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Mana’omia le
lagolago mo le
TMO Marist
American Samoa
2 7s Flag Day
Saturday, March 29, 2014
Samoa’s Talavalu comes
together midfield at the 2014
Hong Kong Sevens for their
first ever major international
IRB 7’s game in the Cathay
Pacific/ HSBC Hong Kong
Sevens Qualifier competition for 2014. Italy prevailed
31-12. Later, almost all of
the Talavalu team members
mentioned that after running
the pitch in the first game,
they were hit by the noise
and energy on the field, and
it threw them off — taking
awhile for them to settle down.
“The liaison officers here
for the Samoa, USA, and our
team are all Samoan guys who
live here (Hong Kong), and
they said they were amazed at
the crowd that was there just
for the qualifier games before
the core games even started,”
Terry reported. Samoa News
sends its congratulations to
our national team, believing
they played their hearts out,
and we know only good things
can follow for the territory
— with Talavalu’s historic
appearance and performance
on the international rugby
field. Malo le taumafai…
malo le finau malosi… malo le
taalo. (Bluesky Communications is
Lafoa’i lapisi
nisi o meaai aoga
Peter Coleman
tusia Ausage Fausia
E le i nofo lelei i le finagalo o le afioga i le Matua ia Pulu
Ae Ae Jr, tulaga fa’aletonu o lo o alia’e mai pea i taumafa o
lo o auina atu e le Vaega a le School Lunch mo le fofoga taumafa a fanau aoga i le Aoga a Peter Coleman i Pago Pago,
ina ua toe alia’e mai fo’i i le aso ananafi se fa’aletonu o lo o
tula’i so’o mai pea, o le lafoa’i lea i le lapisi o le anoanoa’i o
fualaau ‘aina o lo o kiliva atu ona o le fa’aletonu ma le leaga.
“E le o ni ta’ifau fanau a le Itumalo o lo o aooga i le aoga
lenei, e ala ai ona soona la’u so’o mai nei meaai leaga e
fafaga ai tamaiti, na tupu i le tolu vaiaso talu ai le fa’aletonu
lenei, na toe tupu fo’i i le vaiaso na te’a nei, a’o lea fo’i ua
toe tula’i mai i le aso (aso ananafi) ina ua siaki atu pusa
meaai na la’u mai mo tamaiti e leaga,” o le saunoaga lea a le
afioga i le Matua ia Pulu.
Na asia e le Samoa News le Fale ‘ai a le Aoga i Pago
Pago i le aoauli ananafi, ma maitauina ai fualaau ‘aina e pei
o Saga; Kukama ma pusa moli ua lafoa’i uma i le lapisi ina
ua siaki atu e leaga uma.
O isi pusa moli e pei ona taua e Pulu i le Samoa News,
e leaga uma moli o lo o i totonu o pusa, e le gata e pala ae
polopologa fo’i, o Saga e mamago uma aano, e leaga pe a
saka mo tamaiti aoga, e oo fo’i i isi fualaau ‘aina e pei o
kukama, e mamago isi vaega e le lelei.
Na matua si’i si’i le si’ufofoga o le afioga i le matua
ia Pulu ina ua fesiligia e le Samoa News e tusa ai o lenei
“O ai la e aia meaai leaga nei, e le o ni manu fanau a le
itumalo lenei e fafaga ai i meaai leaga ia, ua tupu so’o tele le
fa’aletonu lenei i meaai e la’u mai i le aoga,” o le saunoaga
the major sponsor of the Taluvalu
Hong Kong 7’s squad for 2014.)
[Photo: Barry Markowitz, 3/28/14]
Special Fono session
called for next week
(Faaauau itulau 8)
Se vaaiga atu
lena i le isi afa pusa
moli na avatu mo
le Aoga a Peter
Coleman i Pago
Pago, na toe tia’i
uma ananafi ina ua
leaga ma legalega
moli sa i totonu.
by Fili Sagapolutele, Samoa News Correspondent
Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga has called a special session of the Fono to convene
next Tuesday, Apr. 1, “for a period not to exceed five calendar days.” This means lawmakers can
work next Saturday — if they choose to — to complete the five calendar days or complete all it’s
work before the five calendar days expire.
There are four issues on the special session agenda for Fono review, consideration — and
hopefully approval. Two of those issues are expected to be addressed by lawmakers by Monday,
the last day of the current 3rd Session.
One of the issues for consideration during the special session is the confirmation of local
attorney Fiti Alexander Sunia as Judge Pro Tempore of the District Court. His nomination was
introduced Thursday in the Senate with a confirmation hearing set for next Monday followed by
a vote. Confirmation of judges is subject to Senate vote only.
Another issue for consideration is the $200,000 for the Summer Youth Employment Program,
which is the FY 2013 Supplemental appropriation. The Senate approved Wednesday its version
of the bill and sent it to the House with a message to use the Senate version — upon approval of
the House — for submission to the Governor’s Office for approval.
The Senate version was the subject of a House committee hearing yesterday and thereafter
was approved in second reading. Final vote set for Monday.
The Administration is also requesting Fono review and approval of the seven nominees to
the ASG Employees Retirement board of trustees. While the names of the nominees were not
included in Lemanu’s letter, it’s understood that the administration plans to resubmit the same
names that were sent early this month.
[ata: AF]
Se vaaiga i le
lapisi a le Aoga
a Peter Coleman
i Pago Pago toeitiiti lava tumu i
Saga na tia’i i ai
ananafi ina ua
leaga ma le aoga.
[ata: AF]
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Buckle up & CRASHES
Save a Life!
01-01-14 to date
01-01-14 to date
office of highway safety
Page 2
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014
Mana’omia le lagolago mo le Talavalu
tusia Ausage Fausia
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
Tualauta faipule is calling on the House Education Committee, to hold a hearing into the issues
occurring within Special Education (SPED), where allegedly families are not getting the proper
help and support for these children as required by law, some parents have taken the next step by
filing their complaints directly with the US Department of Education, because they are unable to
get any help or satisfactory results from our local responsible agencies.
Sanitoa pointed out that in the federal government’s letter on the status of the High Risk, they
cited the need for ASG to revise their Corrective Action Plan due to the ‘settlement agreement’
signed in 2012. ”This is now part of the HIGH RISK issue that ASDOE must address.”
According to Sanitoa, this settlement agreement between the US DOE, the Office for Civil
Rights and the American Samoa DOE was signed in September 2012 by then Acting Director Dr.
Jacinta Galea’i.
“As stated last week, several parents (who have children) with disabilities, autism and other
special needs have contacted me about the lack of qualified and trained specialists and teachers to
provide the necessary services for our children as required by local and federal laws.
“Special Ed teachers and principals also lodged complaints about not getting proper materials
and supplies to help them to do their work for children with special needs,” he wrote.
The Tualauta rep pointed out that if these complaints filed with the feds are validated and “we
are found not in compliance with the Development Disability Act 2000 and the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), we will most certainly lose these grants. As you all know,
SPED with 200 plus management and staff is 100% funded by federal grants.”
During the regular session yesterday, House Vice Speaker Iaulualo Fa’afetai Talia recognized
the importance in holding a committee hearing soon to address these serious concerns and issues
with DOE and SPED.
“Resolving these critical services for our children with special needs is imperative and should
be the priority of DOE and all of us.”
The House Public Safety Committee will be holding a hearing next week Tuesday on the issue
of arming of police officers where DPS Commissioner William Bill Haleck will be attending
along with other DPS officials.
The Senate on the other hand has already conducted their hearing on this matter where Haleck
was urged by the majority of senators not to rush into arming patrol officers.
In the meantime, Fagatogo Faipule Mauagoali’o Leapai Sipa Anoa’i does not believe American Samoa has the need to arm our police officers. His concern was brought forth in a letter
written to Governor Lolo, and also noted the governor’s current health issue.
“I am sure you are comforted in knowing that the entire Territory is praying and look forward
to your return home,” Mauagoali’i wrote.
He stated in his letter that he also hopes to bring to the governor’s attention the concerns and
reservations, including those of many citizens, with the arming of our police officers. “Governor,
as you are aware, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety has begun preparing the
policy for the use of weapons by police officers.
He said for decades, American Samoa, like many developed countries around the world, did
not need to weaponize their police officers but rather relied on the respect and deference from the
community to maintain order. “And for years, this method of policing has proven to be adequate
and successful.
“Unfortunately, the new policy being developed is one that I strongly feel is being done in
haste and may actually trigger unintended results,” he said.
The Fagatogo rep continued, “…I am certain you are aware, this move is historic and should
not be done without giving equal attention to everyone it will affect. The real issue at hand is
whether we have truly arrived at a point to arm our police officers…”
“I do not feel that we have reached the level of unruliness or unrest in our community to necessitate the proposed arming of our police officers.” he stated.
The House of Representatives this week approved a house concurrent resolution conveying
deepest condolences of the Fono to Mrs. Taleta Aukusitino Atonio Wally Utu and the bereaved
Utu family on the passing of Tumuatasi Fouvaletufanuatamali’i Wally Utu and pays tribute to his
life and faithful service to his family, village, the government and people of American Samoa.
According to the HCR, Tumuatasi was born on July 17, 1941 in Amouli and at a young age it
was immediately noticed that Wally was scholarly and an astute student, that after attending and
completing Amouli Elementary he moved to complete Matafanua High before matriculating and
then graduating from Samoana High School.
Tumuatasi married his wife of 23 years in October 1984 and they were blessed with seven
children. Also in 1984, he was asked by his family to serve as their Chief and was bestowed the
title Tumuatasi. He was known for his humility and giving nature.
The HCR states that Tumuatasi was a very spiritual man and was an active church member
devoted to the CCCAS in Amouli where he became a deacon in 1987 and also served as Chairman
of the CCCAS Tithing Committee, he also served as the Church secretary and most recently
served as Treasurer, until 2013.
In ASG, he worked for the Fono for over 30 years, and after serving 16 years he was elected by
the House to serve as their Chief Clerk.
He served 14 consecutive years in the House until he decided to retire his service to the Fono
and ASG. During his tenure as Chief Clerk, Tumuatasi befriended all members of the House, but
did not let his personal friendship interfere with work. Tumuatasi passed away at 72; he is survived by his wife and seven children and three grandchildren.
O le fa’agae’etia tele o le loto o le afioga i le ali’i Senatoa mai
le Itumalo o le Alataua, i le tulaga sa i ai le taumafaiga a le au
ta’ito’a 7 a le atunu’u, le Talavalu, i le ta’amilosaga ta’ito’a 7 a
le IRB o lo o fa’agasolo i Hong Kong i le fa’aiuga o le vaiaso
nei, na mafua ai loa ona ia talosagaina afioga i Senatoa ina ia ave
la latou sapasapaia i le au a le atunu’u, lea ua fai ma ave fu’a i le
lalolagi i le taimi nei.
O le po o le aso Tofi na te’a nei na fa’asalalau tu’usa’o mai ai
i le malae o le Hong Kong stadium i Hong Kong ulua’i ta’aloga
e lua a le Talavalu, lea ta’aalo ai ma Italia ma Hong Kong, ma le
ta’aloga fa’ai’u i le aoauli ananafi ma Tunusia.
