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CRCT Review
with a few
Hard or Obscure Grammar Skills
Misplaced Modifier
• Misplaced modifiers are just that (misplaced). They are
not in the right place in a sentence! Modifiers need to
be next the whatever they modify!
Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier?
a) A. Groaning in pain, the book dropped from the girl’s
b) Climbing across the sofa, the kitten curled in my lap.
c) After finishing the assignment, I turned it in.
d) Parked in the garage, the vans sat there all night.
The answer is…
• A---The book is not groaning in pain, but the
way the sentence reads, it sounds like the
book is groaning!!
Which resource would contain the definition of
many words?
a) Thesaurus
b) Dictionary
c) Newspaper
d) atlas
• The answer is B, dictionary.
• Do you know what an atlas is?
Verb Tense
Make some sentences of your own using different tenses.
Verb Tense
present perfect
past perfect
future perfect
action or state of being that
happens now or regularly
action or state of being that
began in the past but continues
into the present
action or state of being that
happened at a particular time in
the past
action or state of being that
began in the past and was
action or state of being that will
take place
action or state of being that will
begin in the future and will end
at a specific time in the future
Juan walks to school.
Juan has walked to school every
day this month.
Juan walked to school yesterday.
Juan had walked to school every
day until he started taking the
Juan will walk to school
Juan will have walked to school
every day by the end of the year.
Which ones contain an infinitive (to + verb)?
a) I like to eat popcorn.
b) I am going to the store.
c) We will make it to the top.
d) I am going to take a nap.
• A and D
• Go to my class website. Go to the CRCT page.
Scroll down until you find the CLAUSES ppt.
Go through the slides with your team.
Parts of Speech
Which part of speech is the underlined word in
the sentence below?
The sculptors had left the studio lights on when
they went home.
a) Noun
b) Pronoun
c) Adjective
d) preposition
Parts of Speech
• The answer is B, pronoun. What is the
antecedent (word the pronoun replaces) of
this pronoun?
Sentence Combining
What is the best way to combine the sentences below?
The can opener is easy to use. It is also very sharp.
a) Since the can opener is easy to use, it is also very
b) The can opener is easy to use until it is very sharp.
c) Although the can opener is easy to use, it is also very
d) The can opener is easy to use, which makes it very
Sentence Combining
• C---This is the only one that uses the correct
There, Their, They’re
In which sentence is the word there used correctly?
a) The students gave there word that they would
b) If you are able, could you give them there
c) Put the basket down there in front of the
d) We need you to be with them for there
There, Their, They’re
• C- Correct Answer
• Talk with your team about the different uses
of these words.
• Make some sentences of your own.
Which word is the subject of the sentence?
I had to recharge my laptop.
a) I
b) had
c) recharge
d) laptop
• A- I
• The subject does the action of the sentence. It
is what the sentence is about.
• Which transitional word BEST completes the
sentence below?
The wind chill factor was ten degrees below
zero, ___ we did not go hiking.
a) yet
b) so
c) similarly
d) although
• B-so
• When might you use the other transition
words? Give sentence examples.
Which of the following is a bibliography entry?
a. Stinger, Jacy ---1,4,9-15, 29
b. Chapter 2…Making Milkshakes…22
c. Verb: an action or state-of-being word.
d. Hagar, Louise. Why Yoga Matters. New York:
Belmont, 2005.
• D
• Talk with your team. What is a bibliography?
When do we use them?
Sentence Structures
Which of the following is a simple sentence?
a) Until you listen attentively, the meeting
cannot proceed.
b) The street cleaner will be here after
c) Give him your deposit, so you can register
your name.
d) Although she is tired, she still makes a
delicious meal.
Sentence Structure
• B
• Talk with you team about the other answers.
What sentence structures to they have?
Parts of Speech
In the sentence below, what part of speech is
the underlined word?
I can’t believe you would wear the darker suit
when you have so many more cheerful ones.
a) verb
b) noun
c) adverb
d) adjective
Parts of Speech
• D- adjective…It describes suit. Suit is a noun.
• What is the function of the other parts of
Which of the following describes a primary
a) It is a first hand account of something.
b) It is told by a second or third party.
Primary Source
• A
Which resource would contain antonyms for the
word nice?
a) atlas
b) thesaurus
c) dictionary
d) newspaper
• B, thesaurus
• What else might you find in a thesaurus?
Which would NOT be a supporting detail for this topic
Sports Day was one of the most exciting days of the
school year.
a) In the early morning, the janitors placed colored
paper tapes around the racing areas.
b) Bunches of balloons were tied to poles pressed firmly
into the ground.
c) The eggs served at breakfast were scrambled or fried.
d) After breakfast, parents began arriving to see their
children participate in the main events.
• C
• Which transitional word would MOST LIKELY
be used to show a sequence of events?
a) unless
b) however
c) below
d) next
• D- next
• How might you use the other transitions?
• Which one is a sentence fragment?
a) Enjoyed riding the roller coaster.
b) The children came from day camp.
c) Sunshine flooded the room.
d) That was not too much trouble.
• A
• What is a fragment?
• What is a run-on?
Which of the following records the author’s
name, the name of a work, the city it was
published in, and the year of publication?
a) bibliography
b) glossary
c) summary
d) outline
• A- bibliography
Which structure is BEST for showing how one
thing makes another thing happen?
a) order of importance
b) compare and contrast
c) sequence of events
d) cause and effect
• D- cause and effect
• What are the other structures used for?
Which sentence used incorrect punctuation?
a) Until the decision is made, I would appreciate
your silence.
b) I walked slowly to the park, but I ran home at
high speed.
c) Without thinking about what she was doing,
Marlene ate the whole chocolate bar.
d) For the first three hours of the day we will
spend time relaxing.
• D- There is a comma missing. It should follow
the word day.
• Go to the CRCT tab of my website. There is a
ppt about comma rules. Look over it with your
Which sentence is punctuated incorrectly?
a) Charlene asked, “Does she always speak so
b) “Okay, said Carol, “I will try to keep the bike a
c) “To get to the park, “ answered Keith, “turn
left over there.”
d) After lunch, Almay thought, “I am very full of
• B—Look at the placement of the quotation
• For more on quotation marks, see the
PowerPoint on the CRCT page of my class