Puerto Rico powerpoint

Day One: St. Regis Bahia
Beach Resort
We arrived at the resort
here in El Yunque. It is
absolutely gorgeous. The pool
is huge! We were too
exhausted to swim, so we just
sunbathed. I can’t wait to go
hiking tomorrow!
Day Two: Hiking
After breakfast we
went out hiking with our
group. No large animals
spotted, but we could still hear
and see the many beautiful
birds above us in the canopy.
We also saw a huge waterfall.
Day Three: The Beach
We took our first trip
to the beach today. It was
Eliza’s first time seeing the
ocean. Her reaction was
priceless. I don’t blame her, it
was breath taking.
Our Lovely Tour Group
Day Four: Scuba Lessons
Today was so
thrilling. We finally got to go
scuba diving. We saw so
much wildlife, including
dolphins and a sea turtle.
Millie had even gotten close
enough to pet the beautiful
Day Five: Horseback Riding
Today we went
horseback riding. My horse
absolutely hated me. Of
course, Eliza’s loved her! It
was a great time anyways.
Day Six: Shopping
We went to a huge
resort. It had an amazing spa
and lots of local art. They
even grow their own food.
Fresh salad for Lunch! We
went to Ay Bonito Grill for
supper. I got a grilled Mahi
Mahi Wrap with a passion
fruit vinaigrette.
Day Seven: Back to the
Eliza and I decided
that we should spend our last
day in the place we had the
best time. So we went back to
the jungle one last time. We
actually saw a massive
snake! Good thing neither of
us have a phobia.