E ui na faiaina le Talavalu i ana ta’aloga uma ia e tolu, i ‘ai
e 31-12 ma Italia, 38-7 ma Hong Kong, ma le 14-5 ma Tunisia,
peita’i na saunoa Faletagoa’i, o le ofi atu o Amerika Samoa i
taaloga faavaomalo a le lalolagi i le lakapi ona o taumafaiga a
le Talavalu, o se tulaga lea e ao ona mitamita i ai le atunuu atoa.
“O se ulua’i taimi lenei ua agiagia ai le fu’a a Amerika Samoa
i lea vaega o le lalolagi, ona o ta’aloga fa’avaomalo i tulaga tau
lakapi, ma ua fa’amauina taumafaiga a le pulega ma le ‘au atoa i
tala faasolopito o le atunuu i tulaga tau ta’aloga,” o le saunoaga
lea a Faletagoa’i.
E leai se isi auala na autu i ai le saunoaga a le ali’i senatoa,
se’i vagana ai lona talosagaina o afioga i senatoa, ina ia fa’ailoa
la latou lagolago i le Talavalu e ala i le fesoasoani i auala e
atina’e ai le ta’aloga lakapi i le atunu’u.
“Ou te talosaga atu i a outou afioga, e le gata e tatau ona ave
la tatou lagolago malosi i le au a le Talavalu, ae talosaga atu
fo’i ina ia fa’amatu’u mai a outou eleele ma fanua e fausia ai
ni malae ta’alo, mo le atina’eina o le ta’aloga lakapi i totonu o
itumalo ma afioaga i le atunu’u,” o le talosaga lea a Faletagoa’i.
Na taua e le Ta’ita’ifono o le Iuni Lakapi a Amerika Samoa
ia Togiola T. A Tulafono, a’o fa’agasolo mai taumafaiga mo le
atina’eina o le lakapi i le atunuu i ni nai tausaga e le i mamao atu,
o le taua o le ta’aloga lenei o le lakapi, e mafai ona maua ai galuega a tama fanau a le atunuu e ta’aalo ai i au lakapi a isi atunuu
o le lalolagi, e pei ona i ai isi alo mai Samoa ua ta’aalo kalapu i
atunuu e pei o Niu Sila, Ausetalia, Europa faapea ai Asia.
Le afioga i le ali’i Senatoa ia Alataua ia Faletagoa’i
[ata: AF]
Fa’au’uga Lona 12 Vasega Su’isu’i DYWA
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014 Page 3
it’s at in
American Samoa
3250 Airport Road
Pago Pago AS 96799
O le to’a 45 o sui ua agava’a nei i le taleni o le Suisui na taua’aoina o latou tusi pasi ina ua
mae’a lelei le latou 200 itula o a’oa’oga e le Matagaluega o Talavou ma Tina. Na faia le latou
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
fa’au’uga i le aso Tofi na te’a nei i le faletele i Utulei.
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
E to’a 45 Sui ua taua’aoina latou tusi pasi e aloa’ia ai le latou taumafaiga ua ea ma ua lautogia mo lea fa’amauga o le tomai su’isu’i ua a’otauina ai. O le kosi pito i umi lea ua fa’atautaia
e le Matagaluega o Talavou ma Tina o le atunu’u, ona o le fa’atalosaga a le tama’ita’i faia’oga,
Johanna Samana, “e ao ina lava ma totoe le taimi e mautu atili ai le tomai su’isu’i ia i latou o
tau’avea kosi aoga nei.” O le umi na tau’avea ai le kosi suisui ua fa’au’u ai nei le to’atele lea, e ono
masina ma ua atoa lelei le 200 itula na a’oa’oina ai lea vasega. E fa lelei vasega sa fa’atautaia ai le
vasega lea, vasega o le taeao i le Aso Gafua ma le Aso Lulu, Vasega afiafi o ia lava aso, Vasega
taeao Aso Lua ma Aso Tofi, Vasega o le Afiafi o ia lava aso, ma le Vasega o le aso Faraile atoa.
I le sauniga sa taua’aoina aloaia ai tusi pasi nei, sa auai le Sui Fa’atonu Tapumanaia Galue
Satele, o ia sa fai ma fofoga o le Polokalama fa’asolo o le aso, na auai fo’i le Fa’atonu o Polokalama fa’atautaia a le Matagaluega Pa’u Roy Ausage e avea ma fofoga fa’apitoa e lapata’ia le
vasega fa’au’u ae maise le ali’i Failauga mo le tatalo amata ma fa’ai’u ai le polokalama Fa’asamoa
Fanene. Na i ai fo’i se avanoa taua sa tu’uina i le Faia’oga o le Kosi, Johanna Samana mo lana
tautalaga taua i le vasega ma lona taua’aoina aloaia fo’i o lana vasega fa’au’u ua ia mautinoa
atoatoa, ua agava’a mo latou tusi pasi ua taua’aoina. “O i latou nei, ua ou mautinoa i lona tomai
fa’a-su’isu’i, ua agava’a i o latou tusi pasi ua mae’a taua’aoina, ia o atu ia ma fa’atino e pei ona
a’otauina ai outou! Fa’aaoga a outou taleni e saili ai lo outou tamaoaiga.”
O i latou nei ua aofia i lea to’a 45 ua mae’a fa’au’uina: Anamaria Taliauli, Ana Lisala, Ane M.
Fakaua, Epifania M. Laulu, Fa’apopo Motuga, Fia Faitalaoali’i, Fa’asamoa Fanene, Faletolu Sao,
Falaimo Ah Loo, I’asa Luau, Joyce Nunu Nelson, Kilisitina Lolomatauama, Koneselata Falemai,
Lusia Faifaimalie, Leva’ai Nu’ufou, Landy Mataiao, Lina Maosi Tamapua, Monica Halefihi,
Malia Tafaoata Faialaga, Miriama Falefata, Matelima Sekone, Marina Taiai, Matavai Siaosi, Nia
Mafoa, Onesia Mai Ofatai, Paula Vaesau, Peata Faletoi, Ruby Bohanak, Salina Tatupu, Si’ipo
Anetone, Sofi Young, Selina Tapuala, Sose Siaosi, Soloa Suaesi, Sesilia Kuka, Tafaoga Tevaga,
Taumaoe Tafea, Taulima Leapai, Talo Ioapo, Taliilagi Meleisea, Tenisi Tui, Tunatunaolevao
Tafeamali’i, Theresa Mosese, Uputasi Tualamali’i ma Uiese Lemoe.
O le sauniga lea sa faia i le faletele i le Malae o Suigaula a le Atuvasa i Utulei, ma ua tu’uina atu
i latou e o ma tausaili atili i o latou taleni ua mae’a a’otauina ai i latou, ae ua fa’ailoa atu fo’i ia i
latou, “Afai e fia fa’atuina sau pisinisi suisui, toe aga’i mai mo se fesoasoani atu a le Matagaluega
i se ala e fa’afaigofie ai lea tulaga mo outou!” I le to’a 45 o le au fa’au’u, e to’alua lava ali’i i lea
vasega, ae to’a 43 lava tama’ita’i.
Sefulu (10) fautasi o le a
tausinio mo le fa’ailoga $20,000
tusia Ausage Fausia
E 10 fautasi mai afioaga eseese o le atunuu ua fa’amaonia o le a auai i le tuuga o le sisiga fu’a
o lenei tausaga, mo le sailia o se Sa e sola ma le fa’ailoa tupe mo le tulaga muamua e $20,000.
O fautasi ua fa’amaonia le tausinio i le tu’uga o lenei tausaga e aofia ai Manu’a, Fagasa, Pago
Pago, Aua, Vatia, Nu’uuli (2), Fagaalu, Vailoa ma Fagatogo, e pei ona fa’amaonia i le fonotaga
sa faia a kapeteni ma le komiti fa’afoe o tuuga fautasi o le fu’a o lenei tausaga, lea na fa’alauiloa
ai le afioga i le Kovana o le Falelima i Sisifo ia Lualemaga Faoa, o ia lea ua avea ma ta’ita’ifono
o le komiti mo lenei tausaga. O le vaiaso na te’a nei na tu’u ai i lalo o le sami Sa fou a le afioaga
o Aua ma Nu’uuli, ma ua vaaia le amata koleni o auva’a e sauni ai mo lenei fa’amoemoe.
E ui la o lea ua fa’alauiloa le fa’ailoga tupe e $20,000 mo le mua i le tu’uga o lenei tausaga,
ae o le fa’aiuga fa’ai’u e pei ona saunoa le ta’ita’i komiti o le a tuuina mai e le afioga i le kovana
sili ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga. E ui o lea faatoa tasi le vaiaso talu ona amata koleniga a auva’a i le
gataifale, peita’i ua tele petipetiga eseese ua faia e le to’atele e fiafia i lenei fa’agatama, e tau saili
ai po o ai se Sa o le a sola ma le siamupini o lenei tausaga. O le isi fonotaga o le a sosoo ai, e le
gata o le a faamuta ai loa le totogiina o tupe e fa’aulu ai Sa mo le tuuga, ae o le a fai ai loa fo’i
iina ma se’i ga pepa i tulaga e fa’ataoto ai le tu’uga. Ua manatu le Komiti o le laina 1 e amata mai
i le itu i Lauli’i ae o le laina 10 e pito i le itu o lo o i ai le malae va’alele i Tafuna, ma ua fuafua e
7 maila le mamao o le tu’uga o lenei tausaga.
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Page 4
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014
Fatal Fatalism
By Bob Franken
Just who is it we can confidently believe, and about what?
Sadly, the smart answers these days are “very few” and “not
much.” No, this is not about religion and its practitioners, but
about our more down-to-earth institutions, the ones that are
supposed to organize our civilization. They can do that only if
they are inherently credible, but our society has been poisoned
by an understandable cynicism about them. Worst of all, that
disillusionment is reinforced constantly, to the point that we
sullenly accept, without surprise, a daily tortuous drip-drip-drip
of examples where our organizations fail us or cheat us.
Where do we begin? Almost hidden in all the news and nonnews about the vanished Malaysian airliner were the disclosures
that General Motors, for more than a decade, buried knowledge
about faulty ignition switches in some of its vehicles. GM now
admits that a dozen people died as a result, although outside
experts place the number much higher. Most of us are automatically inclined to assume the company is seriously low-balling.
And while we’re at it, what about the ball-dropping on the
part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,
which is supposed to intercede, but didn’t.
And before we leave the auto industry, let’s make sure we
heap scorn on Toyota, which has now settled with the Justice
Department and agreed to pay a $1.3 billion civil penalty for
falsifying information about its accelerator pedals that got
stuck and sent some terrified car passengers hurtling to their
deaths. That’s a lot of money, but it’s a civil penalty, not a criminal one, which could have ensnared those top executives who
could be proven responsible for intentional actions or inactions
that killed. The crime of manslaughter comes to mind. And
fraud. But that’s for lawyers to decide. And let’s not even get
started about our legal system. That’s too obvious.
