HOSA at AR Johnson 2011-12

HOSA – What’s It All About?
Resume building
What is HOSA???
120,000 members in 47 states
Co-curricular organization
Student-run organization
HOSA Mission Statement
 The mission of HOSA is to enhance the
delivery of compassionate, quality health care
by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill
and leadership development of all health science
technology education students, therefore,
helping students to meet the needs of the health
care community.
Leadership Opportunities
 Food drives
 Blood drives
 Campus health screenings and
education programs
 Projects with other CTSO’s
 Raising money for HOSA National
Service Project – Juvenile Diabetes
Research Foundation (JDRF)
and/or local service projects
Competition Opportunities
 9th – 12th graders in Healthcare
 Students choose and prepare one
competitive event
 Students who qualify though school
and regional competition may go
compete at HOSA State Leadership in
March in Athens
Oops – almost forgot…
 Scholarships
 Networking
 Allows you to personalize your Health
Care Science experience
How do I qualify?
 Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the event you
have chosen during regional
 If the event you choose does not
have a regional competition then you
must place 1st or 2nd in AR Johnson’s
school competition
What will I do at HOSA SLC
 Compete in your event
 Events are CLOSED to spectators
 Attend educational seminars
 Serve as courtesy corps
What happens if I win at SLC?
 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each
category qualify to attend the
National Leadership Conference in
Do you want to go to Disney
National Leadership Conference
 June, 2014 Disney World
Orlando, FL
 June, 2015 Disneyland
Anaheim, CA
 Meet other students from all over the
United States and Puerto Rico
 Over 7,000 students!!
 Attend educational seminars
 Go to Disney Parks
Competitive Events Categories
5 Categories
Individual and Team events
Designed to measure “who knows the
Health Science Events (R)
 Written Test only
Dental Terminology
Medical Spelling
Medical Terminology
Medical Reading
Medical Math
Knowledge Tests
Human Growth and Development
Medical Law and Ethics
Transcultural Health Care
2013-14 Medical Reading Books
 Fragile Beginnings: Discoveries and Triumphs
in the Newborn ICU
 The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise
and Fulfill a Dream
 Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary
Gift of an Ordinary Cat
 What Ails the White House: An Introduction to
Medical History of the American Presidency
 Lessons from the Mouse: A Guide for Applying
Disney’s World’s Secrets of Success to Your
Organization, Your Career, and Your Life
Health Professions Events (R)
Written test and skills test
 Biotechnology
 Clinical Nursing
 Dental Science
 Home Health Aide
 Medical Assisting
 Nursing Assisting
 Physical Therapy
 Sports Medicine
 Veterinary Science
Health Professions Events
 Clinical Specialty Allows the student
to choose career area not tested in
other HOSA events. Includes
portfolio, shadowing, and skill
Emergency Preparedness Events
 Written test only
 Epidemiology (1 person)
 Written test and skills
 CPR/First Aid (Team of 2)
 Emergency Medical Technician
(Team of 2)
 Community Emergency Response Team
(Team of 2)
Emergency Preparedness Events
 MRC Partnership (Team of 2-6) Plan
and execute three or more activities
in cooperation with the local Medical
Reserve Corps (MRC) that promote
the mission of the MRC, HOSA, or the
Surgeon General.
Emergency Preparedness Events
 Public Health Emergency
Preparedness (Team of 2-6,
presentation on assigned topic – can
use any medium to prepare effective
2013-14 Topic:
Open Pandora’s Box: Start the
Conversation about Community
Mental Health
Leadership Events
Extemporaneous Health Poster
Extemporaneous Writing
Medical Photography
Job Seeking Skills
Healthy Lifestyle
Leadership Events
 Prepared Speaking
2013-14 Topic: The Future Starts Now
 Researched Persuasive Speaking
Speech and research paper
2013-14 Topics (Choose one):
Vitamin Supplements: Help or Hype?
Obesity: Disease or Choice?
Teamwork Events
 Community Awareness (Team of 2-4)
Team chooses a specific health
issue, need or concern and plans
activity to educate the community
 Creative Problem Solving(Team of 3-4)
Written test, 30 minutes to solve
given problem, 10 minutes to
present solution to judges
Teamwork Events
 Forensic Medicine (Team of 2)
Written test
6 minutes to analyze crime scene
30 minutes to write conclusions
 HOSA Bowl (Team of 3-4)
Written test
Round 2 - 0pen questioning
with buzzer
Teamwork Events
 Health Career Display (Team of 2)
Poster display and presentation
regarding specific health or medical
 Biomedical Debate (Team of 3-4)
Written test, debate – affirmative
or negative assigned at random
2013-14 Topic: The US Government is
failing war injured service members.
Teamwork events
 Health Education (Teams of 2-4)
Select a health-related concept or
instructional objective
Prepare, deliver and evaluate lesson for
specific group of learners
May use any type of media
Teamwork events
 Public Service Announcement(Team
of 3-6)
Produce 30 second public service
announcement and air
2013-14 Topic: Child Hunger Ends
Here: Educating Your
Community on How to
Prevent Child Hunger
Teamwork events
 Parliamentary Procedure (Team of 58)
Written test
Conduct 10 minute meeting for
Recognition Events
 Barbara James Service Award
(very similar to ARJ Senior Portfolio
that is required for ALL Health
Science track seniors)
 Health Care Issues Exam
(all ARJ students attending SLC will
take this test)
 HOSA Happenings
More Recognition Events
MRC Volunteer Recognition
National Service Project
Outstanding HOSA Chapter
Outstanding State Leader
When will HOSA meet and when
will I work on my project?
 On your own time
 During class in days designated by
your instructor……..
Remember – HOSA is
If you choose a team event…
 Carefully consider who you choose for
team mates.
 Only 25% of a team can be replaced
between regional and state or
between state and nationals
Participation Guidelines
 NO record of problems with
 Grades
 Discipline
 Attendance
Find out more at
 www.hosa.org
 www.georgiahosa.org
HOSA Parent Information Night