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Introduction & History
Our Mission
Our Vision
Executive Team
The Panel
Topics of Discussion
Success Stories
Q & A Session
Concluding Remarks
Serving the community now and into the future.
Introduction and History
 Youth Outreach Services was founded in 1989 by a
single, unemployed mother who had a vision to
provide positive activities for the teens in the
community. From these activities, she was able to
create jobs for many of the teens.
 In 1992, Youth Outreach Services was incorporated
and in 1993 their 501(c)3 status was
received. Youth Outreach Services has partnered
with many businesses and bipartisan to form
advisory boards.
Serving the community now and into the future.
Our Mission
 Training teens to serve and become leaders in
their communities, provide volunteer and
mentoring opportunities.
 Reach out to ex-offenders and ex-juveniles
through teens already involved in the program.
 Train teens to change the world through
mentoring, employment and education, one
community at a time.
Serving the community now and into the future.
Our Vision
 To save taxpayers money by creating
responsible citizens and develop the Business
Career Center to help make local communities a
safe place to live and work.
Serving the community now and into the future.
Executive Team
Liz Charity
Antoine Harris
Mr. Eric Young
Mr. Ahmed Malik
Sherri Gray
Exec Director
Serving the community now and into the future.
The Advisor Board
Dr. Sam Hill, President
Northern Virginia
Community College
Michael P. Brown, PhD.
Ball State University
Department of Criminal
Justice and Criminology
Dr. Yemer Hassan, Senior
Strategy Consultant
Management Decision
Sciences Global
Consulting, Inc (MDSGC)
Mr. Randall Scrugg,
Real Estate Broker
My Guardian Agent
The Panel- Business Mentors
Prof. Rodney G Roberson, Social Commerce
Prof Roberson represents InVado International, a cutting edge direct
marketing company with headquarters in Cleveland Ohio. InVado’s
Referdia provides state of the art marketing resources for businesses
owners, and more importantly it also gives consumers access to huge
savings from their innovative group buying social-commerce
platform. He teaches the student high tech- marketing skills through
the internet .
 Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland University
Visiting Professor at DeVry, Inc
 Masters in Emergency/Disaster Management
Serving the community now and into the future.
The Panel
Mr. Antoine Harris
 Chairman of the Board
 Youth Outreach Services
 Strayer University
 Masters in Public Administration
 George Mason University
 B.S. Health Recreation Management
Serving the community now and into the future.
The Panel- Business Mentors
Mr. Lorenzo Parnell
As founder of KJV Media, Lorenzo Parnell brings
20+ years of photojournalism, broadcasting,
public relations and media experience to the
DMV. Lorenzo has covered every major news
story over the last 5 years. He also writes for
the National Guard Bureau and Urban Voice
Magazine as the Public Affairs Photojournalist.
His company teaches the students photography.
Phone: 703-595-6370
Serving the community now and into the future.
Topics of Discussion
Mission: Empower individuals in the local community to
reach their full potential and become leaders to create a
better Global Society.
The Business Mentoring Program shares Cumulative
knowledge, skills, and resources, which will help at-risk youth
to achieve work readiness, entrepreneurship and community
involvement. It provide a job mentoring program that will
help make the homeless, unemployed, and at risk teens
Serving the community now and into the future.
Partnership with Community
Social Services
Public Schools
Juvenile Detention Center
Other nonprofit organization
Serving the community now and into the future.
Operations – Job Readiness Mentor Program
• Business Mentor: Teaches and Provides
entrepreneur training in their area of business
expertise. Provide internship and community
leadership (10 years – 29 years)
• Positive Peer Mentors: Local Colleges &
Universities Students and High Achievers High
School Students
12- Week Job Readiness Mentor Program
• Self Exploratory in natural abilities and study
• Problem Solving Solutions
• Discipline
• Creativity
• Achievement
• Progress Reports
• Mock Interviews
Continue of 12 Weeks Job
Readiness Mentor Program
Complete application forms/Write Resumes
Financial Education
Entrepreneurial Training
Business Mentors
Job Placement
Building of the Career Center
• Career Path: Enroll students in Northern
Virginia Community College to take careertechnical courses in air condition, electrician,
and plumbing. Students help renovate house
into Career Center as part of Job Training and
Community Services Program.
• Business Ownership: Small incubators
businesses in the career center to provide on
hand business training to students to help
operate the business
Businesses in Career Center
Auto Detailing/Small Engine Repairs
Barbering and Cosmetology
Network Marketing
Publishing- ( Operating of Book Store)
Business Retail ( Coffee Café Shop)
RETV ( Reality Education Television)
Continue of Businesses in Career Center
• Sports ( Boxing and Basketball)
• Entertainment
• Construction (Home Improvement)
Partnering With Businesses
Prof. Rodney G Roberson
Cynthia Cypress
[email protected]
• Building Blocks
Concept: Saving
accounts for students
after they have
completed the 12 week
program and have a Job
• Education
• Down payment on
• Purchase of Car
• Purchasing of stocks in
the stock market
• Buy into their Business
Mentor’s businesses.
Youth Enterprises, LLC
• Sponsorship on RETV
(Reality Education
Television) Dream
Television & Faith ,
Family and Friends
• Building of Career
• Benefits :
Advertisement on local
television networks (
Cox, Comcast, Verizon,
and CW-50
• Infrastructure,
Economic Growth
• Safe Community
• Positive Social Change
Career Center Partner with 100-Businesses
• To provide workshops to students.
• To provide Scholarships for Students
to enroll in local Community Colleges.
• To empower students to provide a
commercial for your business on RETV
(Reality Education Television) Dream TV,
Faith, Family, and Friends Television Show.
• Help transition students from the Juvenile
Detention Center and Alternative Schools back
into society.
• Help promote business ownership.
• Help provide television advertisement for
• Help create investment opportunities.
YOS’s Family Legacy
Travis Harris (29 years old in the
middle)is my son. Travis Harris has a
Master Degree in Divinity and is a
Captain in the Army, works as an
Education Coordinator at the
University of Virginia Hospital and is
working on his PhD. My grandson,
Isaiah Harris, is walking in his uncle
and his father’s (Antoine Harris) foot
steps. They are his role models and
mentors. Through my sons, I am
leaving a legacy to my grandchildren
and other individuals who are
becoming a part of the YOS Family.
Concluding Remarks
Youth Corporation, Inc./ Youth
Outreach Services Job
Readiness Mentor Program
Partner with Community and
businesses provides:
• Quality Education
• Economic Development
• Safer Community
• Infrastructure
Ms. Liz Charity
Serving the community now and into the future.
Questions & Answers
Youth Outreach Services
P.O. Box 1655
Woodbridge, VA 22195
Bus: 703-867-8076
Serving the community now and into the future.