The auto industry revelations were no more a surprise than
the release of two reports about official incompetence, findings
released, after the fact, about tragedies that exploded into the
news and then were shoved aside by the next crisis. Try hard to
remember last November’s shock when a lone gunman went on
a rampage at Los Angeles International Airport, killing a Transportation Security Administration officer and injuring several
others before he was finally arrested. The post-mortem investigation paints a picture of an amazing lack of coordination: emergency radio systems that didn’t communicate with each other,
lax security procedures -- in short, chaotic mismanagement.
Or how about the deranged man who roamed the halls of
the Washington Navy Yard in September, fatally shooting 12
people and injuring others before police killed him. Turns out
he was a private federal contractor whose severe mental-health
issues had been overlooked by those who granted the security
clearance that gave him easy access. Ho-hum, you might say.
And you’d be part of the crowd. A recent Pew poll of young
people concludes that the bulk of them don’t trust our institutions. That’s good news and bad: It’s good because they have
a realistic view of them, and bad because we won’t make it as
a nation unless we have a credible social structure. More and
more we do not.
(c) 2014 Bob Franken
Distributed by King Features Synd., Inc.
© Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights.
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O se va’aiga i le itu sa alaalata’i ai le fanau ma latou fanau a le susuga Moeile’ele Mafo’e
Fuimaono na malaga mai fafo mo le sauniga mo ona toe sauniga. Matagofie molimau uma o le
Tama sa fa’afofogaina, tau ina ia mautu pea lo outou fa’amoemoe.
[ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
Toe sa’afi mo Moeile’ele
Mafo’e Fuimaono
tusia: Leua Aiono Frost
“Ua ou tau le taua lelei, ua i’u ia te a’u le tausinioga. Ua ou taofi le upu o le fa’atuatua. O
lenei ua teuina mo a’u le pale o le amiotonu, e foa’iina mai ia te a’u i lea lava aso, o le Ali’i le
fa’amasinoga amiotonu, e le gata foi ia te a’u, ae o i latou ma lava o e fiafia i lona fa’aali mai.”
2 Timoteo 4:7
“Ua tonu ia te ia lea mau, aua o lona soifuaga, o se tasi e tala’i na’ua, e fiafia tele e fetufa’i ma
le to’atele i le Upu a le Atua Soifua, ma e ia te ia lava le mata’u, ua i ona tagata!” O se fuitau taua
lea sa i ai i le molimau a le susuga le Faifea’u Pr. Sauni Tuito’elau o le AOG i Nuuuli, lea o lo’o
fesaga’i tonu lona malumalu ma le maota o le susuga Moeile’ele Fuimaono.
“E le fefe o ia e molimau i le Upu a le Atua, ma ina ua mae’a ona fa’amatala ia te a’u ona lagona
ma lana misiona, sa ia fa’ailoa mai, ‘o lo ua tulata i le taimi e te va’aia ai ua ou fa’apipi’ia uma
mau o le Tusi Pa’ia ma fa’asasaga mai i le alatele, ina ia mafai ona fesoasoani i tagata e faitau se
upu o le afioga a le Atua i taimi uma e va’aia ai!”
“Lea ua tatou va’aia, ua mae’a ona ia faia, e tusa ai o le musumusuga lelei o le agaga ia te ia,
ua fa’auma fo’i ona faiva, ma ua fa’amalolo e lona Matai, ae ua tu’uina pea nei fa’ailo mo i tatou
Mai lona soifuaga na soifua ane ai ia Ianuari 14, 1926 ma ua toe goto lona laia Mati 11, 2014.
O ona matua o Laupu’a Fuimaono mai Uafato Samoa, ma Tiute Kiliata Fuimaono. E to’aono ona
tuafafine e to’alua lava i la’ua o soifua mai pea; Malamalama Purcell ma Toetu Tauasa, ae toafitu
ona uso uma ua maliliu uma lava. E tautua o ia ma lona aiga i lona aiga Sa Soli’ai, lea e toe to’atasi
ai lava lona uso o soifua mai, Toloa’i Soli’ai, ae ua maliliu uma lava nai ona uso ma tuafafine ia.
O le la’ua fanau e to’a 12 o la’ua alo, ae to’a lima o la’ua alo tausi ma atoa ai le to’a 17 o i latou
uma. O le aotelega o fanau a fanau a lenei tama ua atoa le 55 o i latou, ae o fanau a fanau a la’ua
alo ua tula’i mai i le to’a 44.
“E mavae lenei lenei Tama, ae tumau le fa’avae sa ia fausia ai lona aiga, ia ola saili i le Atua
ma lona finagalo, ia ola tala’i ma ‘au’auna i le Atua!” O se tala lea a Mafo’e Jr Fuimaono, o se ali’i
faia’oga. Peita’i, i lana molimau, sa ia fa’ailoa ai, “Masalo o le taimi lenei, o le ale toe fa’asasaga
i fafo laupapa na tusia ma fa’asalalau e le tama mo le mamalu lautele, ae o le a fa’asaga mai aga’i
i le matou fale, ina ia tima’i atili ai o matou olaga!”
O ona toe sauniga sa fa’atautaia lea i le Malumalu LDS i Malaeimi, ma sa tumu lea sauniga i
ona aiga, lana fanau ma latou aiga, ae maise o uo mamae ma e masani ia Fuimaono. O i latou fo’i
e matua vavalalata le latou mafutaga ma Fuimaono i le latou Ekalesia a Iesu ole Au Pa’ia o Aso E
Gata Ai, ae maise o aiga o lona faletua ua muamua atu ia te ia. I lona Sa, sa va’aia ai le leoina lea
e le afioga Tuna Sotoa Ma’ae, o le fa’atamasa o lona aiga mai le Motusa.
Ina ua mae’a lona toe sauniga mamalu i le Malumalu sa molimoli atu lona tino i lona oliolisaga
tumau i le Maota i Petesa ma lagomau ai.
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014 Page 5
April is National Distracted
Driving Awareness Month
For more information contact Fred Scanlan
2nd Floor - Lumana’i Bldg, Fagatogo (633-7634)
Page 6
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014
Ta’utino Teutupe
o lo o tulaga lelei
tupe maua malo
tusia Ausage Fausia
The ACSS International Organization (ISO) visits the Hope house. [Courtesy Photo]
New ASCC organization brings
together international students
By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer
A new campus organization at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) will enable
international students to offer one another academic support while also offering opportunities for
civic and social engagement. The International Student Organization (ISO) has been established
under the leadership of Dean of Student Services Dr. Emilia Le’i, with Tala Ropeti-Leo of the
Student Learning Assistance Center serving as the organization’s advisor.
“The mission of the ASCC International Organization is to provide a strong support system
for our international students,” said Ropeti-Leo. “The ISO will provide opportunities for all students, regardless of ethnicity, to be involved in school activities while raising awareness on the
importance of social diversity. Our goals are to promote unity, to encourage international students
to share their cultures and values, to recognize and appreciate all diversities within ASCC, to
encourage international students’ involvement in school activities, and to create an inclusive environment where students of different cultures can feel like they belong. “
Ropeti-Leo emphasized that foremost among the organization’s priorities is helping international students succeed academically. “Language becomes a barrier for learning for many international students,” she said. “This sometimes makes it difficult for them to understand class lectures
and materials. Feeling shy or awkward, international students are sometimes more comfortable
asking their peers, rather than a faculty member, for help. Their peers in the ISO can answer questions, clarify what was said in class, or help with homework and assignments. We’ll also provide
reference services to the different offices on campus where the appropriate information and assistance can be found.”
The ISO currently consists of 23 members from different cultures such as Korea, the Philippines, China, Tokelau, Germany, Tonga and Samoa, and any students of different ethnic or
cultural backgrounds are welcome to join. They have elected Jennifer Tuiletuguga as President,
Emily Johnson as Vice President, Jae Yang Chae as Treasurer, and Dezmond Applin as Secretary. The Organization meets a minimum of twice a month and has plans underway to become actively
involved in community service as well as the campus activities hosted by the Student Government
As part of their initial community service project, the ISO recently held a Food Drive to assist
the residents of Hope House/Fatuoaiga, to whom they presented all of the gathered food and monetary donations on Tuesday, March 25th. “Since our first meeting, our members have been very
eager not only to help each other with their classes, but also to show how much they want to be
good citizens by participating in community service projects,” said Ropeti-Leo. “Hope House is
the first place the ISO members wanted to fundraise for.” Putting their plan into action, the ISO
first held a Pickathon on Friday, March 14th at Su’igaula Utulei Beach Park. All proceeds from
the Pickathon and donations from the Food Drive have gone to Hope House.
During the current semester, the ISO will also be holding an Art Poster Competition beginning
on March 31st with the theme of “Unity Among Diversity at ASCC,” as well as a Poetry Competition beginning April 14th under the similar theme of “Appreciation of Diversity”. “Our long term
goal is to continue to recruit more members, and to make sure that all students regardless of race,
cultural background or gender feel welcomed at ASCC,” said Ropeti-Leo. The ISO also hopes
to soon host an International Night event where students can enjoy a variety of food, music, and
cultural presentations. These ambitions reflect the level of enthusiasm the ISO members have not
only for supporting each other academically, but also for enlivening the cultural and social milieu
of their campus. “The members we have so far are very active,” said Ropeti-Leo, “and I believe
that together we can achieve great things.”
Ropeti-Leo said that anyone who would like more information on the ISO is welcome to call
699-911 ext 461, 733-2690 or email [email protected]
E ui i ni finagalo fa’aalia o ni isi o faipule e le o tulaga lelei
ripoti i tupe maua a le malo mo le tausaga tupe lenei 2014, e
pei ona valoia e le malo i le taimi na fa’alauiloa ai le Paketi a le
malo, peita’i na taua e le Teutupe a le malo ia Dr. Falema’o Phil
Pili i luma o le maota o sui i le taeao ananafi, o lo o tulaga lelei
tupe ao a le malo, ma e i ai lona talitonuga e ausia e le malo tupe
sa valoia e maua i totonu o le tausaga tupe lenei.
“E le lelei sa’u moe i po ta’itasi, ou te tuli vae fo’i i le Atua
i po uma ina ia alofagia tulaga o fa’agaioiga a le malo i lona
tamaoaiga, ina ia sologa lelei pea ma manuia mo le atunu’u,” o
se vaega lea o le saunoaga a Dr. Falema’i i se iloiloga sa faia a
le Komiti o le Paketi a le maota o sui ananafi.
O le ta’ita’ifono o le Komiti o le Paketi a le maota o sui ia
Timusa Tini Lam Yuen na fesili i le teutupe, pe le o i ai se isi
fuafuaga a le malo e toe faia ni isi suiga i tulaga o tupe e tatau
ona maua mai i le tausaga tupe lenei, ona o lea ua maitauina e le
o talafeagai tupe sa faamoemoe e maua ma tupe o lo o taua i le
ripoti ua mafai ona maua e le malo i le taimi nei.
