Europe Claims Muslims Lands Ch. 11.3

Europe Claims Muslims
Ch. 11.3
Death of Suleyman I
• 1) A succession of Weak Rulers
• 2) Division into Factions,
Corruption, Economic and
Technological decline
Rise of Nationalism
• Inspired Greeks, Serbs and
other groups in Ottoman
Empire to fight for self-rule
Geopolitics-taking land for its strategic
location or products
• Access to sea trade routes
focuses attention on Ottoman
• 1) World powers forced
alliances or waged war to gain
control of the Ottoman Empire
because of its strategic
geographic location.
Crimean War
• To gain land on the Black Sea,
Russia fought and lost a war
against the Ottomans and their
allies the British and the
• The war highlighted the
military weakness of the
Ottoman Empire and
ultimately the Ottomans lost
most of their land.
Construction of the Suez Canal
• When Egypt ran into problems
paying for the construction,
Britain insisted on overseeing
financial control of the canal
and, in 1882 occupied the
Discovery of Oil in Persia (Iran)
• Lacking capital to develop its
resources, Persia granted
concession to European
• Rebellion followed and
eventually Britain and Russia
divided Persia into a sphere of
The policies European nations used to gain control
of Muslim Lands
• Created sphere of influence
• Practiced economic imperialism