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An American-accredited, English language International University
authorized University under construction that will
admit its first class in the Fall semester of 2011.
Chartered by the Egyptian Government,
ALAMEIN is located on the North Shore of
Egypt about one hour west of historic Alexandria
in the famed WWII battle grounds of El Alamein.
EL ALAMEIN has been rapidly evolving into the
Egyptian Riviera and is a most popular summer
resort because of its moderate summer climate on
the beaches of Egypt’s Mediterranean.
ALAMEIN UNIVERSITY is designed to be both
academically top tier while also providing an
extracurricular life experience unprecedented in
higher education. The University campus shares
its Mediterranean locale with the Porto Resort and
all students will reside in resort housing with full
access to all resort amenities including golf
courses, tennis courts and marina.
THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM of the University
will be led by the highly regarded California State
University and ALAMEIN students will be eligible
for both degrees. Thus, studies completed at the
University are fully American accredited through
the Western Commission on Higher Education.
STUDENTS WILL RESIDE in resort apartments
that include private bathrooms, kitchenettes,
eating areas and cable television. Their dining
choices include an array of resort eateries. The
climate on the El Alamein coastline is moderate
throughout the school year underscoring the
region’s popularity as a resort.
undergraduate degree track program that will, over
time, grow to as many as twelve colleges offering
bachelors, master’s and doctoral programs
including a world class research component.
Mansour Amer, Chairman of the University Board of Trustees,
is one of Egypt’s most visionary land developers and a passionate
advocate for high standards of education for today’s youth. Founder
and Chairman of AmerGroup, Mr. Mansour’s development projects are
wide-reaching and particularly notable on the Egyptian Mediterranean
coast where he has already constructed Porto Marina and Porto World,
the beginning of a massive redevelopment project that includes the
construction of Alamein University. A highly respected member of
Egyptian Parliament, Mr. Mansour is also personally funding a new
school in Cairo, The Amer School, in cooperation with Educational
Services Overseas Limited which will provide financially needy students
with high quality educational opportunities comparable to the best
private international schools. The students and their families will pay
nothing, as all expenses will be underwritten by Mr. Mansour.
Walid Abushakra is Vice-Chairman of
the University’s Board and was the driving force in
launching the process that led to Egyptian
authorization to build and open The Alamein
University. Inducted into the Hall of Fame of the
Association for the Advancement of International
Education, Chairman Abusakra is Chairman of
Educational Services Overseas Limited (ESOL)
which operates top regarded international schools
in Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus
and elsewhere. All ESOL international schools
have earned American accreditation from the
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
and/or from the Council of International Schools.
Throughout over five decades of educational
leadership, Chairman Abushakra’s awards have
also included the Distinguished Service Award
from the International Schools Association.
Picture of
Dr. Norman Smith is the University’s Founding
Chancellor and is overseeing the campus construction
and staffing for the September 2011 opening. Dr.
Smith brings 40 years of higher education experience,
most recently as President of Richmond The American
International University in London, England.
Previously, he was the longest serving President of
Wagner College in New York City and the first to ever
be designated President Emeritus. Dr. Smith is widely
credited with leading Wagner College to its top tier
ranking in American higher education. Chancellor
Smith has also served as the Assistant Dean of the
Harvard University Graduate School of Education and
the Harvard University John F., Kennedy School of
Government. He has been awarded the New York
University Presidential Medal for Excellence in
Presidential Leadership and is cited as one of Drexel
University’s most accomplished alumni. He earned his
doctorate from Harvard University and has been
awarded honorary doctorates from Philadelphia
University, Wagner College and Richmond University.
Dr. Smith is native Canadian.
Academic Majors
The Fall 2011 academic program with open with and
be limited to the first year undergraduate core
curriculum. Beginning academic majors will
commencement with the second year of study, as
is typical in the American higher education model.
The University will eventually grow to at least ten
colleges. For the 2012-13 academic year, the
choices of academic major will include business,
finance and economics; international relations;
communications; psychology; history.
