Star 3D Door Decoration and Program

Star 3D Door Decorations and
Ray Steele, Student Life Coordinator
Lock Haven University
Featured Institution
This star was made out of light weight craft rings that were formed into a
shape and melted together with an iron.
This can be done by the RA alone to make door tags or as a program that
helps residents come together. There is a lot of laughter as participants
create their designs so it is a great activity to help residents get to know
one another. It will facilitate the development of residents to become a
This is obvious but the iron is hot (put up warning signs warning that the
iron is hot and should be used carefully.) The iron should be used very
carefully. You may want to designate one or two other staff or faculty as
the people who work the irons once the designs are created!
Offer food and an opportunity for everyone to show off their designs!