Wolfpack HOSA

Wolfpack HOSA
Second Meeting | 2.25.13 | 7 PM | Riddick 315
Welcome Back!
Trivia Question:
The United States is currently the only
industrialized nation without a universal
health care system in place.
Approximately how many people in the
US don’t have any form of health
What is HOSA?
- HOSA is a national student organization endorsed by the U.S.
Department of Education and the Health Science Education
Division of ACTE.
-Provides scholarship opportunities at both the State and National
-Allows students to learn and apply skills needed in health related
fields through competitive events.
-Brings students who share similar health care interests and want
to serve their community together!
-HOSA is one of the Pre-Health Clubs at NC State as well as an
organization in almost all of the US and Puerto Rico!
-Pre-Health Clubs have $15 dues to provide service opportunities to all
of the clubs that are part of it.
-Wolfpack HOSA dues are an additional $20 ($10 National, $5 State,
$5 to our chapter to provide activities and opportunities to you!
-Can pay HOSA dues at our meetings and Pre-Health Clubs dues at our
meetings or in the envelope at the Health PAC office.
-4 point requirement for both clubs to remain active! (service or
This semester…
Remaining Spring Meetings!
February 25th- SLC Prep, Future
Officer Interest
March 25th- Officer Speeches/Elections,
Final SLC Prep
April 22nd- State Conference
Recognition/New Officer Inductions/End of
Year Celebration!
This semester…
• Service Raleigh
- Saturday, March 23rd
- Register using group password: hosanc
(register before March 1st to get a shirt!)
• Freshberry Fundraiser (Late March)
• Officer Elections (March 25th)
• Blood Drive (Monday, April 8th)
• State Leadership Conference (April 11th-12th)
State Leadership Conference
• Thursday, April 11th & Friday, April 12th
• Sheraton Four Seasons/Koury Convention
Center— Greensboro, NC
• Over 50 different competitive events!
• Networking opportunities!
Helpful Resources for Events
• Official Competitive Events Resources:
provide list of books used to study for
• Competitive Events Guidelines: provides
sample questions, rules, and format of
• StudyBlue
• Past competitors!
Sample Competitive Event
• Featured Event: Medical Terminology
• Type: Health Science Events
• Questions improving members abilities to
identify, spell, define, and apply prefixes,
suffixes, roots and anatomy, physiology,
pathophysiology, and occupations related
to the health care community.
Question 1
The suffix for breathing is
a. cide
b. ion
c. pnea
d. stalis
Question 2
The study of the structure, composition and
function of body tissue is
a. biology
b. cytology
c. endocrinology
d. histology
Question 3
Meggie was in an automobile accident and
tore her deltoid muscle. The surgical
procedure to repair the muscle is
a. myelotomy
b. myorrhapy
c. myotomy
d. diathermy
Sample Competitive Event
• Featured Event: Medical Spelling
• Type: Health Science Events
• Questions improving members abilities to
define and spell terms associated with
careers in the health care community.
Question 4
An infection of the kidney is
a. pilonefritis
b. pyelonephritis
c. pilonephritis
d. pyelonefritis
Question 5
A physician who specializes in diagnosing
and treating disorders of the brain is a
a. newrologist
b. noorologist
c. nirologist
d. neurologist
Question 6
The process of swallowing is
a. deglutition
b. dayglutiion
c. deglootition
d. daiglution
Officer Elections!
• Elected based on members votes/past
HOSA participation.
• Officer Positions:
President Elect
• Officer Info Interest Application (will be
emailed out)
• Two minute speech– Why should you be
officer? @ the next meeting!
Next Meeting:
@ 7 pm
Riddick 315
Thanks for coming!!!