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When Did Technology Begin
The Technological Ages
Prepared by Mr. Gee
The Technological Ages
Stone Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Machine Age
Industrial Revolution
Information Age
Future Technology
Stone Age
◊ Refers to the period from about
1,000,000 B.C.
◊ Stone was used during this period to
make various objects.
◊ Many tools were also made of wood
and animal bones
Bronze Age
◊ Began about 3,000 B.C.
◊ People made tools and
weapons from
◊ Melting copper and
adding other ores
people discovered that
stronger metals
like bronze could be
Iron Age
◊ Began around 1200 B.C. in the Middle
East and 450 B.C. in Britain.
◊ Smelting- the process of making iron
from iron ore.
◊ Many tools could be made out of iron as
it was a very sturdy metal.
Machine Age
◊ Ushered in by the invention of the
water wheel.
◊ Prior to the water wheel human muscle
power was used to do things like grind
corn and
other foods.
◊ Provided power for many early tools
that were used in the mills.
Industrial Revolution
◊ Began around 1750.
◊ A great change from hand
craftsmanship to machine use.
◊ Henry Ford is often called “the father of
mass production” because he made the
idea popular.
Information Age
◊ The most recent age which came about
with greater use of computers.
◊ Highlighted by the ability to transfer
large amounts of information through
computer systems.
◊ The Internet was established as a
means of transferring this information.
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