Transfer Orientation - LaGuardia Community College

The Office of Transfer Services
Located in C-261
Who we are/What we do
 Our Mission
 to help students explore transfer options and provide guidance on
choosing the best public and/or private colleges for their future goals.
Who we are/What we do
 Our Goals
 Students form a strong connection with the Office of Transfer
 Support students to make the right choices for their transfer
Who we see
 Students getting ready for transfer
 Students interested in transfer (primarily around 30
Services we offer
 Assistance with early transfer planning
 CUNY TIPPS - (Course equivalencies)
What credits from LaGuardia will transfer to other schools
 Research tools for transferring to CUNY, SUNY and
private schools
 (compare schools by major, size, cost,
selectivity, environment, activities, etc.)
 Guidance for creating admission packages for private
 Fee waivers for SUNY and private schools
 Research and application assistance for scholarships
Office of Transfer Services Blog
 Forum for student experiences
 Scholarship announcements and database
CUNY Transfer Application
 Deadlines:
Fall Semester – February 1
Spring Semester – September 15
 Apply early (at least a month ahead of the deadline)
 Online application only
 4 choices
Research and prioritize
 Decision about 2 months after the deadline
SUNY Transfer Application
 Deadlines:
Rolling deadline
Please check the website for more information
 Apply early (at least a month ahead of the deadline)
 Online application only
 7 choices
Research and prioritize
Get an understanding of the environment of the school
(rural/agricultural, city, or suburban area)
Private School Transfer Application
 Research deadlines early
Start a year in advance
Deadlines vary greatly
 Get familiar with the Common Application
 Application checklist
Mid-semester report
Letters of recommendation
Personal statement
Extracurricular Activities
Scholarship Tips
 Research deadlines early
 Start a year in advance
 Read requirements carefully
 You may need transcripts, recommendations, essays, other
 Don’t forget LaGuardia Community College
 Edit, proofread, and have a professor/advisor review
your package before submitting
Transfer Programs
A few of the special transfer programs
offered by colleges and universities
 NYU CCTOP Program
 Tufts University REAL Program
 Mount Holyoke College Frances Perkins Program
 Smith College Ada Comstock Program
Contact Information
 Cecilia Macheski
Faculty Advisor
 Bernetta Parson
Assistant Director
 Elizabeth Carlier
College Assistant
 Peer Advisors
[email protected]
Room C-261