Arab Spring Powerpoint

Arab Spring
Honors List
• Regime change: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya,
and Yemen;
• On the way: Syria;
• Major political reforms: Morocco ;
• Substantial reforms: Jordan, Bahrain,
and Algeria;
• Minor reforms: Saudi Arabia, Oman,
and the Palestinian
“We must educate our children to become like young
Egyptian people.” Barak Obama, US President
“We must consider teaching the Egyptian revolution in
schools.” David Cameron, British Prime Minister
“There is nothing new in Egypt. Egyptians are making
history as usual.”
Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy
“The people of Egypt, are the greatest people of earth;
and they deserve a Nobel Prize for Peace. To all Egyptian:
Be proud to be Egyptian.”
Heinz Fischer, Austrian President
“Today we are all Egyptians.”
Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway
Let them entertain
The Facebook Revolution of the Youth;
Social networking, Internet, and Intranet;
Initial demands…, and elevation of ceiling;
The 18-day rally and 60 year-long observation;
The doves and the vultures;
Hijacking the revolution;
The military institution (SCAF) and the Vacuum of
Value of Stability to Egypt
- A seven-thousand year civilization;
-The political, social, and economical
dimensions of stability.
Jan. 25, 2011, What next?
• Theocratic Rule, Political Islam and the Secularism;
• The clash between the Muslim Brotherhood and the
state (the curse and blessing);
• Liberal and reforms movements;
• The manipulation of religion in politics;
• The parliamentary and presidential elections;
• The Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt.
Cultural Inclusion in Egypt
Egypt as a homogeneous society;
Religious diversity in Egypt;
Sectorial/religious violence;
The migration of Copts from Egypt;
The new constitution and civil rights;
Future political scenarios.