ANUSA Election Information Evening

ANUSA Election
Information Evening
Election Timeframe
• Held week 5/6/7 of term 3, semester two
• Results announced on the Friday and Monday following
• Elected representatives handover September/October/November
• Elected representatives in positions from December 1
ANUSA Structure
• Six executive members – President, Vice President, General Secretary,
Treasurer, Social Officer, Education Officer
• Twelve college representatives – two per academic college (the two
colleges of science are combined)
• Fourteen general representatives
• Six Department Heads – Environment, Indigenous, Disabilities,
Womens, Quuer* and International
• Six staff – Office Manager, 2 Student Assistance Officers, Legal Officer,
Communications Officer & Bookkeeper
ANUSA Meetings
• Student Representative Council (SRC) – Currently one per month.
Executive, Department Officers and Gen Reps present reports
• College Representative Council (CRC) – Currently one per month. Half
of Executive and College Reps present reports
• General Meetings
 1 Annual General Meeting
 3 Ordinary General Meetings
President – Cam Wilson 2014
• Member of University Council and sits
on Academic Board and 10 other
university committees
• Assists with SSAF negotiations
• Spokesperson for the Association
• Portfolios: education, finances, media,
advocacy, employment, management
• Works with Department Officers
• Full time position (35 hours/week) but
works up to 55 hours/week
Vice President – Annika Humphreys 2014
• Sits on 3 university committees
Portfolios: welfare, advocacy
(access and equity), appeals,
education, staff & office
• Assists with SSAF negotiations
• Part time position (20
hours/week) but works up to 30
General Secretary – Gowrie Varma 2014
• Convenes and chairs ANUSA
meetings, manages minutes
• Releases Association notices
• Gatekeeper of the Constitution
• Part time position (10 hours/wk)
• Works on projects of interest
Treasurer – Nick Barry 2014
• Manage ANUSA accounts in
conjunction with Bookkeeper
• Assist in SSAF negotiations
• Prepare budgets for meetings
• Assist with payroll and budget
Social Officer – Henry Ladd 2014
• Manage O Week & Bush Week
• Chair Grants and Affiliations
Committee – provides funding to
Clubs and Societies
• Head of Social Committee
• Runs other social events
Education Officer – Laura Wey 2014
• Keep up to date with Higher
Education news – ie on a federal
• Chair Education Committee
• Work with the President on
education issues
• Intermediary between students
and education policy/changes