El pretérito perfecto The Present Perfect

We have had a mission...
Nosotros hemos tenido una misión.
Some of the things that you have done…
Algunas de las cosas que has hecho…
I have travelled.
Yo he viajado.
This adventure has been…
Esta aventura ha sido…
You have gone.
Tú has ido.
The Present Perfect
The _________________________ verb tense is used to
In English, it is formed with a conjugation of the verb
__________ combined with _________________
I have never kissed a walrus.
Yo nunca he besado a una morsa.
You have punched your
mother in the face.
Tú has pegado a tu madre en la cara.
We have listened to too many of Sr. Braun’s weird
example sentences.
Nosotros hemos escuchado a demasiado de los
ejemplos raros del Sr. Braun.
*Note that there are several _______________ in English.
For example:
In Spanish, the _______________ is formed by the
combination of _______________ and the
_______________ _______________ _______________ .
To open ; Opened
To tell ; Told ; To say ; Said
To write ; Written
To make ; Made ; To do ; Done
To die ; Died
To put ; Put
To break ; Broken
To see ; Seen
To return ; Returned
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