Thomas Newcomen

By: Cameron Howard
 Thomas Newcomen was born February 24, 1663 in Dartmouth,
Devonshire, England.
 He died August 5, 1729 in London, England from a fever.
 Thomas Newcomen graduated from high school, but he did not go
to college.
 Thomas Newcomen was a blacksmith and ironmonger by trade.
 Thomas Newcomen invented the steam engine in the early
1700’s to remove the water from the coal mines.
 He got the idea from another inventor Thomas Savery who
invented the steam pump in 1698, but Thomas Newcomen’s
steam engine was safer and removed more water from greater
 Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine used a lot of coal or
wood as fuel which was expensive.
 In late 1700’s, James Watts invented a steam engine that
used less coal or wood .