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Patricia Garcia
Assistant Director of Undergraduate
Admissions and Relations with Schools
Fall 2013 CSU-UC Counselor Conference
On Becoming a Bruin…
• Nearly 95% of all incoming freshmen attend summer
orientation, receiving extensive information on course
planning and assistance with course enrollment.
• 94% of freshmen live on “The Hill” and on-campus
housing is guaranteed for three years.
• UCLA’s freshman class includes students from nearly all
50 states and over 80 countries.
• Welcome Week festivities are designed to inspire a sense
of Bruin Pride in new students.
More on UCLA’s Freshman Year Experience
• UCLA’s first-year curriculum includes innovative multidisciplinary courses, such as the Freshman clusters, and small
group seminars (Fiat Lux) with distinguished faculty.
• 60% of freshman entrants earn a degree in the major they
choose during their 1st year.
• UCLA offers over 125 majors and more than 80 minors.
Support for the Freshman Year Experience
• The Bruin Resource Center and UCLA’s Healthy Campus Initiative
provide numerous resources and services to enable students to
get the most out of their UCLA education.
• 54% of all undergraduates are awarded need-based scholarships
or grant aid; the average award in 2012-13 was $17,369.
• UCLA ranked #1 among 25 public universities that enjoy the
greatest percentage of freshmen who return for their 2nd year
[Source: U.S. Department of Education]
What you can expect from UCLA for Fall 2014
• UCLA plans to enroll 4,100 California residents (same as Fall
• UCLA expects to use a waitlist to maximize freshman enrollment.
• Effective with the fall 2013 term, UCLA will offer two new majors:
- (Pre-) Financial Actuarial Mathematics, and
- Film and Television.
• New! UCLA will host a fall open house for prospective applicants
on Saturday, September 28; for more information of all fall
admissions events, see www.admission.ucla.edu/Events
Lisa Przekop
Director of
CSU-UC Counselor Conference 2013
Outcomes and Outlook…
Fall 2013 Outcomes
• 29% of new freshmen are
• 38% of new freshmen are first
generation college students
• 77% of ELC students admitted
• 563 admitted from Wait List
Fall 2014 Outlook
• No changes in selection process
• Science majors should declare major
• SAT Subject Exam Recommendations:
Engineering: Math Level 2
Creative Studies: Major related exam
• Accepting electronic transcripts from
Docufide and eTranscript CA
Pick up a copy of our Horizons Newsletter
College of Letters & Science
College of Engineering
College of Creative Studies
• 17,000+ undergraduates
• 80 majors and 40 minors
• New minors in Theater and
Theater Production
• 1,200+
• 5 majors
• Selection by major
• ~400 undergraduates
• 8 majors
• Supplemental application
required; selection by
• “Create” knowledge
• UCSB is a residential
campus, small
commuter population
• Housing is
guaranteed! 8
Residence Halls, 3
Apartment Complexes,
some with ocean
• Transportation is easy -- no need for a car, but
a bike is a MUST!
• 85% participation rate
in activities make UCSB
an active campus!
Spring Insight Open House: April 12
Virtual Open House April 15
with UCSB
Register at http://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/VirtualUCSB.asp
College Week Live
chats, college fairs, videos
Application & Personal Statement
Drop-in chat hours in Oct. & Nov.
Counselor Webinars
UCSB Counselor Mailing List
Join The Conversation
Welcome to the Counselor Conference!
Frosh Update
Michael McCawley,
Director of Admissions
Fall 2013 Outcomes
5,000+ application increase
Admit rate less than 50%
Reduced size of incoming class
Waitlisted students admitted
• Increased academic quality
• Maintained diversity
Admitted frosh GPA Profile
4.0 or higher – 37.1%
3.5 to 3.99 – 49.8%
3.49 or lower – 13.1%
Mean – 3.86
What to Expect for 2014
 Enroll 400 more frosh
 Maintain selectivity
 Use holistic review
 More school visits
UCSC looks for well-rounded, academically strong students
who will enrich the student experience at our campus.
The Student Experience
Accessible faculty
Undergraduate research
Commitment to public service
Leadership opportunities
Our residential colleges
Connecting to Your Inner Slug
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEB: admissions.ucsc.edu
PHONE: 831.459.4008 / 831. 459.2131
VISIT THE CAMPUS – tours weekdays
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