Ace Nose Dorm


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Rules Example

They are a group of words, that at first glance and first saying don't make sense... but say them SLOWLY and LISTEN to what you hear to figure out what the phrase is. Select Teams and then solve the puzzle for a point. Winner gets bragging rights. Common Firm Their Rain Come in from the rain

Ace Nose Dorm A Snow Storm

Ace Lope Oak A Slow Poke

Ace Lie Soap Eye A Slice of Pie

Abe Odd Hull Up Hop A bottle of Pop

Able Hiss Heard A blizzard

Able Ankle Hook A Blank Look

Able Owe Knees Hand Which A Bologna Sandwich

Ace Heal Ink Van A Ceiling Fan

Ace Heck Hunch Ants Second Chance

Ache Hop Pick Hat A Copy Cat

Ache Leans Late A Clean Slate

Aged Who Woe H2O

Age High Knees West Want A Chinese Restaurant

Aid Arriving Arrange A Driving Range

Below They Whiz Ill Blow the Whistle

Bet Relate Thin Heifer Better Late Than Never

Ache How Cue Later A Calculator

Ache Up Puck Off He A Cup of Coffee

Aim Air Egg Gore Round A Merry-Go-Round

Bare Love Monk Ease Barrel of Monkeys

Bay Scissors Looted Bases are Loaded

Aim Hiker Owes Cope A Microscope

Calm Hunger Hound Common Ground

Aim Honey Bag Care Runt He A Money Back Guarantee

Aim Other Ranch Howled A Mother and Child

Aim Who Very View A Movie Review

Al of Try Ankle A Love Triangle

Any Lack Tricked Bull Hank Hit An Electric Blanket

Black Beer Herd Blackbeard

Bon Knee Ankle Hide Bonnie and Clyde

Brit Knees Peers Britney Spears

The End If you are finished then visit the MadGab website