Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple’s Early Years
 Shirley Temple was born April 23,
1928 in Santa Monica, California
Shirley had two older teenage
brothers when she was born and
her mom, Gertrude, wanted a girl
after having 2 boys already
Her mother was a talented dancer,
so she got Shirley into dance
lessons by the age of 3 already
The dance studio was only 10 miles
away from Hollywood and so the
studio was regularly visited by
people from Hollywood who were
always on the lookout for new
At the age of 3, after being invited
to an audition, Shirley was hired by
Universal Studios
Shirley Temple is famous because…
She is one of the most famous
Hollywood child stars of all time
Her face and movies helped cheer up
millions of people during a time of
trouble between the Great Depression
and the threat of another World War
She was awarded an Academy Award in
1935 amongst numerous other awards
Millions of products were marketed
with her name and photo
Temple served on numerous boards of
directors of large enterprises and
organizations including The Walt
Disney Company, Del Monte, Bank of
America, the Bank of California,
BANCAL Tri-State, Fireman's Fund
Insurance, the United States
Commission for UNESCO, the United
Nations Association and the National
Wildlife Federation.[108
Shirley Temple most recently was…
 U.S. Ambassador to
Czechoslovakia in 1989
Author of her own autobiography,
Child Star, published in 1988
Recently passed away February 10,
2014 in Woodside, California at the
age of 85
Honored for her lifetime
achievements at the Kennedy
Center Honors held in
Washington, DC in 1998
In 1988, Temple became the only
person to date to achieve the rank
of honorary U.S. Foreign Service
A mother of three children and
wife of Charles Alden Black for 55
Shirley Temple’s Impact on Others Lives…
She helped bring happiness to millions
of Americans who were living in the
years of the Depression
 In 1972, she was diagnosed with breast
cancer and underwent an operation.
She recovered and later spoke openly of
her operation to give courage to many
other women who faced the illness.
 Later in life, Shirley established a
career in public service including a
1969 appointment by President Nixon
as a delegate to the United Nations and
later as an ambassador to Ghana and
 As US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia,
Temple was a personal witness to two
crucial moments in the history of
Czechoslovakia's fight against
Communism. She was she was present
during the Velvet Revolution, which
brought about the end of Communism
in Czechoslovakia.
My Opinion of Shirley Temple…
 Inspirational Person
 Hard-work ethic
 Passionate about the
ventures she participated
in and the causes she
stood up for
 Caring person who
always helped her family,
community, and others
through her efforts and