• Combination of:
– Speed
– Power
– Agility
• Mental:
– Self Confidence
– Willing to Challenge
– Controlled reckless abandonment
• To utilize runway speed and rhythmic
sequence of the hop, step, and jump for
maximum distance.
• Approach
• Take off and hop
• Step
• Jump
• Maximum controlled speed
– High knees – even stride length
– Relaxed and erect
– Last stride to board remains consistent no
penultimate step
– Run off the board
Approach Run
• Length of approach
– Use take offs to determine length
• From 6 to 10 takes offs depending on experience
– No wasted energy – dying into the board
– Establishing start point
• Start from the board and run back
– Check marks on the runway only for
experienced jumpers
– When steps are established do many run
thrus to eliminate “Board Consciousness”
Take Off and Hop
Strides remain consistent into the board
Slightly heel-toe position on the board
Weight drives over take off leg
Drive lead knee vigorously out towards end of pit and
works as a pump into the step phase
• Arms work as if running off the board
• Shoulders, chest, and head up
– Keep square
– Eyes focused straight ahead
• Take off leg cycles under hips
• As in the take off work for a slightly heel to toe foot
– Clawing action with foot on ground contact
Triple Jump Take Off
Step Phase
Drive lead knee out towards end of pit
Drive off trail leg
Head, Chest, and Hips up
Lead leg thigh and foot parallel with the runway
Arms are in running style or double arm together
following knees
• Lead leg holds until it is time for foot contact and
again slight heel to toe foot placement
– With foot aggressive clawing action on ground contact
Triple Jump – Step Phase
Total Triple Jump
Jump Phase
• Chest, Head, and Shoulders Up
• Go for maximum height driving out into the pit
• Trail leg drives thru and becomes lead knee
driving up and out into pit
• Arms reach for the sky
• Keep body square and eyes focused ahead.
– Fight the urge to throw your head back at take off of
jump phase
• Landing
– Want maximum extension
• Before touch down bring chest toward thighs with
toes up
• Heels touch first
• Land with legs straight out, knees slightly bent
• Feet are spread only 6” to 8” apart for balance
• Arms and upper body drive towards end of pit
• Chest “folds” forward over legs as in diving with
arms vigorously driving back
Triple Jump – Jump Phase
• Running
– 55, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300 and approaches
– Hurdles for consistency of stride (3 step)
– Hills or stairs
– Sprint drills
• Plyometrics or Bounding – Big Part of my
– Single leg hops
– Bounding – working on step phase
– Hurdle pops
– Combination Bounding or hopping
– Boxes
Bounding for Step Phase
Combo Bounding
Hop Step Drill – With Boxes
Step Drill – With Boxes
Standing Triple Jumps
• Weight Training
– Core Core Core
– General overall program for young jumpers
• Triple Jump Skills and Drills
– Sold by MF Athletic Company
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