How to Apply for a College Tech Prep Program

How to Apply for a
College Tech Prep
Visit first. Apply as early as
February 4th, 2014
What information will I need to
complete the application?
You will need emergency phone contact
information for your parent(s) or
You will need two email addresses - one
for yourself such as a school email, and
one email address for a parent/guardian.
When Should I Apply?
Apply AFTER you have visited the College Tech Prep
Initiatives of your choice.
Visiting the College Tech Prep Initiatives of your choice
will be a VERY important step in this process. It is
essential that you visit to learn as much as possible
before you apply as you will be making in most cases, a
two year commitment.
If you were ill on the visitation date, please see your
school counselor to arrange for an independent visitation.
If you apply before you have attended the visitation day–
PLEASE log back into your application and update the
question asking if you have visited. Please remember that
the “visitation” is highly valued by the screening and
placement committee during their consideration.
Where is the
Website to Apply?
Please become familiar with the Six
District Educational Compact Website. It
will become a source of important
information for you now and in the future.
There is a hyperlink at the end of this
presentation to that website.
This is where you will find the application,
or you may use the QR code on the back
of the Career Catalog for 2014-2015.
How Do I Begin the
Click the “Apply Now” button on the Six
District Educational Compact website.
Work through each step carefully.
Write down your password so that you may
log back into your application to update
Tips to make your
Application Stand Out!
Please use proper capitalization in your responses (do
not use text language) as each application is carefully
read by several screening and placement committee
Make certain that your name is spelled correctly and you
have used the first and last name slots properly.
Double check the typing of your email addresses.
Important information will be coming to you about
acceptance and Student/Teacher Receptions through
your email addresses. If they are not typed correctly, you
may never receive the emails!
Please consider the answers to the questions
CAREFULLY before you type them. Be sure that you
have written enough to demonstrate your interest about
why you wish to join this College Tech Prep Initiative.
Selecting the College Tech
Prep Initiative
We invite you to apply for the College Tech Prep Initiative of
your strongest interest. However, you may apply for no more
than three College Tech Prep Initiatives for consideration.
On the application you will see the list of the names of
available options. Place a checkmark in front of the College
Tech Prep option(s) of your choice.
Please be advised that you must prioritize your selections if
you made multiple requests. If you are accepted in your first
choice will be the primary consideration. Please prioritize with
conviction that your first choice is truly the option you want.
Choosing a Counselor
The first reference is for your High School Counselor. Use the
drop-down box; locate your high school; select the name of your
school counselor.
Please go to your counselor personally to ask that he/she
complete the reference on your behalf.
Ready to Submit?
Please proofread your application
BEFORE you hit the “Submit” button.
Print the draft copy for your files.
Write down your password.
Please make certain that your application
looks as professional as you can make it.
The application represents you!
When Will I Find Out if I Am Accepted into the
College Tech Prep Initiative?
Notification will come to you by email in
mid April.
Following the Screening and Placement
meeting, you will be notified by email of
your placement status:
1) Accepted
2) Accepted with Condition
3) Wait List
4) Not Accepted
It is important that your email addresses
are typed correctly! Check your email
Final Step!
Following your acceptance, it is important that
you inform you school counselor of your
decision to accept or decline the seat in the
College Tech Prep Initiative. You will have one
week after your acceptance to discuss this with
your parent/guardian and school counselor.
Accepted students will be invited by email to a
Student/Teacher Reception. You and your
parents are strongly encouraged to attend.
Information about this reception is in your
acceptance letter in your email. You will be
directed to the Six District Educational Compact
website to view the invitation flyer.
Thank You
For Considering a
Dynamic Future
With the Six District
Educational Compact!
Start your application at