“Ou te talitonu afai e tulaga lelei pea auala e tolu o lo o sau
ai i totonu tupe maua a le malo, e oo atu i le faaiuga o le tausaga
tupe lenei ua ova tupe e ao e le malo ma tupe sa fuafuaina e
maua,” o le saunoaga lea a Dr. Falema’o.
I le ripoti lea na tuuina atu e le Teutupe i luma o le Fono i
le vaiaso nei, o lo o taua ai tulaga nei, talu mai le amataga o le
tausaga tupe lenei ia Oketopa 1, 2013 e oo mai i le aso 18 Mati
2014 na te’a nei, e $42 miliona ($42,803,006.40) le aofa’i o
le tupe ua mafai ona ao mai e le malo i totonu, ae $41 miliona
($41,364,797.74) le aofa’i o lana tupe fa’aalu.
O le $40 miliona o le tupe sa ao mai e le malo i totonu e pei
ona saunoa Dr. Falema’o, o le tinoitupe (cash), ma o iina e ta’u
mai ai o lo o malosi ma lelei tulaga o tupe ao a le malo i masina
E tele isi alaga tupe a le malo e le i maua mai mo le tausaga
tupe lenei, ma o le tele lava o nei alaga tupe o vaega tupe mai le
feterale, e pei o le $1.1 miliona mai le ‘Maliliega o le Tapa’a.’
“Fa’atoa iloa tonu lava le tulaga e taoto ai tupe maua a le
malo pe a mae’a le kuata tolu o le tausaga tupe lenei, lea e
mae’a ia Iuni 2014, ae mo le taimi lenei, o lo o tulaga lelei pea
tupe maua a le malo,” o se vaega lea o le saunoaga a le teutupe.
Le Teutupe a le malo ia Dr. Falema’o Phil Ma’o
[ata: AF]
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014 Page 7
Health law legacy eludes Obama as changes sink in
WASHINGTON (AP) — As a “This is new for them.”
law, rather than scrapping it. A new to work quickly on a plan for next year.
roller-coaster sign-up season winds
Among those consumers is Dan AP-Gfk poll finds that only 13 per- It is still struggling with such basics as
down, President Barack Obama’s Luke of St. Paul, Minn., the owner of cent expect the law will be completely providing consumers with clear inforhealth care law has indeed managed to a small video production company who repealed. Seventy-two percent say it mation about the process and their
change the country.
had been uninsured since he was turned will be implemented with changes, options.
Americans are unlikely to go back to down for coverage last year due to a whether major or minor.
Until now, those signing up have
a time when people with medical prob- pre-existing condition. The condition?
Republicans have again made repeal skewed toward an older crowd. That
lems could be denied coverage.
Luke was born with one eye due to a of “Obamacare” their official battle could lead to higher premiums next
But Obama’s overhaul needs major birth defect, and he uses a glass eye.
cry this election season. But even if year, making the program a harder sell
work of its own if it is to go down in
“For 63 years I’ve had one eye,” the GOP wins control of the Senate for younger people.
history as a legacy achievement like said Luke. “They had to dig deep to and Congress were to repeal the law
Some Democratic lawmakers who
Medicare or Social Security.
find that.”
next year, the president would veto it. voted for the law are frustrated.
Major elements of the Affordable
He’s happy with the coverage he and Opponents would then need a difficult
“Instead of just circling the wagons
Care Act face an uncertain future:
his wife have bought; they’re saving two-thirds majority in both chambers to
all the political arrows that are
—As a 6-month-long sign-up season $300 a month on premiums compared override Obama’s veto.
shot against this plan, we need a little
comes to an end Monday the adminis- with the last time they had insurance.
“It’s going to depend on the next
tration’s next big challenge is to make But he said he had to endure weeks of couple of elections whether we stick more accountability, and we need to
2015 open enrollment more manage- website run-arounds.
with the current ACA models,” said ensure the next enrollment period is not
able for consumers unaccustomed to
“There is a lot of bureaucracy Brookings Institution health policy handled as poorly as the last one,” said
dealing with insurance jargon. There’s involved,” said Luke. “It’s sort of like expert Mark McClellan, who oversaw Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas.
also concern premiums will rise next taxes, filled with loopholes and pitfalls. the rollout of the last major federal
DeAnn Friedholm, health reform
They should make it easier for people coverage expansion, the Medicare pre- team leader for Consumers Union, said
—The new insurance markets cre- to get insurance and pay for insurance, scription drug benefit.
her group still supports Obama’s overated by the law are anything but cus- rather than have to prove so many things
“We are still a long way from a stable haul, but with concerns.
tomer friendly. After the HealthCare. and jump through so many hoops.”
“The jury is out in terms of its longmarket and from completing implegov website finally got fixed, more
success,” she said. “We still think
Those comments echo sentiments mentation,” he said. But “we’re not
than 6 million people have managed broadly reflected in national opinion
going back to people with pre-existing it’s better than the old way, which left
to sign up, allowing the exchanges to
a lot of people out because they were
polls. Most Americans want lawmakers conditions having no good options.”
stay afloat economically. But many
to fix the problems with the health care
The administration will have to get sick.”
consumers have bought policies with restricted access
to top-tier hospitals and the
CHANNEL * (E) English Subtitles
latest medications. The web* (L)-Live Programming/News
site is seeing heavy traffic this
* (R)-Rerun
weekend, and consumers may
encounter a wait or last-minute
—Nearly half the states are
still opposed to or undecided
about the law’s expansion of
Medicaid, the government’s
health insurance program for
the poor. As a result, millions
of low-income people who
otherwise would have been
covered remain uninsured.
—This year’s pitch has
been about the “carrots” in
the law: subsidies and guaranteed coverage. But the “sticks”
are just over the horizon: collecting penalties from individuals who remain uninsured
and enforcing requirements
that medium- to large-sized
employers provide affordable
Many basic facts about the
ultimate effects of the health
insurance program remain
unclear. It’s not known how
many of those who have gotten
coverage were previously
uninsured — the ultimate test
of the law. Independent measurements by Gallup do show
fewer uninsured Americans,
but such progress hasn’t won
hearts and minds. The public
remains deeply divided, with
opponents of the law outnumbering supporters.
At a recent insurance
industry conference, a top
acknowledged the huge job
still ahead.
“The No. 1 thing that probably we’ve all learned from
2014 is that this is hard work,”
said Gary Cohen, outgoing
director of the Center for Con*Note: If you need this Schedule, e-mail <[email protected]>. and I will send it to you every week!”
sumer Information and Insurance Oversight, the agency
created to carry out the health
care law. “It’s not a one-year
“Working with the Community”
project; it’s a multiyear project
633-4266 • FAX: 633-2964
... we’re asking a lot, frankly,
of consumers,” he added.
Page 8
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014
brought to you by
tanoa tusitala hotel, apia, samoa
Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae
Ua maua mai lipoti mai
Aotearoa Niu Sila i le faasolosolo manuia o le sailiga fofo
o le gasegase o le alii palemia,
le susuga Tuilaepa Lupesoliai
Sailele Malielegaoi. Ua faailoa
mai e le tamaitai ofisa sili o
le Matagaluega a le Palemia
ma le Kapeneta, le susuga
Vaosa Epa lea o lo o malaga
faatasi ai ma le alii palemia e
faapea, o lo o faasolosolo pea
ina toe faafoisia o le malosi o
le alii palemia i le maota gasegase tumaoti i Aukilani. Na
faaalia e Epa le tulaga lelei o
le tali ane o le malosi o le alii
palemia i vaitui ma togafitiga
e pei ona sa faatautaia talu
mai le amataga o le vaiaso. O
le aso Sa na tuuvaa ese atu ai
le afioga i le alii palemia, lona
faletua, le afioga i le minisita
o le Matagaluega o le Soifua
Maloloina, le afioga Tuitama
Dr. Talalelei Leao Tuitama, o
le ofisa sili o le Matagaluega
a le Palemia ma le Kapeneta,,
le susuga Vaosa Epa, faapea
le taitai leoleo o le vaega o le
puipuiga a le Matagaluega a le
Palemia, le susuga Vaovasamanaia Rapi Fidow.
O lo o faatupulaia pea le
atinae o lafumanu i le atunuu e
pei ona i ai le manu o le mamoe,
i se polokalama faapitoa o lo
o faatinoina e le malo i le fesoasoani mai o le Faletupe o le
Lalolagi. O le lagolago mai o
lea faletupe faavaomalo o lo o
tauala mai i le poloketi o gal-
uega siitia a le Matagaluega o
Faatoaga ma Faigafaiva. O le
tausaga e 2004 na uluai aumai ai
i le atunuu le manu o le mamoe
ma e oo mai i le taimi nei, ua
siitia maualuga le fuainumera o
ia manu I totonu o le atunuu i le
oo atu i le 700 mamoe o lo o i ai
i le taimi nei. O lo o toe iloilo ma
fetuunai nei e le matagaluega ia
ituaiga mamoe o lo o auina mai
I le atunuu mai Ausetalia ma
Fiti. Ua faailoa mai e se tasi o
sui sinia o le matagaluega, ua
maitauina le toatele o le au fai
lafumanu i le atunuu ua talosagaina ni a latou mamoe faapea
fesoasoani tau seleni e faatino ai
lea atinae.
E 35 tausaga o se tama ua
faaipoipo ma e toatolu lana
fanau, ua faapafala e le Faamasinoga Maualuga se faasalaga faafalepuipui mo le 28
masina e ui i le matuia o le
solitulafono sa molia ai o ia ma
ua faamaonia nei. O lea tama
o Meaatamalii Misa Toomata
po o Tamalii Toomata e faigaluega ma o se alii tiakono e
malosi i lana ekalesia, le Apia
Harvest Center. Na faaalia i
faamaumauga a le Faamasinoga e faapea, o le aso 22 o le
masina o Setema o le tausaga
na tea nei, o se aso Sa, na tulai
mai ai se vevesi i le va o le ua
molia ma lona toalua ao sauna
atu mo sauniga o le aso Sa. Na
faifai tetele lea vevesiga ma
na iu ina faaoolima ai lea alii
i lona toalua, ma sa tulai mai
ai ni manua tuga i le tina ma sa
faataotolia ai o ia i le falemai i
lena aso atoa. Na taua i tolaulauga o le Faamasinoga, na
mafua lea feeseeseaiga ona sa
manao le toalua o le ua molia
e auai atu i le sauniga lotu a le
ekalesia o lo o auai atu ai lona
tina, ma sa le fiafia ai le ua
molia ona o le aso Sa tonu lena
sa tuu e lauga ai i lana ekalesia.
