Preparing Your Student for the AIMS Test

Preparing Your Student
for the AIMS Test
Debra L. Cunningham, Ph.D
January 25, 2011
The AIMS Test: Why is it
• Graduation requirement
• Goes on transcript
• Ensures that students are receiving a
quality education
• Makes students responsible for not just
passing classes but really learning!
• Scholarships linked to those who exceed
the standards
What is the AIMS Test
• Arizona’s Instrument to Measure
– Standards based assessment
– Developed by Arizona teachers to fulfill a
federal requirement
– Owned by Arizona
– Measures student proficiency of Arizona
academic content standards in writing,
reading, math, and science
– Required by state and federal law
When and How Assessed
• Grades 3 – 8 and high school
• Some students may receive
accommodations (SpEd, 504, & ELL)
• Some special education students may
qualify for an alternate assessment
Accessing Information on the
• Arizona Department
of Education
• Tucson Unified
School District
• Various websites
specializing in test
Arizona Department of Education
• AIMS Information Center
• Information for Parents & Students:
– Testing Results for Entire Schools
– Tutoring Information
– Information on Ordering Study Guides
– Sample Tests
Tucson Unified School District
• For Parents
• TUSD STATS/parent account: provides
information on grades, attendance, and AIMS
test scores for individual students
• Parent Tips
• Supporting Your Children During Test Week
• Parent Links
Preparing for Tests
• Ask your school for testtaking skill information
• Utilize online test prep
• Mark the dates on your
calendar in advance
• Make sure students rest
well the night before and
eat a good breakfast
• If students are nervous,
they can write out their
fears in advance and
“pack up their troubles”!
A well-rounded education. . .
• According to research, a
well-rounded education is
best preparation.
• Provide and insist on a
quiet place for academic
work/reading every
• Communicate regularly
with teachers and school.
• Be sure students attend
• Think of three
reasons why the
AIMS test is
• What are some
resources available to
parents, teachers,
and students?
AIMS Scholarship, Current
• Requires an exceeds
on all 3 HS AIMS
tests (current 10th-gr
students, only one
chance) or exceed on
two and a score of 3
or better on an AP
exam or a good score
on IB test
• 3.5 GPA or better
and/or in top 5% of
• Nothing below a B in
any of your 16 core
courses in English,
math, social studies,
science, and modern
• May retake courses to
improve your grade;
may use a high AP or
an IB score to replace
a course grade
AIMS Test Dates: Varies by level
• Grades 3 – 8: month of
• High school level:
– Writing: March 1st
– Reading: March 2nd
– Math: April 5th
– Science: April 6th
• The AIMS test is a tough reality we all
have to face and take on as a challenge.
• Multiple resources are available for
students, parents, and teachers to assist
in mastery of each test.
• Using test-taking strategies, preparing with
practice tests, and getting a well-rounded
education are some of the best ways to
get ready.