Emma Thomas Joint Commissioning Manager

Emma Thomas
Joint Commissioning Manager
Joint Commissioning
Co Durham, Darlington & Tees
Partners in improving local health
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What’s a personal budget
- An amount of money to support a person's identified
needs, planned and agreed between the person and a local
public service.
- In SEND, a PB is an amount of money identified by the
local authority to deliver all/some of the services and
outcomes set out in an Education Health and Care (EHC)
- Personal health budgets will be available to children
eligible for Children’s Continuing Care from April 2014;
-they will form part of SEND personal budgets where
children are eligible for continuing care from October 2014.
Partners in improving local health
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What is children’s continuing
• A continuing care package will be required
when a child or young person has needs
arising from disability, accident or illness
that cannot be met by existing universal or
specialist services alone.
Partners in improving local health
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The Children’s Continuing Care
The framework provides a systematic approach to
assessing the ongoing health needs of children &
young people through:
• Joined up services & commissioning.
• Building on existing assessments.
• A process that is transparent & includes participation
from the family & young person.
Partners in improving local health
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What does this mean?
• Parents and young people will be involved in securing services that
meet individual outcomes
• Consent will need be obtained from a child’s parent, a young person
or another responsible individual before a child receives a PB.
• When linked to SEN Local authorities must inform children and
parents about:
- the SEN services for which a direct payment is available, the
conditions of their use and the organisations which can advise
and assist.
• PB can include education, health or social care funds. Local partners
encouraged to form single integrated funds – not there yet locally
Partners in improving local health
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How will they be delivered?
• Three ways in which PBs will be provided:
• Direct payments: individuals receive the cash to contract, purchase
and manage services themselves. EHC Plans set out amount and
frequency of payment.
• Organised/notional arrangement: the local authority retains the
funds and commissions the support specified in the EHC plan.
• Third party arrangements/nominees: funds are paid to an
individual or another organisation on behalf of the parent/young
person. They manage the funds.
• Combination of the above.
Partners in improving local health
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Children’s continuing care PHB will be available from April 2014
Healthcare services in a SEND PB will still be paid for by the relevant NHS
commissioning body – in 14/15 a PHB will only be available for those families eligible
for Children’s Continuing Care.
Joint commissioning must set out local plans for agreeing PB -where parent requests
that a PB includes health, local authorities will be obliged to work with NHS
Personal health budgets cannot be used for some services:
GP services.
Acute unplanned care (including A&E).
Surgical procedures.
NHS charges (e.g. prescription charges).
Partners in improving local health
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