Na faafofoga le Faamasinoga,
ua maea ona toe soalaupule ma
faalelei le feeseeseaiga a lea
Ua faasalaina nei e le Fono
Faatonu o le Lakapi i le Lalolagi le IRB, ia se tasi o sui o
le au lakapi o le Samoa ‘A’ e
ala i le faasa ona to taalo i so
o se au lakapi mo le 32 vaiaso,
ina ua faamaonia le aafia ai o
se alii laufali i sana gaioiga sa
faia. Na lipotia mai e faapea,
o le taaloga a le Samoa ‘A’
ma le au a le Pampers mai
Argentina i le taamilosaga o le
Pacific Rugby Cup i le vaiaso
na tea nei, na taia ai e lea alii
o le Samoa ‘A’ le alii laufali i
lona tauau ona o lona le fiafia
i se faaiuga a le laufali sa faia.
Na malolo le Samoa ‘A’ i le
Pampers mai Argentina i lea
taaloga ma faamuta ai loa ma
le tausinioga a le Samoa ‘A’ i
lea taamilosaga. O le ua faamalolo nei mo le 32 vaiaso o
Ausetalia Vaiomanu ma e na o
le lua vaiaso sa muai faasalaina
ai o ia. Peitai sa toe iloilo ma
mataitu e le komiti faapitoa a
le IRB ia le ata na pueina o lea
taaloga, ma iloa ai le ogaoga o
le gaioiga a lea alii sa fai ma sa
toe faaopopo ai loa le 30 vaiaso
e faasa ai ona toe taalo lakapi.
E to’afa foi isi alii o le Samoa
‘A’ ua faasalaina i le ta’ilua
vaiaso ona o ni gaioiga solitulafono i lea taaloga.
➧ Lafoa’i lapisi…
Mai itulau 1
lea a Pulu ma lona si’ufofoga ua atili ai ona si’i si’i i luga.
Sa ia taua fo’i e fa’apea, ua mae’a ona ia logoina le Ofisa o
le School Lunch e tusa ai o le fa’aletonu e pei ona tula’i mai i
meaai a tamaiti aoga. “Pau le tulaga lea ua aoga i ai meaai nei,
ua la’u e fafaga ai lafu pua’a a tagata o lo o fai a latou lafu pua’a,
e fa’aaoga i ai, ao se upu e fafaga ai tamaiti e le talafeagai,” o le
isi lea saunoaga a Pulu.
Na taua e le Pulesili o le School Lunch ia Christina Fualaau
e fa’apea, o fualaau ‘aina na aveese ua leaga, e le o meaai ia na
fuafua e fafaga ai fanau, ae o meaai na aveese e le au kuka ina
ua siaki atu ua fa’aletonu. “E le o taumafai le School Lunch e
fafaga alo ma fanau aoga i meaai leaga, o le matou galuega, soo
se taimi e taunuu mai ai container o lo o la’u mai ai fualaau ‘aina
mai fafo e pei o moli, apu ma meleni, matou te siaki uma pusa
ina ia mautinoa e aveese vaega ua faaletonu ae tuu i ai na o vaega
o lo o lelei mo le fofoga taumafa o fanau,” o le saunoaga lea a
Fualaau i le Samoa News.
O fualaau ‘aina e i ai moli, apu ma meleni, o fualaau ‘aina ia
o lo o aumai i fafo, se’i vagana ai fualaau ‘aina e pei o kukama
ma saga, faapea ai fa’i ma taro, o taumafa ia o lo o fa’atau mai le
aufai fa’atoaga i le atunuu. Saunoa Fualaau, e fono lana aufaigaluega i vaiaso ta’itasi mo le fa’amautuina o a latou tiute fa’atino,
ina ia mautinoa e lelei taumafa latou te tuuina atu mo fanau aoga
i aso ta’itasi.
Pau lava lea o le sikoa mo le au a le Manu Samoa mai le
kapeteni ia Gregory Foe, i le la ta’aloga ma Niu Sila i le aso lona
lua o le ta’amilosaga o lo o fa’agasolo i Hong Kong i le fa’aiuga o
[ata: THA]
le vaiaso nei, lea na faiaina ai Samoa i ‘ai e 26-5.
E te fia
Toleafoa Haserota Auvaa.
O loa e aai le ulugalii ua ta’i 85 o la tausaga ae ua atoa le 60
tausaga talu ona nonofo, saofafai loa i totonu o le faleaiga, fai
atu loa le toeaina o Velio i le isi loomatua o Salai, “E i ai le mea
au leva tele ou nofo ma ‘au i nei mau tausaga e fia, talu lava ona
fanau mai le ta tama numera 10, ou te masalosalo lava e le o so’u
atalii, e ‘ese mai lava ia nai lo le toatele o le ta fanau. O lea ua
manaomia lou tautala sa’o mai ia te ‘au i le taimi nei, o ai le tama
o le ta tama lona10?.”
Sa na o le punou lava o le loomatua i lalo e leai ma se tala, sa
toe fesili atu i ai le toeaina, “A oute iloa lava lelei lava e ‘ese lana
tama, lea faatoa ou fesili atu ia te oe . O ai lana tama?.”
Na ona ‘ea mai a o le loomatua fai atu loa i le toeaina, “Oi ua
galo foi ia te oe le tama o lou uso lea na aumaia ta te faia, sole o
le mea lea ou te ofo ai ia oe, ua leaga lou ulu a Tomasi?.”
Fai mai ma le toeaina, “Sole ua galo ia te ‘au, e faapea ‘au ia
o sou tama moni lava, ia ‘I’m sorry ua galo ia te ‘au.” ae alu loa
le loomatua i le faletaele, pa ma le ata, fai mai loa, “Mea e lelei
ai e le’o manatua e le toeaina se mea.”
Sa nonofo le ulugali’i ua matutua foi, ua 80 tausaga a le
toeaina, ae faatoa 65 tausaga a le fafine, alu atu le fafine i tua o
le umukuka e faa-toast ia la falaoa, susu’e tau le oveni au leai se
kesi. Alu atu i le paipa e taele au alu lena foi le vai, ma sau mai i
le toeaina ma fai atu loa, “Sole Kukama, ua leaga uma mea na ou
alu e fai ai le ta mea ‘ai, au leaga le ‘toaster’ ou alu atu i le oveni
au leai se kesi ou alu atu foi e taele au alu lemu foi le vai. Ou le
iloa poo le a le mea a fai ?.”
Ae fai mai le toeaina, “A o le mea sili lava lea oute i ai pea i
iinei….” ae ‘oso mai le loomatua ma fai mai, “Ia ua leva ona le
leai se aoga, e ta’u soo mai lena mea ? o le mea lena ua leva ona
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014 Page 9
Le afioga i le ali’i Senatoa ia Magalei Logovi’i.
[ata: AF]
Talitonu Magalei
e le mana’omia se
Fono Fa’apitoa
Maugalei Veavea scores a 2nd half try in Talavalu’s 38-7 loss to Hong Kong. Veavea’s try was his second
and the third in the history of big time American Samoa international seven’s rugby debut in the
Cathay Pacific/ HSBC Hong Kong Sevens Qualifier competition for 2014. The winner of the Qualifier
tournament will receive automatic Core Team status on the HSBC Sevens World Series in 2015.
[Photo: Barry Markowitz (Courtesy STP/TriMarine), 3/28/14]
tusia Ausage Fausia
E talitonu le afioga i le ali’i Senatoa ia Magalei Logovi’i, e
le tau mana’omia fua se Fono Fa’apitoa e pei ona valaauina e le
ali’i kovana mo le vaiaso fou, aua o mataupu o le Fono Fa’apitoa
ua mae’a ona lalafo i ai le maota ma ua mae’a fo’i ona faia i ai
la latou fa’aiuga.
O lea saunoaga a Magalei na tuuina atu i le taimi o folafolaga a le maota maualuga ananafi, ina ua mae’a ona tolaulau
e le Failautusi a le Senate se tusi na auina mai i le afioga i le
Kovana le tumau ia Lemanu Peleti Mauga, e talosagaina ai le
Fono Faitulafono mo se Fono Fa’apitoa lona lua mo le Nofoaiga
lona 33 lenei, ma ua fa’amoemoe e nofoia lea fono faapitoa i le
aso 1 Aperila, 2014, o le aso Lua lea o le vaiaso fou.
O mataupu e fa e pei ona taua i le tusitusiga a le Kovana mo
le Fono Fa’apitoa e aofia ai Tofiga fou a le Kovana mo ni isi
totino o le Komiti Fa’afou a le Litaea, ina ua teena e le Fono isi
tofiga sa tuuina mai muamua; tofiga mo le susuga ia Fiti Sunia
e avea ai ma Sui Fa’amasino; Paketi fa’aopoopo a le kovana e
$625,000 e fausia ai le auala i Visa ma fa’asolo atu ai i Fagaitua,
ma le talosaga mo le $200,000 e fa’atupe ai le polokalame a le
fanau aoga i le vai tuuaga o le tau mafanafana o lo o soso’o nei.
Saunoa Magalei i luma o le maota, o le mataupu e fa’atatau i
tofiga a le kovana mo Sunia, ua mae’a ona lalafo i ai le maota ma
ua fa’atulaga le iloiloga i le aso Gafua o le vaiaso fou, e oo fo’i
i le paketi faaopoopo a le kovana e $200,000 mo polokalame a
fanau aoga, ua mae’a ona pasia e le maota ma ua tuuina atu i le
maota o sui mo sa latou fa’aiuga.
“O isi mataupu e pei o le paketi faaopoopo e $625,000, ua
uma ona fai i ai la tatou faaiuga e taoto pea se’i toe suesue atili
i ai le maota, ma tofiga mo totino o le Komiti o le Litaea, o lea
fo’i fa’atoa mae’a ona tatou lalafo i ai, ma i lo’u talitonuga, e i ai
le upu a le atunuu e faapea, e le tatau ona gagau mata le laau,” o
le saunoaga lea a Magalei, ma ia tuuina atu ai le mau, e le tatau
ona faataunuuina se Fono Fa’apitoa.
Na lagolagoina e le afioga i le alii senatoa ia Laolagi Fonoti
Savali Vaeao le finagalo o Magalei e faatatau i mataupu ua uma
ona lalafo i ai le maota, ae i lona taofi, e tatau lava ona faataunuuina le Fono Faapitoa, lea fo’i na lagolagoina e le afioga i le alii
senatoa ia LeAtualevao Asifoa.
Saunoa le afioga i le ali’i senatoa ia Soliai T. Fuimaono e
fa’apea, “e le i faia sa tatou fa’aiuga i le paketi faaopoopo a le
kovana e $625,000, o le mea lea ou te manatu ai, tatou faaauau
pea le Fono Fa’apitoa a le kovana.”
Saunoa LeAtualevao e fa’apea, e taua tele le $625,000 lea e
fa’aleleia ai auala i le itu i Sasa’e o le atunuu, ua leva ona pagatia
ai le to’atele o tagata o lo o alala i lea itu o le motu.
Na lagolagoina e le peresetene le tumau ia Nuanuaolefeagaiga
S. Nua le finagalo o Magalei, o mataupu o le Fono Faapitoa ua
uma ona talanoaina e le maota, ae sili pe a fa’atali sei oo i le aso
Gafua pe a taunuu mai le alii peresetene o lo o malaga i Hawaii,
ona tuu mai aloaia lea o se faaiuga pe faaauau le Fono Faapitoa
a le kovana pe leai fo’i.
