Egg Drop Challenge

Egg Drop Challenge
How to design a container that
will protect an egg.
Egg Drop Challenge
Problem: You will design a container for a
single egg that will maintain the
structural integrity of the egg when the
container is dropped from a height of
three (3) meters.
Egg Drop Challenge
1. The egg has to fall the full 3 meters.
2. The container should be on the egg, integral to
the egg.
3. Any materials may be used with the approval of
Dr. Cruz.
4. School will provide: 1 balloon, tape, index card,
newspaper, plastic bag, rubber bands.
5. Once the egg container is dropped, it may no
longer be touched.
6. The egg must free fall, as opposed to glide, as
on an airplane type device.
Egg Drop Challenge
• Pre approved items brought from home:
bubble wrap, cloth (old sox), packing
“popcorn,” Dixie cups, extra balloons
(provided they are the same dimensions
as the one provided).
• Others will be discussed next week.
• Guest Judge: our people are checking
with Vincent’s people to see if he is
available to judge.