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Welcome to Your
College and Career
Readiness Interview
 Attend school every day!
Focus on academics.
Get involved in clubs and/or
organizations: holistic applications
Start long-term planning.
 Prepare to take standardized tests
(ACT and SAT).
Use your resources:
 Time to finalize possible plans for
post-secondary education – see
website for resources
 Every student is encouraged to visit
colleges or other post-secondary
 Every senior can use up to 2 excused
absences (with note) for those visits
 Priority deadline for college
applications and scholarships is
December 1st.
 Students MUST HAVE all required classes
AND 24.5 credits total in order to graduate.
Each class is worth 0.5 credit.
A student can earn 2.5 credits each trimester
by passing all of his/her classes.
 Use your ASPIRE login to print out a Credit
If a student fails a required class or is lacking
credits, there are several Credit Recovery
Options: Night School, Summer School,
Utah Electronic High School.
Check Your Grades
 It is imperative that you be involved and
informed regarding your student’s grades
and credits.
 ASPIRE login –
 To make a Parent Account:
Click on “Request a Username” link.
Enter Student ID number.
Enter Student Birthdate.
Click on “Lookup Student”.
Click on name of class to see grades.
Click on teacher’s name to send an email.
Keep Up!
 Golden Time help sessions
Monday mornings
8:00 – 9:00 am
Retake tests, get help with homework, get
answers to questions.
 Parent/Teacher Conferences
Every Monday afternoon
from 2:30 – 3:15 pm AND
Three Monday evenings/year
from 3:00 – 7:00 pm
Talk with teachers one-on-one.
 Utah State University Writing Center and Math Center
 English Tutoring is available through USU Uintah Basin. They are
available Monday-Thursday from 3:30pm-8pm. No appointment is
Math Tutoring is also available through USU Uintah Basin. They are
available Monday-Thursday from 4pm-7pm. Students will need to make
an appointment by calling USU at 435-722-1700.
Kahn Academy
Free academic tutoring online.
Study with a Buddy
 Math Department Tutoring Program
contact: student's math teacher
or Kay Baker
[email protected] or 781-3110 ext. 2652
CTE Pathways
 Career and Technical
Education provides critical learning
and hands-on skills through
Pathways within eight Areas of Study.
 Career Pathways provide one way to
“try out” a career.
 Pathways help students take courses
related to a career.
Concurrent Enrollment
 Earn 0.5 credit high school credit per class and 3.0
college credits per class
 Fees for enrollment ($40-$55), registration ($5 a
credit), and books (prices vary, shop around)
 3.0 minimum GPA
 Must inform high school teachers about your Monday
 Fridays – no USU classes – get an off-campus pass from
Mrs. Norton in attendance
UBATC Classes
 Must have less than 6 absences in the trimester before
you take a UBATC class
 Medical classes require a 3.0 GPA and 2 credits each of
Math and Science.
 Free online preparation program: Shmoop
 Magic Word: ARCHES
 All juniors will take the ACT for free on
March 3, 2015
 Take it seriously!
FAFSA Completion
 Free Application for Federal Student Aid
It is important for everyone to
complete a FAFSA application
even if you don’t think you will
qualify for federal grans
Schools use the FAFSA to
award their own scholarships
 You must be registered to play college sports
- $65 fee
Meet with your counselor to schedule the
required classes.
Registration and class completion do not
guarantee recruitment!
It is your job to contact colleges and be
Regent’s Scholarship
 Must have 3.0 GPA
 And take: 4 credits English
 4 credits of progressive Math
 3.5 credits of Social Science
 3 credits of Science (must be Biology,
Chemistry, and Physics)
 2 progressive credits of the same
Foreign Language
 Scholarship Opportunities
• Scholarships are listed by
• They are updated frequently.
• You have to apply to get
 Scholarship Searches
• Register online.
• Check frequently.
 Class requests for your senior year
(2015-2016) will be done through
ClassChoice during your yearly
CCR interview.
 Schedule changes can be made by
students during a 2 week window
before each trimester begins.
 Any class changes made by a
counselor at any time will be
assessed a $10 fee.
 You and your student are the
people most affected by your
student’s success.
 Be knowledgeable about how to
bring about that success.
 Be responsible for important
information and details.
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