M-L-1700-1800 Inventory Management Process


Equipment Inventory

Elizabeth Erdman Medical Equipment and Logistics Solutions Directorate (Code 03) NAVMEDLOGCOM


Navy Medicine is planning an Annual Inventory in support of Audit Readiness •


To outline current guidance and best business practices for Wall-to-Wall inventories 2.



Learn roles and responsibilities for equipment inventory Learn how to complete an ICN in DMLSS


DODI 5000.64

FY12 Logistics Guidance


What is a Wall-to-Wall Inventory?

Reconciliation of the property book to assets physically located at the Command. Includes: Floor to book Were all accountable equipment in the command in DMLSS?

Book to floor Were all equipment in DMLSS physically located?

Review and update of valuation information Update of equipment locations Compliant inventories must be completed in DMLSS

If done correctly a Wall-to-Wall inventory can…

Ensure 98% inventory accuracy Help you to identify and correct valuation information errors Reduce workload on EM and BIOMED staff looking for Unable to Locate (UTL)

Steps in a Wall-to-Wall Inventory







Plan and Organize Open ICN Print Custodian Receipt/Location Lists Conduct Physical Inventory Reconcile (update valuation information and locations in DMLSS) Complete ICN

Step 1: Plan and Organize

Each activity needs a plan for conducting inventory (SOP) Can be included in your CEMP Should include: Purpose of inventory Responsibilities of personnel List of inventory areas and target dates Indoctrination of personnel Specific physical inventory procedures Instructions for inventory progress report Local requirements

Step 1: Plan and Organize


Recommendation to develop an inventory schedule Start with Custodian/RO departure list Plan to begin inventory 20 days out from change of Custodian Take into account Change of Command timing

Step 2: Open an ICN

Open a separate ICN for each Customer you are inventorying Opening an ICN will “lock” your equipment records so that no transfers can be completed outside of the inventory in that Department All items must be inventoried, transferred, or removed from DMLSS before the ICN can be completed

Step 3: Print the Custodian Receipt/Location list in DMLSS

• Print each customer individually • Easiest method is to sort by ECN

Step 4: Conduct Physical Inventory

Teams should be selected and trained per your command’s inventory plan Inventory teams must contain at least one member from outside the department EM should oversee the physical inventory, but does not need to physically perform the inventory

Step 5: Reconciliation

Complete all Transfers, Gains, and Losses Reconciliation valuation information: ECN.

Nomenclature of equipment.

Manufacturer's Serial Number.

Manufacturer’s Nameplate Model.

Manufacturer’s Model Number. (Common Model) Acquisition Cost.

Custodian Name.

Location. (Update Permanent Location)

Select the ECN you would like to inventory and click the Update button Multiple ECN’s can be selected at once by holding the CTRL or SHIFT keys

• • • Enter the Room location where the item was found, inventory date, and who the inventory was performed by. Click “OK.” You should see a “Y” appear next to that ECN on the “Inv.” column. Once you have inventoried all items that were found, click the “Reconcile” Button Items can be added from other departments using the “Add” button

• • • Clicking the “Reconcile” button will take you to a screen showing all shortages and overages. All items must be transferred out, lossed, or transferred-in on this screen before the inventory can be completed. You can perform transfers and losses by selecting the buttons on the horizontal toolbar. Be sure all appropriate loss documentation has been obtained before performing the loss (i.e. DD 1149, DD 1348-1A, DD 200)

• • • Close the Shortage/Overa ge window to return to the previous screen. Once there are no shortages or overages, click the “Complete” button. Select the inventory that you would like to complete and click Complete.

Step 6: Complete ICN

Close ICN in DMLSS Print 2 copies of updated Customer Receipt/Location List EM and Custodian will sign and maintain copies Retain all physical inventory sheets until the next Wall-to Wall inventory

Monthly 10% Inventories

Create an inventory plan for the year Take into account Change-of-Custodian timing Complete a wall to wall of 10% of your Customers each month If you have 40 separate customers, plan to inventory 4 each month Inform departments prior to inventory Open separate ICN by Customer ID

Annual Inventory Requirements

Cyclical inventory strategy is the way ahead

 Ex. 10% inventory by department 

Claimancy-wide triennial inventory is history

Periodic (Wall-to-wall)

 Change-of-Command  Change of Equipment Manager  Grossly inaccurate inventory

Annual Inventory Requirements


 Capital Equipment  Classified and sensitive  On Loan  Leased  Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)  Inventory past due (last inventory 3 years ago)

Physical Inventory Plan for BSO-18 driven wall-to-wall inventory

             Review the guidance and identify required resources and deadlines.

Develop a plan of action and brief the chain of command. Obtain approval of the plan.

Notify the command.

Provide training. Deputize departmental equipment management representative.

Create an inventory control number (ICN) in DMLSS.

Execute the plan.

Update and reconcile the equipment inventory records on a daily basis.

End physical inventory and process overages and shortages.

Process transfers and losses documentation.

Complete the inventory.

Generate custodian inventory list and initiate DD 200s for custodian review and signature.

Generate inventory certification letter and for CO’s review and signature. Send original certification letter to BUMED-PMO.

Inventory Management Checklist

          Have you submitted an Inventory completion letter to BUMED-PMO?

Have you established an inventory management plan per DODI 5000.64?

Are you resolving inventory discrepancies in a timely manner?

Are you posting completed inventories to the property book in a timely manner?

Are you tracking open inventories provided to custodians? Do you know who is past due and the status to complete?

Have you assigned count teams independent of the custodian? Are missing, lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed assets being surveyed and in a timely manner? Are the being signed by the Commander?

Do you know when custodians leave the command so that you can schedule a turn over inventory before they leave?

Is the inventory team validating the assets condition, serial nbr, and location?

Do you have inventories in an open status and unreconciled greater than 60 days?




Program Manager

Edlouie Ortega – ETM Supervisor • •

Analytics/Equipment Management

HM1 Sherwin Villagracia – Data Quality Management • Elizabeth Erdman – Inventory Management/LAV

Equipment Management

HA Denise Matamoro – Property Accounting Support [email protected]

[email protected]


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