Between Heaven and Hell: The Puritan Tradition

Basic Convictions:
Human beings are inherently evil and so must struggle
to overcome their sinful nature
Personal salvation depends solely on the grace of God,
not individual effort
The Bible is the supreme authority of earth
Anne Bradstreet
first notable American poet
personal subject matter-realities of life
viewed within a spiritual context
Jonathan Edwards
leader of the Great Awakening
spiritual revival in NE from 1734-1750
Nathaniel Hawthorne
wrote during early 19th century
The Scarlet Letter
The House of Seven Gables
Arthur Miller
wrote during mid 20th century
The Crucible
and was married to Marilyn Monroe 
Inverted syntax:
changing the usual order of words in order to maintain rhyme and/or
repetition of a regular rhythmic unit in a line of poetry
foot: unit with a stressed and one or two unstressed syllables
the speaker compares two highly dissimilar things
A reference in one literary work to a character or theme found in
another literary work
Great Awakening: was a backlash against what many
believed was a church that had gone lenient
Edwards preached a strict return to Calvinism
stressed predestination
everyone is equally powerless to control their own fates
Metaphor: a comparison made without using words like
or as
Imagery: the collection of mental pictures, or images in a
literary work
sensory details: appeal to reader’s sense of sound,
taste, smell or touch
Repetition: frequent use of a word or phrase for