cell test review

Cellular biology test review
Due Monday
Name _________________________________
a. these have digestive enzymes that digest waste
2. ____ golgi apparatus
b. these are membrane sacs for storage
3. ____ cell membrane
c. protective, semipermeable outside layer
4. ____ mitochondria
d. the watery medium where all organelles float
5. ____ lysomes
e. little grains floating around where proteins are made
6. ____ ribosomes
f. folded membranes that transport molecules
7. ____ endoplasmic reticulum
g. flat vesicles that package things
8. ____ vacuole
h. power house of the cell
9. ____ cytoplasm
i. directs activities of cell
10. ____ chloroplast
j. where photosynthesis occurs
11. What is a prokaryote?
12. What is a eukaryote?
13. What are the differences between plant and animal cells?
14. Where are proteins made in a cell?
15. What organelle deals with photosynthesis?
16. What is diffusion?
17. What is osmosis?
18. What is active transport?
19. What limits a cell’s size?
20. Write a conclusion for the egg lab demo.
21. Write a conclusion for the dialysis tubing lab.
This is the data from the egg
lab. Circumference is the
distance around the egg.
22. What is line A showing:
egg in water or egg in syrup?
23. How does this data table support the idea that the size of a cell is related to its surface area?
24. What is isotonic?
25. What is hypotonic?
26. What is hypertonic?
27. Be able to explain the gummy bear example.