The Non-Tenure Track Faculty Reclassification Project

The Non-Tenure Track
Faculty Reclassification
Project: Specialized Faculty
Susannah C. Miller
Director, Faculty Relations
[email protected]
History of Project
• Fall 2006, Faculty Senate Recommendation
Recognize contributions of NTTF
Limit use of NTTF to Teaching, Research, or Service
Establish “title series” for each area
Use of “professor” title
Establish working titles
Provide additional job security
Ongoing audit of faculty positions
History of Project
• Various committees formed between 2006-2009
• Joint Labor-Management Committee formed in
January 2010
• President approved December 2010
• UFF posted project documents on website 2010
• Successfully completed negotiations in 2012
• PERC unit clarification complete in 2013
• Classifications created in OMNI in 2013
Position Classifications
• Eliminating ambiguous position
• Establishing “Specialized Faculty”
– Teaching Faculty I, II, and III
– Research Faculty I, II, and III
– Instructional Specialist I, II, and III
– Research Support Faculty – Assistant in
Research, Associate in Research, Sr.
Research Associate
• Teaching – 75% teaching; no more than
5% research
• Research – 75% research; no more than
5% teaching
• Instructional Support – 75% service; no
more than 5% research
• Research support – 95% combined
research and service; no more than 5%
• One-year Transition Period for AORs
• Administrative Codes may change
assignment percentages
• Emergency Situations [see 9.9(b)(3)]
• Working Titles [see Appendix J]
• Dual Compensation Appointments
• Transition to Tenure-Track
– Must be determined at the college level
– No tenure credit if reclassified
– Tenure credit for open-competitive search
Honorific Professor
• Approved by the faculty in the associated
academic unit (also applies to faculty in
non-academic departments)
• Special Conditions for PC Campus
– Holds terminal degree in relevant field
– Special PC campus committee
Honorific Professor
• Permitted uses of the title (see Appendix J)
– “Teaching Professor”
– “Research Professor”
– Correspondence, publications, business
cards, web pages, & applications for contracts
and grants
– University bulletins, directory listings, & other
Other Reclassifications
• Goal: To classify employees into the
classification that best matches the work
entailed in the job
• A&P and USPS classifications
– Contact the Classifications Section of Human
Resources for determining the appropriate
Promotion Process
• Similar to promotion process for tenuretrack faculty but limited to area of
• Normally 5 years in rank
• Reviewed by committee of peers
• Reviewed by deans/directors, provost, and
the president
• New process effective Spring 2014
Specialized Faculty Promotions
Annual evaluations
Annual assignments
Fulfillment of department criteria
Evidence of sustained effectiveness
relative to opportunity and according to
Multi-Year Appointments
• Included in initial placement to approved
• Requires promotion-like review
• Fixed Term
– Four (4) year contracts for top rank
– Two (2) year contracts for mid-level
Non-Reappointments and
Early Curtailment of Contract
• Level III – NR without cause must occur
prior to the beginning of Year 3
• Level II – NR without cause must occur
prior to the beginning of Year 2
• Early Curtailment
– Performance, requires a PIP
– Funding (C&G), contract ends on funding end
Placement Process
• Department chair/supervisor makes initial
placement determination in consultation with
faculty member (November 2013)
• Based on current disciplinary vita and three most
recent performance evaluations
• Normally lateral, no change in salary
• Appeal process – VP of FDA and provost final
review and determination
Placement Process (cont.)
• Transition period for assignment – 1 year or
more with approval from VP of FDA
• “Grandfathering”
• Effective December 20, 2013 for faculty
members on a 12-month contract
• Effective December 23, 2013 for faculty
members on a 9-month contract
Next Steps
Information Sessions
Placement Process
Reclassification Process
Hear Appeals
New Promotion Process Spring 2014
Important Reminders
• NTTF classifications will not be used for
new hires after December 2013
• Placement decisions most critical
• Only Specialized Faculty members will be
eligible for multiple year contracts and
More Information
Human Resources Website
Susannah Miller
[email protected]