Guys are in good spirits, despite losses and know what they have to do to make it to the semifinals, both Monique and Terry say. “They sang Samoan songs in the bus on the way back and
during evening prayer they were pretty quiet. Sitting in the room looking at each of them
exhausted, some bruised, but still excited for the next day’s games to start was absolutely
humbling,” Terry notes.
Monique Solofa (ASRU Secretary and Talavalu physiotherapist) — posted on her facebook page
the following:
“Talofa everyone at the end of Day 5 in Hong Kong and the first day of the HSBC Hong Kong
7’s!! It’s been a very long day for all of us — it’s almost midnight here. What an awesome day for
American Samoa!! Finally on the world stage of rugby!!
“While there were some errors here and there, but the bottom line is they played their hearts
out and showed that they can play with these teams who have been in the core group before. I was
nervous myself just getting out on the field and I wasn’t even playing — but it was the atmosphere
and heading into the unknown for that very first game.
“Thank you for all your well wishes and support and messages!!!
“This is only the beginning for Talavalu — and I know that the dream to one day move up to
the core group is not far away!! Ok time to get some sleep as we have an early start in the morning.
God bless and alofaagas from Hong Kong!!!”
[Photo: Barry Markowitz (Courtesy STP/TriMarine), 3/28/14]
Page 10
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014
o le
Luka 24:50-55, ‘Ua ave e ia ia te i latou i tua, ua oo lava i
Petania, ona sisi’i ai lea o on a aao, ma faamanuia ia te i latou.
Ua oo ina ua o faamanuia e ia it te i latou, ona te’a ese o ia ia te
i latou ua siitia i le lagi.’
Ua latou o ma lana ‘au soo i le tolu tausaga i le galuega a le
Atua, tagata na ia filifilia e tagata e le taualoa, o e na mulimuli
atu ia te ia, o le mea na e iloa ai le alofa faamaoni o lona ‘au soo
ia te Ia. Lea foi ua ia toe taitai atu ia te i latou i fafo i Ierusalema
ma agaia atu i le Kidron Valley ma o atu ai i luga o le Mauga o
Olive, le mea na nonofo ai Lasalo, Maria ma Mareta.
Na fetalai ai Iesu e upu faamalolosi ma faamanatu ia te’i
latou e nonofo pea i Ierusalema ina ia faatali le Afio mai o le
Agaga Paia ‘Galuega 1:8’ ona sisi’i ai lea o ona ‘aao i luga ma
faamanuia ia te’i latou, e pei o le ‘aao a le Osi taulaga Sili pe
faamanuia i latou.
E pei o le faamanuiaga lea na faia e Arona le Osi Taulaga Sili
i tagata Isaraelu, ‘Levitiko 9:22’ le faatonuga na fai e le Atua ia
Arona lea na faapea atu ai, “Le Atua e faamanuia atu ia te oe ma
tausi ia te oe….’ lea na faapea ai, ‘Na tuu atu le Suafa o e Atua
i e fanauga a Isaraelu ma faamanuia ia te’i latou….’ ‘Numera
O le upu o le ‘blessed’ poo le upu Eleni o le ‘eulogeo’ poo le
ole atu i se faamanuiga i se mea ua e faia, pe o le tauvalaau
i le Atua i sina faamanuiaga e pei o le tala ia Iakopo ‘Kenese
49’. Mose ‘Teuterenome 33’ i le faamanuiaga ma ave atu i le
ituaiga e 12 o le fanauga a Isaraelu. Lea e tutusa lelei lava ma le
faamanuiaga i soo e toasefulu lua a Iesu.
Ia tatou mautinoa ai, o le faamanuiga e faaaoga ‘aao o Iesu
pei o le faamamaina o tagata mama’i, ma tagata o loo mafatia i
le faama’i ‘ese’ese, sa tago ai o ia ma tuu i luga ona ‘aao.
Na uma loa ona faamanuia ia te’i latou ona ‘Afio ai lea o ia
i le lagi’, ia e ui a le’i faamanuia ai mai ai ia te’i tatou, ao o le
faamanuiga lea na tuu mai e le tatou Faaola mo i tatou uma lava
i le lalolagi.
SISI’I I LUGA ONA ‘AAO ua valaauina i tatou i galuega e
faia ma le faamanuiaga, o mea uma tatou faaaogaina i oo tatou
fale faigaluega i aso uma, e tatau ona tatou faamanuia i ai faatasi
ma a tatou galuega uma o loo fai. A o faamafanfana ma le faamaise i ai, e tatau ona tatou faamanuia ia i latou.
A o siitia i luga o tatou lima e tatalo ma viia le Atua, e tatau
ona tatou faamanuia atu i le Atua….o Le na te talia ma le fiafia
le ofoina atu o tatou lima ma o tatou ola.
[Sosoo ane loa lau faitau i le tatou tala faasolo mo lenei vaiaso, lea na gata mai i le vaiaso
na tea nei i le taimi lea na faafuase’i ai ona
pasae le fale ina ua pa pa pomu sa tatao ai e
Kati i luma o nofoa o le potu malolo.]
Na tete’i matua o le tama’ita’i o Mena ina ua
pasae fa’afuase’i le la fale a’o i ai ali’i e to’afa
na o atu e asi laua. “Auoi!, o le a le la mea ua
tupu, auoi!” o le alaga lea a le olomatua ma aapa
atu ua fusi mai le toeaina, ae o le toeaina i le
taimi lea, ua tata vale lava lona moa ona o le
fefe i le tagata lea o lo o latou nonofo faatasi i
totonu o le ta’avale.
“Mena, o fea a tatou o i ai,” o le fesili lea a
le toeaina i lona afafine, ae sa faaloto tele atu
i ai le teine i lona tama, e leai se mea la te toe
popole ai o lea ua saogalemu la ola, o latou fo’i
o le a malaga ese ma le atunuu o Enelagi i le aso
lea, ona o lea ua lamatia o latou ola e le vaega
faatupu fa’alavelave a Tomasi.
“O ai Tomasi,?” o le fesili fia iloa lea a le
toeaina, “Se Tomasi lea sa fai ana fale tali malo,
lea fo’i sa ou faigaluega muamua,” o le toe tali
atu lea o le teine i lona tama. Na te’i le toeaina
ina ua faamatala atu e lona tama ia te ia le tala
e faatatau ia Tomasi ma le mafua’aga na oti ai.
“Loga uiga o lau kala siaula Mega, o le kamaloa
lea kakou ke o faakasi o le fasioki kagaka,?” o
le fesili fia iloa lea a le toeaina, ae na musumusu
atu i ai Mena, “Se Papa leai, aua ete popole,”
na motu faafuase’i le talanoaga ina ua afe le
ta’avale a Kati i se tasi o fale’aiga tele lava, ma
ia faatonuina ai loa le teine ma ona matua e sili
ona latou afe i le fale’aiga lea e fai ai sina faamalosi tino ona ua alu fo’i le aso.
A’o fai le taumafataga, na fa’aaoga ai loa e
Kati le avanoa na te fa’amalamalamaina ai i le
ulugalii le tala atoa o le mea o lo o tupu, ma le
isi laasaga lea o le a latou aga’i atu i ai. O iina
na faatoa iloa ai e le ulugalii, o Kati, o le Leoleo
nana mai Italia sa malaga asiasi mai i Enelagi
mo le faataunuuina o le misiona faapitoa na
auina mai ai o ia, ma o lea fo’i ua mae’a, ma ua
sauni e toe fo’i atu i Italia ma le tuutuuga, la te
o ma Mena i Italia la te nonofo ai ma fai ai le
la aiga.
“Na ou te’i ina ua talanoa mai Mena ia te
a’u e fa’atatau ia te oulua, o le mafuaaga lena
na toe tolopo ai le malaga sa fuafuaina mo le
aso ananafi, ona sa ou manatu ou te fia asia le
lua fale ma se’i vaavaai poo lua saogalemu, ae
o se itu na faateia ai maua ina ua ma afe atu o
lo o siomia le lua fale e ta’avale a le vaega a
Tomasi, ou te masalosalo na o atu e aumai se
vaega tupe tele mai ia te oulua, poo le fasiotia
fo’i o oulua,” o le tala lea a Kati na tagi ai le
toeaina ma faapea atu i le tama, “Faafetai i lou
alofa ia i maua aemaise ai Mena, ma ua ma talitonu fo’i i lona loto fesoasoani, ae o le tonu lava
ua lua faia ma Mena, ma te usita’i fo’i i ai, ua
ma lagona fo’i, a aunoa ma oulua e leai se isi
lafitaga mo i maua.”
[E fa’atalofa atu i le mamalu o le aufaitau i lenei vaiaso, malo le onosa’i, malo fo’i le soifua
laulelei, ae alo maia, o le vaega muamua lenei o le tatou Fagogo fou ua fa’aigoaina, “Alofa
e oo i le oti.” Ua manatu e saunia lenei fagogo mo le fa’amalieina ai o lau faitau i faaiuga o
vaiaso ta’itasi, a’o fa’aauau ai le tautua a le To’asavili mo oe le atunuu pele.]
O le ali’i o Veli, sa nonofo ma lona to’alua o Tania i le aiga o le fafine i Upolu, ma o se
aiga na fa’avae i le Atua mea uma mai lona amataga, seia oo loa ina ma’i le fafine o Tania i
se gasegase mata’utia ma le faigata, ma manatu ai loa le to’atele o tagata o le nuu, ai nei a toe
sola le tamaloa o Veli i Savai’i i lona aiga ona o tulaga faaletonu ua i ai le gasegase o si ona
to’alua, ae le i fa’avaivai ai le alofa o le tamaloa, sa nofo pea i le aiga ma tausi i lona to’alua.
E taunu’u Veli ma Tania i le aiga o le fafine i Upolu, fa’atoa 2 tausaga talu ona mae’a le
la fa’aipoipoga, e leai fo’i se la fanau o i ai, o le taimi lea, o lo o tutusa uma le ulugali’i i le
lalelei ma le talavou o la olaga. O le lua tausaga lea na nonofo ai le ulugali’i i Savaii i le aiga
o le tamaloa, sa avea ai lo la aiga o se aiga e tua i ai le nuu atoa i le ma’umaga, ona o le galue
malosi o Veli i le fa’ato’aina o le fa’atoaga e tausi ai si ona aiga, aemaise si ona tina matua sa
totoe i le aiga, faapea ai si ona tuafafine ma lona toalua o lo o tausia le aiga.
