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This organization is solely
for peacekeeping. So if you need
this group.
DO NOT ask
“The Peacekeepers”
A.K.A. the United Nations
Nate Falk & Aishwarya Raje
What is the United Nations?
An international
organization whose ultimate
goal is to achieve world peace
Help countries cooperate with
international law.
 Promoting and ensuring
human rights.
 Maintain friendly relations
between countries
 Stopping environmental
What Else is it up to?
6 official languages:
Founded in 1945 (67 Years Old). Replaced
the League of Nations.
The League of Nations
Formed after WWI to prevent
another world war, obviously
worked because there was no
WWII….Oh Wait.
Never had U.S. membership,
Germany was only a member
for 6 years, USSR member for
5 years, Japan and Italy
withdrew in the 1930’s.
Didn’t have support from
powerful nations (‘merica).
No military power
Members unwilling to place
The “Big Four” talk
about all the successes
of the League of
Nations. IT WILL END
(As You Know)
There were talks between USA, UK,
China, and USSR to create another
International organization.
1944: Representatives from those four
Countries met in Washington D.C. to
prepare a new organization.
End of the War: Representatives of 50
Countries met in San Francisco to sign the
United Nations Charter
Charter of the United Nations
Treaty ratified by most member states
(Except the Catholic Church)
-All Members Bound By its Articles
July 1945: Signed and went into effect October of 1945 after
approved by Security Council.
-Security Council Members: USA, China, France, Russia, and UK.
Meant to preserve peace, security, and human
rights worldwide.
29 Chapters
Can be Amended if approved by two thirds of General Assembly and
Security Council.
UN kept many ideals and structure of the League of Nations, but
the goals of the UN were catered to a post war world.
League Council became the UN Security Council.
The UN is Born
States are admitted
to membership in
the UN by decision of
the General Assembly
upon recommendation
of Security Council.
State submits an application
to Secretary-General and letter
formally stating that it accepts
the obligations under the charter
Security Council considers
application. Recommendation
must receive votes from 9 0f 15
members of Security Council.
US, China, France, Russia,
and UK (Permanent Members)
must all approve.
The Great Leaders of the United Nations
General Assembly
Main deliberative, policymaking and
representative organ of the UN.
Provides unique forum for multilateral
discussion of the full spectrum of
international issues covered by the
Meets intensively from September
December and whenever else required.
Subsidiary Bodies:
Boards, Commissions, Committees, Councils/Panels, and
Working Groups.
Led by President Nassir Aboulaziz Al-Nasser (Picked by
-Has 21 Vice Presidents
Security Council
Maintenance of international peace of security.
Ways they “TRY” to bring peace:
Threat: Recommend the parties to try to reach
agreement by peaceful means. Can appoint
special representatives.
Fighting: Attempt to bring to end ASAP. Sends
in UN Peace Keeping forces to help reduce tensions.
Keep opposing forces apart and create conditions of
calm in which peace can be sought.
And We Continue With More
Security Council Fun
Currently the UK is the President
of Security council.
Rotates once a month
and country is chosen
through English alphabetical
Feb 2012: Togo
March 2012: UK
April 2012: US
May 2012: Azerbaijan
Subsidiary Bodies
Peacebuilding Commission
Sanctions Commission
Office of the Ombudsman
Counter Terrorism Committee
1540 Committee
UN Compensation
International Criminal
Tribunal/ Yugoslavia
International Criminal
Tribunal/ Rwanda
Working Group on Children
and Armed Conflict
Working Group on
Economic and Social Council
President: Milos Koterec
(Elected for 1 Year Term)
Where economic, social, and
environmental issues are
discussed and debated.
Policy recommendations
54 Member States elected
by General Assembly for
3 year terms.
Functional Commissions
Statistical Commission
Commission on Population
and Development
Commission for Social
Commission on Status of Women
Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Commission on Crime Prevention
and Criminal Justice
Commission on Science and
Technology for Development
Commission on Sustainable
UN Forum on Forests
Trusteeship Council
President: Michel Duclos
Authorized to examine and discuss
reports from the Administering
Authority on politics, economics,
social, and educational advancement
of peoples Trust Territories.
Suspended operation on November 1st 1994
-These days only meets when President asks
International Court of Justice
Based out of Hague, Netherlands
Principal Judicial organ in the UN
Settles disputes between states
and gives advisory opinions to
UN and its specialized agencies
Headed by Ban Ki-Moon
-Selected by General Assembly,
recommended by Security Council.
Can be vetoed by permanent members.
Carries out day to day
work of organization
-Administering peacekeeping
-Surveying economic and social trends
-Preparing studies on human rights
Repertory of Practice of UN Organs
Legal publication containing
analytical studies of the decisions of
the principal organs of the UN.
Comprehensive summary of the
decisions UN organs made and
serves to throw light on questions of
application and interpretation of the
UN charter in practice.
The Advantages and
Advantages of Membership
Provides government officials to meet,
share ideas, and consult on international
Ability to create potential for peaceful
Help establish norms that many countries
would like to live by
Ability to provide critical services that are
essential to international peace, security,
stability, and prosperity
Disadvantages: Now it Gets Fun
Plagued with bureaucracy so tough to have to a
voice if you have opposing views.
Many of the UN Security Council/ Permanent
Members are not democratic, tough to enforce
democracy when two of the countries are not.
Member nations owe billions of dollars to UN.
Cost a lot of money to join, money go towards
missions and paying for employees.
Many peacekeeping missions cannot be effective
because they are NEUTRAL
Tough to make executive order because countries
federal governments could go against the orders.
UN International Impact
United Kingdom
Permanent Security
Council member
Has United Nations
Association of the UK;
meant to educate
citizens about UN
Typically vote to get
involved in foreign
-US and UK send the
most peacekeepers
out of all in the
Security Council
Talking like the UK
is still an empire to fear
Permanent Security Council
Member, original member
Usually doesn’t want to get
involved in other countries,
abstains from resolutions
not concerning china
Recently vetoed decision to
call for Syrian president to
step down
Hu Jintao giving a
legitimate reason why
Assad should stay President
The band is having a
reunion tour. MUST SEE
Permanent Security
Council member,
original member
Very supportive of UN
involvement in Africa
Active in Middle East
peace resolution
Against Iraq war and
vetoed for Syrian
President, Assad, to
step down
UN has placed 6 sanctions
banning nuclear exports to
Member since 1945
Supported UN resolution
on Syria
Has accused UN of being
too pro west and anti Iran,
calling it “politicized”
Ahmadinejad at General
Assembly meetings has
been controversial ,
causing diplomats to walk
out during his speeches,
calling 9/11 “mysterious”.
Also said NATO sanctions
drug trafficking
The speech Ahmadinejad just
made is too accurate for
them to handle. Those silly
The master of articulating
his points: Presidente Felipe
Member since 1945
One of the largest
contributors to UN
Become more active in
peacekeeping missions
Part of “Uniting for
Consensus” or better
known as “Coffee Club”,
which opposes the
expansion of the Security
Council and expand the
non permanent seats
Member since 1960
UN building in
Abuja bombed,
Boko Haram
UN formally asked
Nigeria to work
harder in fighting
corruption in order
for them to
How can their be a conflict in
Nigeria with a President with that
much hat swag?
Syria and Rwanda actually wish that.
Along with many other nations that you’ve
brought “peace” to!
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