First Year Script - UCLA New Student & Transition Programs

Bruin to Bruin
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New Student Checklist
• Follow this list and its deadlines to make sure to
complete everything you need to start at UCLA
• Reminders about Admissions, Housing, New
Student Orientation, ID cards, and more
Undergraduate Admissions
• Official copy of final high school transcript needs to be sent to
UCLA by July 15
• Admission Questions:
– Phone: +1-310-825-3101, Hours: Mon-Fri 1-4pm (PDT)
– E-mail: [email protected]
College Honors Program
• The deadline to apply for Honors was May 1. However,
you are eligible to apply for honors any time after first
quarter if UCLA grade point average is 3.5 or higher
• The College Honors Program is only available to
students within the College of Letters & Science.
• Honors benefits include extended library privileges,
potential scholarships, research funding, and graduating
with distinction of college honors
• The deadline to apply for housing was May 1. If you
missed the deadline, you should contact Housing.
• As long as application and all housing payments are on
time, housing is guaranteed. For questions, contact the
Housing Assignment Office: +1-310-206-7011
• You will receive an email with your specific assignment
during the summer.
• For information about availability of apartments in
Westwood and listings of roommates, contact the UCLA
Community Housing Office: +1-310-825-4491
• Complete and submit parking request form
• Available June 1, 2012 – deadline is July 20, 2012
• Cost per quarter: $204 for commuter students, $258 for
on-campus students, until December 31, 2012. $213 for
commuter students, $267 for on-campus students,
beginning January 1, 2013.
– Click on “Apply for Card” on left side
• Official UCLA identification card
• Serves as library card, debit card, Student Health
services card, residence hall meal and access card, etc.
– you’ll use it everyday if you live on campus
• You will need to submit BruinCard Terms and Conditions
and a picture on their website. You will receive your
BruinCard at New Student Orientation.
• Bring your passport or ID to pick up your BruinCard
SHIP - Student Health Insurance
Medical Insurance is required for International Students
UC SHIP: You will be automatically enrolled in Basic SHIP plan
Basic SHIP Plan (Includes: medical, behavioral health, vision):
– $1,318.01 per year ($439.34 per quarter)
SHIP Plus (includes: Basic SHIP and dental insurance):
– $1,602.39 per year ($534.13 per quarter)
You can waive SHIP if you purchase another authorized medical plan and
show proof before student fees are due.
(Policies purchased in countries outside of the U.S. are not authorized)
Mandatory Health Requirements
• Go the “New Bruins” section on this website to read
about health requirements and insurance information.
• Hepatitis B vaccinations are required for all new students
under the age of 18.
• Must start vaccination course before coming to UCLA
• Go to website to complete vaccination information or
waive the requirement if you are over 18 and choose not
to be vaccinated.
New Student Orientation
A session is 3 days and you’ll live on campus
Cost is $375 (billed in November)
Make a reservation as soon as possible
because spaces fill as reservations are received
• For questions, call office: +1-310-206-6685 or
email [email protected]
Housing after New Student
• International students can attend sessions 110, 111, or
112 with Fall Visas
• If you attend session 110, 111, or 112 you can request to
stay on campus until you can move into your regular
residence hall room ($43 per night, including meals)
• You can select “Stay-Through” housing on My.UCLA
after you’ve made your New Student Orientation
• You can call or email our office if you have any questions
Early Arrival
• The evening before the session there will be social
activities to provide an opportunity to meet other
incoming first-year international and out-of-state
• The cost is $50
• The is for the day before only – if you require a longer
stay please contact our office; due to space we may not
be able to accommodate you but can refer local hotels.
College Summer Institute
• Six week summer program designed to facilitate
transition into life at UCLA
• Fulfill graduation requirements
• Meet other incoming first-year students
• Take your first UCLA classes in a smaller setting
• Chemistry courses for Engineering students
• ESL courses for International students to ease into
academic writing
Dashew: NISSO
(New International Student & Scholars Orientation)
(first link under Programs)
• NISSO orientation is SEPARATE from New Student
Orientation and should NOT be scheduled at the same
time. They are different programs and highlight different
information; your academic counseling happens at New
Student Orientation
• Registration for New International Student & Scholar
Orientation (NISSO) is MANDATORY for all F-1 and J-1
• Registration begins June 1st
• Dates: September 7th, 17th, 18th, 20th or 21st for
• I-20s will be completed on a rolling basis once you have completed
all the steps
What you need to do to obtain your I-20:
• Accept your offer of admission to UCLA
• Request your I-20
• Have your current school release your SEVIS record to UCLA
• Keep your addresses current
• Send certificates of completion (if required you will read about it on )
(All steps can be completed from the website listed above)
• For questions, call office at +1-310-825-1681 or email
[email protected]
Registration and Enrollment
You will enroll at New Student Orientation
You should have created a UCLA Logon to log on to URSA website
You can give Third Party Access on URSA to allow a parent or
guardian to pay bills and receive payment deadline reminders.
• UCLA Fall Billing information (i.e. fees) will be available on URSA on
September 1st. You can pay with credit card or send in a check.
• International students will see a “hold” on URSA. If you click on the
hold you will see which department placed the hold. The Dashew
Center places a hold on all international students (but it is not effective
until October 7) until they have checked in and completed a visa
workshop (which can be done at NISSO)
Entry Level Writing Requirement
• You must satisfy during first year at UCLA
• You can satisfy before entering UCLA in six different ways:
– 680 or better on SAT Reasoning – Writing Section
– 3 or higher on AP English Literature or English Language
– ACT English/Writing combined score of 30 or higher
– 5 or higher on IB HL – Exam in English Language A1, 6 or
higher on SL
– Transfer into UCLA 4 quarter units of college composition that
give English 3 credit (with mandatory grade of C or better)
• If you have not satisfied in these ways, you will need to take the UC
Analytical Writing Placement Exam – offered at Sessions 110, 111
and 112 for International students (and during CSI) and during Fall
Quarter (by UCLA Writing Programs)
• If plan on taking calculus, you will probably need
to take Math diagnostic exam (Almost all science
majors and Economics require Calculus)
• Math Diagnostics exam is offered at all New
Student Orientation Sessions and will be offered
again at the beginning of Fall Quarter
Other Placement Exams
• Depending on your school, you may have
to take additional placement exams (i.e.
Music Theory or Foreign Language)
• Your New Student Advisor at New Student
Orientation will let you know if you need to
take them – they are not required
For ANY questions about your start at UCLA, our office will
be holding virtual “office hour” every Monday from
7:00 am – 8:00 am PDT
This will begin on Monday, June 4
Go to
to chat with a New Student Advisor
For ANY questions, please contact our office
[email protected]
Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm PDT
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