“Sau ia oe le kuafafige, ua ou lagoga ua kakau oga ma malaga ma Kagia i Upolu e kausi gai
oga makua, ua makukua fo’i si koeaiga ma le olomakua, o lea ua i’u le soifua o si kakou kiga sa
kakou kausi faakasi ai, ou ke kalikogu fo’i, o lea ua kaoko le kakou faakoaga kele i le mauga,
faapea ai le pa pua’a e kua i ai oe ma le fagau, a i ai fo’i se isi mea e maga’omia ai a’u, oga
logo aku fo’i lea ae o’u koe sau e fesoasoagi aku ia oulua ..” o le talatalanoa atu lea a Veli isi
ona tuafafine matua o Lupe ma lona toalua i le isi po, ma sa talia ma le loto fiafia e le ulugalii
le manatu o Veli, ma sauni ai loa le ulugalii e malaga atu i Upolu i le aiga o Tania e tausi ona
matua o lo o nonofo i le aiga. O Tania, o le ulumatua lea a le ulugali’i, o se tama’ita’i lalelei, e
le taitai fa’atusatusa i ai le auleaga o le tamaloa o Veli. Sa galue Tania o se tama’ita’i tausi ma’i
pasi i le falema’i o Moto’otua, ma masani atu ai iina ma Veli i le taimi a’o tausi ma’i Veli i le
gasegase a lona tama, ma i’u ina nonofo ai loa ma amata ai le la aiga i Savaii mo le ulua’i lua
tausaga. Ua salalau le tala o lea ua sauni Tania ma lona to’alua mai Savai’i e toe fo’i atu, ma
ua tuli mata’i fo’i le vaavaai a tagata o le nuu i le taunuu atu o le ulugali’i fou, aemaise ai e fia
vaai pe faapei i le tagata e igoa ia Veli, aua e le i vaai lava le nuu i le to’alua o Tania.
Tala i Vavau o Samoa
‘Ava i Samoa
E taofi eseese Samoa i le
malaga faaumiumi mai a le
‘ava i Samoa, lea e talitonu
nisi na mafua ai le tele o igoa
eseese ua ave e Samoa i le ‘ava.
Aua fai ai le mau a le atunu’u, i
aso anamua, sa leai se laau o le
vaomatua e le’i tofoina, aua o
le ‘ava sa tele ina faaaoga i aso
anamua, (o le valu mai lea o le
pa’u o le vi ua palu i le suavai,
ona inu lea e pei ona faia i le
taimi nei) fai mai la o isi laau
e tofo atu o latou a’a e mamala
ae o isi laau e tofo atu o latou
a’a e oona, ae ina ua tofo atu
a’a o le ‘ava, e magalo ona a’a
ae fitifiti ona ata.
Fai mai le mau a isi e 12
‘ava eseese a le atunu’u, ma e
fesuisuia’i lava o latou igoa,
fai mai o isi taimi e faaigoa ai
o le ‘ava’ava aitu, pe a o’o ina
faalao le masina ona o mai lea
o aitu ua gaoi atu le ‘ava.
Ae o le tala lenei i le malaga
mai a le ‘ava, na alu le seugalupe a le toeaina o Faleseu i
se tasi aso, peita’i e fo’i mai
le toeaina ae fetaui fo’i ma le
fo’i mai o le faiga tuitui a lana
fanau teine o Sina’atatasi ma
Sina’atalua, ona fesili lea i ai o
le toeaina poo fea sa o i ai, ae
tali teine sa o e fai tuitui, ona
ita lea o le toeaina ma lafoa’i
ato tuitui i le togavao, ma fai
mai o le mafuaaga lena o le tele
o le vao tuitui i tua o Fagali’i e
o’o mai i le taimi nei.
Fai mai le tala ua sola le
toeaina i Siumu ona o le ita tele
i lana fanau, peitai sa mulimuli
atu ai lava tamaitai nei i tua o
le la tama, ma e taunuu atu i le
isi vaega o le atunuu, o loo toto
fa’i mai ai le tama o Faletunatuna i le togafa’i a le Malietoa,
ona tuu ane lea e Faletunatuna
o aufa’i tetele e lua i le toeaina,
o le aufa’i o le Solatetele ma
le Ululatetele, ona fofoe lea e
tamaitai nei o fai ae ai mata.
Ina ua taunuu le latou sopo
i Mulifanua, ona fetagofi atu
loa lea o tamaitai nei ua sili
mulifa’i ia na totoe mai i le la
aiga fa’i i luga o le laau, ona
faaigoa ai loa lea o lea ogaeleele
o Siligafa’i ma o loo oo mai
pea i aso nei. Sa faaauau teisi
atu le malaga ae latou tau atu
loa i tagata mai Fiti, o loo asu
vai i le vai tele sa i ai, fai mai o
tagata Fiti nei na malaga mai e
saili atu se fofo mo le gasegase
o le Tui Fiti, ona malaga loa lea
o tamaitai nei ma tagata Fiti ina
ua laua tauanauina tagata Fiti
latou te o.
Fai mai le tala ao alu le
malaga i le vasa, sa inu e tagata
Fiti a latou niu ma tauai i le
sami aano, peitai na fetagofi
atu tamaitai nei ua aumai aano
nei ma utu i ai le sami, ona tuu
lea i lalo o le liu o le vaa, ona
alu pea lea o le malaga ma ua
taunuu i Fiti, ona fesili lea o le
Tui Fiti pe ua maua mai se fofo
o lona gasegase, sa tali le au
malaga, e leai se fofo na maua,
sei vagana ai tamaitai Samoa
e toalua na latou malaga mai,
peitai na tali le Tui Fiti, “o le
fofo tonu lena o lou gasegase
sa ou mana’o ini a’u ava,” ona
avea loa lea o tamaitai nei ma
ava o le Tui Fiti. O le a toe
faaauau atu i le vaiaso fou le
tulaga na oo i ai le aiga o le
Tui Fiti ma tamaitai Samoa e
toalua lea ua avea nei ma ana
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014 Page 11
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samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014
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Notice for Proposed Registration of Land
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with the request which has been received by the
Territorial Registrar for the registration of a certain land PAPA which is situated in or near the
village of NUUULI, Country of ITUAU Island of TUTUILA, from FIAFIA SEUI-SAMUELU of the village of
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone claiming an interest in the above named land, may file
an objection with the Territorial Registrar’s Office within 60 days from the date of posting of this
notice. If no objection is filed within 60 days from the date of posting of this notice, the land
proposed herein will be registered as such in accordance with the law of American Samoa.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the survey and description of the said land are now on file in
the Territorial Registrar’s Office where they may be examined at any time prior to the expiration of
the said sixty (60) days.
POSTED: MARCH 24, 2014 thru MAY 23, 2014
SIGNED: Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
Fa’aaliga o le Fia Faamauina o se Fanua
O LE FA’AALIGA LENEI ua fa’asalalauina ona o le talosaga ua fa’aulufaleina mai i le Ofisa o le
Resitara o Amerika Samoa ina ia fa’amauina le fanua o PAPA, e tu pe latalata ane i le nu’u o
NUUULI, Itumalo o ITUAU i le motu o TUTUILA, ina ia fa’amauina e FIAFIA SEUI-SAMUELU. ole
SO O SE TASI e aia ma fa’atu’iese i le fanua ua ta’ua i luga ia fa’aulufaleina mai sana
fa’atu’iesega tusitusia i le Ofisa o le Resitara i totonu o aso e 60 mai le aso na fa’aalia ai lea
fa’aaliga. Afai o le a leai se fa’atu’iesega e fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu o aso e 60, o le fanua lenei o
le a fa’amauina e pei ona ta’ua i luga e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tulafono i Amerika Samoa.
O LE FA’AFANUA ma fa’amatalaga e uiga i lenei fanua, ua iai nei i le Ofisa ole Resitara, ma e
avanoa mo se iloiloga i so’o se aso i totonu o le 60 o le faitauina o aso.
03/29 & 04/29/14
Tafaoga i Matafaga?
Fagasa Fagalea Beach
Aua Stream
Afono Stream
Alofau Stream
For more information: http//portal.epa.as.gov/beaches/
Lapata’iga mo Matafaga: Mati 25, 2014
Ofisa o le Puipuia o le Si’osi’omaga
i Amerika Samoa (AS-EPA)
In an effort to raise community awareness to adapt hands-on sustainability and practices to
address impacts of climate change, a workshop was organized by American Samoa Coral Reef
Chairwoman and DMWR Director Dr. Ruth Matagi-Tofiga, Climate Change Specialist Whitney
Peterson, and Regional Advisor to the Pacific Islands Marine Protected Areas Community
(PIMPAC) Meghan Gombos.
Directors of the ASEPA, the Dept. of Education, the Agriculture Department, ASCC Land
Grant, the Office of Samoan Affairs, the Dept. of Commerce, the National Park of American
Samoa and representatives from NOAA were invited to the workshop, which focused on Climate
Change Adaptation and was held in the conference room at the Fagatogo Marketplace this week.
Peterson made a presentation on the Territorial Climate Change Adaptation Framework —
where we are now and where we need to go, while Gombos provided an overview of communitybased tools developed by PIMPAC.
According to Matagi-Tofiga, the ASG department directors and their federal partners “were
keen in coming together to develop a plan in moving forward.”
A representative from the Office of Samoan Affairs has requested that a workshop on this issue
be conducted with the different village mayors.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Matagi-Tofiga reminded everyone in attendance that
engaging the local community in this endeavor will take “collaborative effort” from all the departments involved. A PIMPAC workshop for the DMWR’s Fishery Division was held yesterday.
[courtesy photo: DMWR]
Philippine supply ship evades
Chinese blockade
SECOND THOMAS SHOAL (AP) — A Philippine government ship slipped past a Chinese
coast guard blockade Saturday and brought food and fresh troops to a marooned navy ship used as
a base by Filipino troops to bolster the country’s territorial claims in the disputed South China Sea.
The incident was witnessed by journalists who were invited by the Philippines military to
accompany the resupply mission.
It was a rare close-up look at the tensions in the waters and the determination of both sides to
press their claims. China’s growing assertiveness is alarming smaller nations that have competing
territorial claims and worrying the United States, which is neutral in the disputes but jockeying for
influence with Beijing in the region.
Around one hour away from Second Thomas Shoal, where the detachment is based, a Chinese
coast guard ship marked “1141” twice crossed the bow of the smaller Philippine vessel in an
attempt to stop it from proceeding. Another tailed the Filipino boat.
The Chinese radioed the Filipinos, telling them to stop. “You will take full responsibility for
the consequences of your action,” the voice said in English.
“This is the Republic of the Philippines,” Philippine navy Lt. Ferdinand Gato, who was in
charge of the supply mission, replied. “We are here to provision the troops.”
The marines on board the supply boat waved the “V’’ for peace sign toward the Chinese vessel.
The Filipino captain maneuvered his vessel to shallow waters where the Chinese ships couldn’t
sail to reach the marooned vessel, BRP Sierra Madre, which has become an awkward symbol of
Philippine sovereignty in the remote offshore territory.
On March 9, Chinese vessels blocked a resupply mission to the shoal, called Ayungin by the
Philippine air force planes have airdropped live-saving food and water at least twice since then.
The cat-and-mouse-like confrontation was witnessed by Associated Press journalists and more
than a dozen other media members who were allowed by the Philippine military to board the
government vessel to show what the Manila government has said was “China’s bullying” in the
disputed waters.
As they approached the shoal, one of the marines raised the Philippine flag on the supply ship.
