Unit 6 Presidential Campaign Posters

Presidential Campaign Posters
Pick a President
Imagine you are helping Sam Houston
or Mirabeau Lamar get re-elected,
and you must use the information
from their previous administrations
on their campaign poster!
Your Poster Must Include…
• Stance on Native Americans – 20 points
• Stance on Debt (Spun in a positive light if
necessary) – 20 points
• One More Fact about that person’s beliefs in
Texas – 20 points
• Role during the Revolution – 20 points
• A Slogan (Ex. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s
Presidential Slogan was “I Like Ike!”) – 10 points
• Correct Spelling and Grammar – 10 points
If you don’t finish today, we
will work on it tomorrow
and it is due at the end of
class tomorrow.
Extra Credit
If you are wanting some extra credit, you can
create a more final draft of your poster, either
on poster board, card board, whatever. You
could even do a commercial. Anyone who puts
extra effort in to creating a really good
Campaign Poster/Commercial will receive 10
extra points on a test grade and a free 100 in the
grade book! This extra credit assignment is due on
Friday, December 6th. Regardless, the poster on the
back of your paper is due tomorrow.
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