Jessica Webb
April 22, 2013
Professional Writing
University of Central Florida
(“Bj's,” 2013)
Started in 1984
Company named after first president’s
daughter, Beverly Jean
Headquarters in Westborough, MA
190 stores in the U.S.
Offers wide selection of products and
(“Company background,” 2013)
(“Team member guide,” 2010, p. 6)
(“Company background,” 2013)
Biggest competitors in wholesale retail are
Costco and Sam’s Club
 Ranked #1 in New England for wholesale
 Offers different memberships with increased
benefits, as well as Visa credit cards with
benefit tie-ins
 Recently bought by private companies
Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital
(“Yahoo,” 2013)
(“Company background,” 2013)
(“Wikipedia,” 2013)
While sales from BJ’s
is considerable lower
than more widely
available chains
such as Costco, BJ’s
is still able beat their
other competitor,
Sam’s Club, in sales.
(Ward, 2008)
Considering that BJ’s is only in 15 states, this is
a great accomplishment!
In 2011, stock was up 6.97%
 In 2010, BJ’s made Fortune 500’s list of
top companies
 In 2010, BJ’s revenue was $10,187.0 in
(“Bj: stock quote,” 2011)
(“Fortune 500 2010,” 2010)
BJ’s is ranked 5th in
overall retail consumer
experience with a
positive 76%.
BJ’s could not match
Sam’s Club, who
ranked 1st in this study,
yet it did manage to
outdo its leading
competitor, Costco,
which ranked 11th.
(Tempkin Group, 2013)
BJ’s Wholesale Club is one of the leaders
in wholesale retail in the United States.
 It continues to grow yearly with regards
to its customer base and its financial
 BJ’s would be a great investment for
anyone interested in a company that
has dedicated itself to customer service
and continued financial increase!
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