Once inside the shoal, the marines and the crew applauded and exchanged high-fives. Journalists
said a plane with U.S. Navy markings also flew above the marooned ship.
“Our policy is maximum tolerance,” Gato said. “I will not let them stop us because our marines
will starve.”
The supply ship carried about 10 tons of food, including rice and canned goods, and water,
Gato said. The provisions were placed in sacks and transferred to the marooned ship using ropes
pulled with pulleys. The two vessels were surrounded by the calm turquoise waters of the shoal
under the blazing sun.
China claims almost the entire South China Sea. The two countries were in a two-month
standoff at the Scarborough Shoal to the north, which the Chinese eventually occupied after Philippine ships left the area because of a storm in 2012.
The Philippines has questioned China’s claims before the International Tribunal on the Law
of the Sea.
Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also have claims over the territory, which is believe to
be rich in oil and gas and is also a major shipping lane.
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samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014
Militants attack
Afghan election
office in Kabul
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban militants attacked the
main Afghan election commission’s headquarters Saturday in
Kabul, firing on the compound with rocket-propelled grenades
and heavy machine guns from a house outside its perimeter wall,
according to police.
Dozens of employees and other people who had been inside
the Independent Election Commission compound took cover in
the basement, and no casualties were reported. But two warehouses were hit and set on fire, witnesses said. The Kabul airport, which is on the edge of the IEC compound, closed its
runway because of possible dangers to planes as Afghan security forces surrounded the occupied house and traded gunfire
with the attackers.
It’s the latest in a series of high-profile attacks that come as
the Islamic militant movement steps up a campaign of violence
to disrupt presidential elections, which are due to be held in a
A spokesman for the Independent Election Commission
said security already had been increased around the compound
because an attack had been widely expected, and all IEC staff
members were safe. He said the IEC leadership was away from
the headquarters when the assault began.
Explosions were heard when the attack started, according
to the spokesman Noor Mohammed Noor, but he did not know
what caused them.
Kabul police chief Mohammad Zahir Zahir said three or four
attackers were holed up in a neighboring house that had been
empty when they occupied it. He said the house is about 800
meters (yards) away from the headquarters, which is inside a
walled off compound guarded by a series of watch towers and
He said police were firing at the building from several directions and had the attackers contained.
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack but described what would have been a much
more ambitious assault, claiming a suicide bomber and gunmen
had stormed the IEC compound. He said the IEC and election
observers, including foreigners, were holding a meeting at the
time of the attack. The Taliban frequently exaggerate in their
statements and a meeting could not immediately be confirmed.
Noor denied there was a meeting of observers. A news conference had been planned to discuss election security, but that
was canceled, he said.
The deputy of the IEC’s media monitoring commission,
Ashmat Radfar, who was in the building and fled to the basement with about 40 other people when the attack began. About
15 rocket-propelled grenades had fallen in the area and two
warehouses were hit and set on fire, he told reporters after he
managed to leave the compound. He said the warehouses did not
contain ballots or other important election materials.
Airport authorities said they closed the runway for two hours
after the attack started, then tried to reopen it but decided the
risk was too high and closed it again. Airport director Yaqoub
Rassouli said Emirates airlines and Air India flights had been
It would have been extremely difficult for the attackers to
penetrate the tight security themselves, but the Taliban have
staged a number of assaults aimed at showing they are able to
strike at will.
On Tuesday, the Taliban also struck another IEC office on
the edge of Kabul, with a suicide bomber detonating his vehicle
outside while two gunmen stormed into the building, killing four
people and trapping dozens of employees inside.
The Taliban also have stepped up attacks on foreigners in the
Afghan capital, suggesting that they are also shifting tactics to
focus on civilian targets that aren’t as heavily protected as military and government installations.
The Taliban targeted an American charity, the Roots of Peace,
and a nearby day care center late Friday in the Afghan capital,
sending foreigners — including women and children — fleeing
while Afghan security forces battled the gunmen. Officials said
two Afghan bystanders were killed — a girl and a driver.
Gunmen slipped through security last week into a luxury
hotel in Kabul on March 20 with pistols and ammunition hidden
in their shoes, then opened fire, killing nine people, including
two Afghan children who were dining in the restaurant.
A Swedish journalist was shot to death on the street in a relatively affluent area earlier this month, and a Lebanese restaurant
popular with foreigners was attacked by a suicide bomber and
gunmen in January.
Klitschko backs
billionaire for
Ukraine president
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian ex-world boxing champion Vitali Klitschko announced Saturday he will not run for
president and will instead throw his support behind billionaire
businessman Petro Poroshenko.
Klitschko told a congress of his UDAR party Saturday that he
plans to run for mayor of the capital city, Kiev.
His endorsement will prove a valuable boost for Poroshenko,
who played a prominent role in the months-long protest movement that led to the toppling of President Viktor Yanukovych in
“The only way to win is by nominating a single candidate
from the democratic ranks,” Klitschko said. “This should be a
candidate with the greatest support from the people.”
The May 25 election is taking place against the backdrop
of the annexation of Crimea, Ukraine’s dire economic straits
and rumblings of discontent in the country’s mainly Russianspeaking eastern provinces.
President Barack Obama urged Russian President Vladimir
Putin to pull his troops back from the border with Ukraine
during an hour-long phone call Friday. The Russian leader, who
initiated the call, asserted that Ukraine’s government is allowing
extremists to intimidate civilians with impunity.
Putin’s comments have prompted concerns in Kiev and Washington about a possible Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine.
Poroshenko, the owner of a major confectionery company
and a former foreign minister, already leads in the polls for the
presidential election and is seen as likely to beat ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who declared this week that she will
“be the candidate of Ukrainian unity.”
The Kiev mayoral election is also scheduled for May 25.
Poroshenko announced his candidacy to supporters Friday
evening in his childhood hometown of Vinnytsia while holding
up a religious icon of the Virgin Mary and child.
Speaking at the same UDAR congress, Poroshenko said
Ukraine needed to unify in the face of aggression, a reference to
Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula earlier this month.
“The principle of ‘brother for brother’ should be built on and
broadened — we should not just have ‘brother for brother’ but
also ‘friend for friend,’” said Poroshenko, whose worth is estimated by Forbes magazine at $1.3 billion.
Several political party conferences took place Saturday across
Kiev ahead of the Sunday deadline for presidential candidates to
submit their bids.
A survey conducted in mid-March by the SOCIS polling
organization found Poroshenko leading with a wide margin at
36 percent support among likely voters. Klitschko was seen
trailing in second place with 13 percent and Tymoshenko, who
narrowly lost to Yanukovych in 2010, had about 12 percent.
➧ Special Fono session…
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The nominees were Toafala Iafeta, Aloma Aumua-Langford, Faoa Aitofele Sunia; Human Resources director Sonny
Thompson; Lauvao Stephen Haleck; Maaelopa Bob Tuiasosopo;
and ASG Treasurer Dr. Falema’o “Phil” M. Pili.
However, Iafeta was the only nominee who received endorsement by both the Senate and House. (The Senate approved only
Iafeta and Aumua-Langford, but the House approved everyone
except Aumua-Langford.)
The House has yet to vote on the nominees although a hearing
was already carried out.
And the last issue on the special session agenda is the $625,000
supplemental budget for fiscal year 2014, to fund repairs and
rehabilitation of the main highway between Visa Point (around
Lauli’i village) and Fagaitua.
This measure was introduced in the Fono last month but
when hearings were scheduled, the main ASG witness — ASG
Treasurer Pili — was off island attending meetings.
Since then the bill remains in committees and the Administration is hoping the Fono will act on this measure during the
special session. Funding source for the measure comes from the
$625,000 that was line item vetoed in the FY 2014 budget.
samoa news, Saturday, March 29, 2014 Page 15
A car sits rolled over in the wake of Friday nights March 28, 2014 earthquake on Carbon
Canyon Road in Brea, Calif., near Olinda Village. (AP Photo/The Orange County Register, Rod Veal)
Magnitude-5.1 earthquake
shakes Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A magnitude-5.1
earthquake centered near Los Angeles caused
no major damage but jittered nerves throughout
the region as dozens of aftershocks struck into
the night.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake
struck at about 9:09 p.m. Friday and was centered near Brea in Orange County — about 20
miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles —
at a depth of about 5 miles. It was felt as far
south as San Diego and as far north as Ventura
County, according to citizen responses collected online by the USGS.
Broken glass, gas leaks, water main breaks
and a rockslide were reported near the epicenter, according to Twitter updates from local
Eyewitness photos and videos show bottles
and packages strewn on store floors. Southern
California Edison reported power outages to
about 2,000 customers following the quake.
More than two dozen aftershocks ranging
from magnitudes 2 to 3.6 were recorded,
according to the USGS. Earlier in the evening,
two foreshocks registering at magnitude-3.6
and magnitude-2.1 hit nearby in the city of La
Public safety officials said crews were
inspecting bridges, dams, rail tracks and other
infrastructure systems for signs of damage. The
Brea police department said the rock slide in the
Carbon Canyon area caused a car to overturn,
and the people inside the car sustained minor
Callers to KNX-AM reported seeing a brick
wall collapse, water sloshing in a swimming
pool and wires and trees swaying back and
forth. One caller said he was in a movie theater
lobby in Brea when the quake struck.
“A lot of the glass in the place shook like
crazy,” he said. “It started like a roll and then it
started shaking like crazy. Everybody ran out-
side, hugging each other in the streets.”
A helicopter news reporter from KNBC-TV
reported from above that rides at Disneyland in
Anaheim — several miles from the epicenter —
were stopped as a precaution.
Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully was on
the air calling the Angels-Dodgers exhibition
game in the sixth inning at Dodger Stadium.
“A little tremor here in the ballpark. I’m not
sure if the folks felt it, but we certainly felt it
here in press box row,” Scully said. “A tremor
and only that, thank goodness.”
Tom Connolly, a Boeing employee who
lives in La Mirada, the next town over from
La Habra, said the magnitude-5.1 quake lasted
about 30 seconds.
“We felt a really good jolt. It was a long
rumble and it just didn’t feel like it would end,”
he told The Associated Press by phone. “Right
in the beginning it shook really hard, so it was
a little unnerving. People got quiet and started
bracing themselves by holding on to each other.
It was a little scary.”
Friday’s quake hit a week after a pre-dawn
magnitude-4.4 quake centered in the San Fernando Valley rattled a swath of Southern California. That jolt shook buildings and rattled
nerves, but did not cause significant damage.
Southern California has not experienced a
devastating earthquake since the 1994 magnitude-6.7 Northridge quake killed several dozen
people and caused $25 billion in damage.
Preliminary data suggest Friday night’s 5.1
magnitude earthquake occurred near the Puente
Hills thrust fault, which stretches from the San
Gabriel Valley to downtown Los Angeles and
caused the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake,
USGS seismologist Lucy Jones said.
“It’s a place where we’ve had a lot of earthquakes in the past,” she said.
The 5.9 Whittier Narrows quake killed eight
people and caused $360 million in damage.
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