For the first five years, academic degree pursuits will be
limited to the BS degree. In subsequent years,
master’s degrees will be introduced followed by
doctoral studies. Ultimately, the University aspires
to also be a research university.
The Alamein University has been authorized to offer
degree studies in the following areas:
College of Economics & Business
College of Engineering
College of Science
College of Tourism & Hotel Management
College of Social & Human Sciences
College of Agriculture & Horticulture
College of Media
College of Education
College of Fine Arts
College of Pharmacy
College of Nursing
College of Social Service
Student Life, resort-style
Pictures of
inside and out
All work and no play has long been regarded as not the
best way to live life and The Alamein University
undergraduate experience completely adheres to
the importance of extra-curricular opportunity.
The three to four years most university students
live and learn should be happily memorable both
in and out of the classroom.
Porto resort offers Alamein University students every
recreational opportunity imaginable including a
complete fitness center, golf courses, tennis
courts, boating and other water recreational
sports, biking, etc. Additionally, the resort
provides over 128 shops and xx restaurants.
There are too many choices for Alamein students
ever to express boredom.
Applications for admission to the Fall 2011 class
will be accepted beginning September 2010. An
electronic application will appear at this website that can be submitted online. Applications for scholarship and need-based financial aid will also be
available at that time. Check this website periodically for more information
about the application process.
For Fall 2010, admission is limited to the first year
(Freshman) core undergraduate program.
TUITION & FEES 2011-2012
Full Time annual * tuition ……………………………..…… US 19,800
Full Time annual* on-resort student housing ……………….
Full Time annual* in-resort food …………………………….
Estimated expenses for books & supplies ………………….
No added charge for campus wide, wireless, broad-band internet with Skype capability.
No added charge for use of resort recreational facilities including golf course.
*annual is defined as beginning with the fall semester in September through the end of classes in May.
Tuition payments will be due half in mid-August before the beginning of the fall semester and in midDecember before the beginning of the spring semester. A $500 non-refundable deposit will be required
upon accepting the admit offer no later than May 2011.
From the Chancellor
I am pleased to welcome you to join me at The
Alamein University for its inaugural
academic year in September 2011. You will
be part of the pioneering first generation of
Alamein undergraduates helping inaugurate
what we are committed to building into a
world-class university of wide reaching
distinction. From the beginning, we are
staffing the University with a first rate
faculty staffed principally from the rich
resources of our partner, California State
University. Thus, even the inaugural cohort
of first year students will receive their
instruction from the best educators that
American higher education has to offer.
As each year of your University experience
progresses, you will be witness to and a
participant in an exciting growth evolution.
We intend to make the University a lifetime
source of pride for its graduates
One of the distinctive strengths of Alamein
University will be its international reach.
We aspire to make the University attractive
to a cultural diverse student body. I have
long been an advocate of world awareness.
Globalization is real and today’s university
students are best served if they are prepared
to interact effectiveness among diverse
cultures. As an ‘international’ university,
Alamein will be ever committed preparing
its graduates to take a leadership role on the
world stage.
I invite you to be part of the beginning of
Alamein University’s tremendous future.
The sky is the limit. Come fly there with us.
Dr. Norman Smith
Founding Chancellor
El Alamein and environs
Historically, El Alamein is perhaps best known as a
Pictures/map of region
to Alexandria
turning point battle site during World War II when
British Field Marshall Montgomery, ‘The Hero of El
Alamein’ defeated the legendary Nazi “Desert Fox”
Rommel. The Mediterranean shore is has some of the
most historic locales in the world, most notably in
Alexandria, about an hour east of The Alamein
University. In addition to being Egypt’s second largest
city, Alexandria was home to one of the ancient seven
wonders of the world, the Alexandria Lighthouse along
with the oldest library in the history of mankind.
Today, El Alamein is part of a Mediterranean shoreline
building boom that is rapidly turning the region into a
resort center that may someday rival the French and
Italian Riviera. The Egypt Riviera’s southerly locale
makes the year round temperature more conducive to
resort activity. During the summer months, the weather
by the Mediterrean is so much more moderate than
inland centers like Cairo that the destination draws
massive tourist trade that is behind the development
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