Egg Protection PPT

Tarun Kumar Singhal
• EPU responsible for:
– Egg Protection Unit
– Main objective of Cansat Design is to provide egg
safety from launch to landing
– We need a robust design which can withstand the
impact of cansat with ground and prevent the egg
from any damage.
Provided that the cansat is dropped from a
height of 400m and due the descent control
mechanism it finally attains a velocity of 10 m/s.
So, Initial total energy of the Cansat
1/2mv2 = 35 joule
We need to work out a mechanism which can
reduce the energy to ZERO.
Space for
Electronic Components
Egg protection system
Spring- Mass Damping Mechanism
Egg caps
To design a EPU for the following Specification:
1. Impact velocity 10 m/s
2. Overall dimension :Should be less than specified dimension
3. Mass should be less than 100g
(excluding mass of egg, tentative )
H- 100mm
Deliverables for this Problem Statement:
1. Model Design (on paper )
2. Some calculations if possible.
Total time: 30min
3. Idea for EPU
Points for this task : 15
Two teams would be selected from this round (wild card entry)