MATLAB Project

For this project, you are required to implement any card game using MATLAB
 All selections (‘hit’, ‘stand’, etc…) should be done using the menu function.
 Any numerical or text input can be done with the input function
 You must implement a real card game, and it must not be trivially easy (War).
Blackjack would be a minimally difficult game to implement
 Your code should explain which game is being played and any special rules
 You do not need to display cards, but print to the command window the relevant
 At the end of the game, you should give the user the option of playing again, at
which point the command window is cleared and a new game is started.
Your code should contain at least two main functions
 Gameplay
 Card generation
Each function should be named with _teamname at the end (for example
All codes should have proper headings and comments
Email your working program to
Aspects in grading:
 Gameplay
 Are the rules clear and well followed?
 Is the interface easy to use?
 Code
 Is the code commented/does it make sense?
 Are functions labeled and called correctly?
 Card generator
 Use the randi command to generate random numbers that translate into card values
 This grade will depend on whether this process generates a realistic deck of cards
 Issues: once a card is used, will it come up again?
 Is every card equally likely to be drawn
More complicated games
Incorporating a figure or a GUI