
How do your make your Super Bowl
snacks even more SUPER?
Answer: Joe Corbi Pizza!
Order your supply of Easy-To-Make Pizza
just in time for the Super Bowl!
Details to be posted on
the CHS FOM Web Site.
Concert Etiquette 101
Performances are professionally recorded.
Please refrain from making excessive noise.
Capture the Memories….
Winter Concert Series DVDs
Professionally Recorded
By Clean Slate Digital Media
Order Forms are in the Lobby and On-Line!
What is worse than a missing sock?
Answer: A Missing Gold Earring!
Transform all your old-gold into cold-cash!
Details to be posted on
the CHS FOM Web Site.
Save The Date: BINGO Night
Friday April
Donations for the Silent Auction
and Prizes will be needed.
Details to be posted on
the CHS FOM Web Site.
Thank-you for Supporting
Centennial Music!
Have a safe
restful winter break!
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