CCHS Student Council Officers Responsibilities

CCHS Student Council Officers
• The primary purpose of the Student Council Officer will
be to represent the Student Council body of Copperas
Cove High School.
• The Student Council Officer will strive to develop and
improve relationships between the students, the
faculty, the administration, and the community. The
Student Council Officer will share in the development
and promotion of all general activities of the school.
The Student Council Officer will work to develop and
encourage leadership throughout the school. The
Student Council Officer will work towards the
improvement of school spirit, pride and tone.
What is A Student Council Officer
Play an active role in all Student Council sponsored activities
Support sponsored events by attendance, participation, and communications with
fellow Student Council Officer
Be a good communicator and most important polite. Support all Student Council
members by staying open to and encouraging new ideas.
Uphold all school and regulations and be a positive role model for all students.
Represent Copperas Cove High School and the Student Council with pride.
Actively seek the opinions of and represent the wishes of the Student Council
Make a good first impression with people you first meet so that you can represent
Copperas Cove High School’s Senior Class; set an example for others.
Be a good listener at all times, so you know what’s going on.
Always attend officer meetings no matter what unless you have a good excuse,
because if you can’t even be counted on to attend a meeting then what can we
count on you for?
Do the best you can to fulfill your officer duties.
Most importantly, always set a good example as a leader
Traits of Leadership
What makes a good leader?
Fair and impartial
Sense of humor
Organized and a Careful Planner
Gives Credit for Work Done
Involve Others and Work with Team
Create monthly agenda of officer meetings
and chapter meetings for advisor approval.
Work with Vice-President to set socials.
Chairperson of Recruitment Committee (work for 100%
The President will preside over all meetings of the CCHS Student Council
Officers Chapter.
The President shall have the power to appoint committees when
The President, along with the help of the secretary will prepare an agenda
for each meeting.
The President has the power to call special meetings with the consent the
Student Council Officers Advisor.
The President, or appointed substitute, shall represent CCHS Student
Council Officers body in all official business out of school.
The President will attend as many school sponsored activities as
Vice President of Planning
• Chairperson of Social Committee, locate facility,
get pricing, and set dates
• Co-Chairperson of Service Committee, locate facility,
get pricing, dates, promotion
• In the absence of the President, or by request, the Vice President
will assume the presidential duties.
• The Vice President is responsible to perform any duties assigned
by the President.
• The Vice President shall accompany the Student Council Officers
President at all school activities.
• The Vice President ensures that all projects are complete
• The Vice President is responsible for communication, including
status reporting, escalation of issues that can not be resolved, and
making sure projects are completed in budget, on schedule and
within scope.
Vice President of Media
• Act as public relations officer for the chapter
• Gather and classify all news.
• Create a monthly in-house one page newsletter
(posted on class bulletin board and on board by
• Prepare articles for publication in local, state, and
national media
• Help advisor maintain website.
• Keep up with posts on chapter social media sites.
• Develop a working relationship with local media
personnel and supply them with chapter, district, state
and or international organizational news that might be
of interest to them.
Keep track of birthday charts for members.
Create bulletin boards.
Create student telephone directory or email directory
for all Student Council Officers members.
Secretary shall keep records of all Student Council Officers
Secretary shall be responsible for all incoming and outgoing
information of the officers
Secretary is responsible for preparing CCHS Student Council
Officers officer meeting minutes and distributing to all interested
parties and posting on website
Keep track of points for lettermen's.
Keep track of members paying Student Council Officers
Keep track of members earned account for competition.
Keep accurate account of the receipts and money issues of
the CCHS Student Council Officers Chapter.
The Treasurer will present expenditures and income to the
CCHS Student Council Officers board/members for
The Treasurer will submit periodic reports on the financial
status of CCHS Student Council Officers to the Student
Council Officers Advisor and officers.
The Treasurer will submit financial reports to the CCHS
Student Council Officers officers and advisor at the end of
each quarter.
• The Historian’s are required to attend all Student Council Officers
fundraisers, activities and events.
• The Historian’s are responsible for keeping a record of all Student
Council Officers activities.
• The Historian’s will record descriptions of these events, along with
positive and negative comments, in order to evaluate their
• Work with advisor to be sure there is a camera at every event and
that photos are printed in a timely manner.
• Prepare scrapbook for Student Council Officers for end of the year
banquet. That includes newspaper clippings, printed programs,
tickets, and other items relating to Student Council Officers
• Help create video for end of year activity.
Project Planner
• The Project Planner is responsible for working with the VP of
Planning in planning and executing the project(s). It consists of
the VP of Planning, Project Planner and a variable number of
members, who are brought in to deliver their tasks according to
the project schedule.
• The Project Planner is responsible for executing tasks
• Producing deliverables outlined in the Project Plans
• Work with the Vice President of Planning on the development of
project plans with officer committee members
• Responsible for communicating, including status reporting, making
sure projects are completed on schedule and within scope.
Logistics Officer’s
• Logistics Officer is responsible for knowing the rules of
simple parliamentary procedure.
• Working with the bylaws to keep chapter bylaws up to
• Help set up room at each event (be sure proper
seating, microphone, and other equipment is working)
• Return room to order.
• Maintain orderly conduct during meeting.
• Execute tasks to ensure that all planned events are set
up and ready for events as they are scheduled.
• Responsible for creating subcommittees to help with
set up and clean up.
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