College Life

College Life
College is more than just lectures and classes
-colleges usually offer a variety of housing: “classic dorms”, suites,
-residence halls usually have 2 (but sometimes 3) people to a room
-it is more expensive than living at home, but it offers a completely
different experience and is always close to class
Digesting Facts about
Dorm Food
Freshman 15
• Very possible:
– Freshman 40… or 80…
or… yeah.
– Stress, strange schedules,
• How to avoid it:
– Use dining options wisely
• Salad bars, whole grain
foods, vegetable sides
• Smaller portion sizes
• Watch drinks
• Eat regular meals
• Make your own food
Food in the Dining Hall
• Usually buffet style
– Accommodates different dietary needs:
• Vegan, vegetarian, pectarian, etc.
– Variety of options:
• Soup/Salad Bar
• Sandwich bar
• Cereal Bar
It’s pre-made and choc full of
• Fast food options are easy, but…
– Costly
– Unhealthy
– Large portion sizes
Be a Food Network Chef!
• Items to have on hand:
Peanut Butter/Jelly
Dry Pasta
Prepackaged Pasta
Fresh Fruits &
– Cereal
College doesn’t need to be so expensive after all…
Many student clubs and organizations will offer free food as an incentive to
come to meetings
Your student ID card will get you into theme parks, museums, sports games,
airplanes, movies, and more at a major discount
College fairs advertise all sorts of things (careers, other colleges, health and
fitness, etc)…and speakers there will give you free travel mugs, books, pens,
keychains, towels……
The library will have your textbooks on reserve, so you don’t have to buy all
of them…but for the books you need to buy, used bookstores (always close to
campus) and websites (like are great
You can use printing and computer labs on campus for free, along with
student gyms and lounges
Campus Resources
Office Hours
Learning center (drop-in tutoring, SI)
Computer Labs
Extracurricular Activities
In just 4 short years of college, you can:
-study abroad
-feed the homeless
-research molecular synthesis
-research ancient Egyptian archeology
-become a member of an honors society
-learn to play an accordion
-join an intramural football team
-start a club or find a cool one already on campus
-join a fraternity or sorority
(and yeah, get a degree or two also)
Clubs on Campus…
B BOY Club
Future Dentist Club
Global Business Brigade
(Artistic Compulsive Disorder)
Buddhist Student
Surf Club
(Film and Photography
(Flying Samaritans)
Karate Club of UCR
Engineers without Borders
(Dancesport at UCR)