Roman Homes


Today’s Learning Objectives

1. To investigate the key differences between Celtic and Roman homes.

2. To look at how persuasive writing is used in advertising.

3. To begin to plan an advertisement selling either a Celtic or Roman home.

Celtic Homes

Click on the picture to jump to the Celtic Village in the Museum of Welsh Life A Celtic home Is called a _____ What building materials do you think its made from?

Hello! My name Is Caradoc. Let me show you where I live.

Think of some cool words that describe conditions inside the roundhous e

What’s it like inside?

Scan picture here in session 2

Roman Homes

A Roman home is called a________

List some of the materials its made of.

Hello! My name is Paulinus. Welcome to my home .

Roman villa room layout plan

cloakroom bedrooms Cold room Hot room Slave’s quarters gymnasium Work room Can you match the Latin room names to the right rooms on the plan?

pool shrine Front door oecus apodyterium piscina cubiculum frigidarium culina porticus Cubiculum servum posticum sacrarium palaestra

Try to think of the good features which you can use to “sell” the house in your advertisment

Roundhouse Villa

Click on the house to view an example of a house advertisement you can model yours on.

Pick out and discuss the sort of persuasive language used to sell the house.

Decide whether you are going to advertise a Celtic roundhouse or a Roman villa.

Think of the layout of your advert you’ll need an eye-catching heading, a colourful picture and persuasive text.

Focus on the good features of what you’re selling and emphasise these.

Include plenty of descriptive and persuasive language.

Don’t forget to mention the price and give a contact number.

•What are Celtic homes called?

•What are Roman homes called?

•How are they different on the outside?

•How are they different on the inside?

•What are the main features needed in a good house advertisement?

•What sort of language is needed in this type of text?

•Would your advert make you want to buy the house?

•Would you rather live in a Celtic or Roman house?