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Focusing on K-12 and Higher Education segments we deliver
products and services that improve efficiencies and enhance the
learning experience for students.
Key Messages
We have saved schools over 25% in print
operating costs, while providing state of the art
solutions to improve student performance and
teacher efficiency.
We provide Managed IT, interactive
presentation tools, cost recovery and
automated grading solutions, with the most
advanced printing and scanning solutions in the
Hardware + Software + Services = Solutions
Core Business
• Production print systems
• Office Systems
• Printers
• Digital scanners
• Fax machines
Software and Services
• Simple Application Solutions
• Security Solution Services
• Enterprise Content Management
• Manage Print Services
• Business Process Automation
• IT Managed Services
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Konica Minolta Education Solutions
Why Performance Matters ?
Attractiveness of Testing and Assessment market
Demand is growing and the trend will continue for the coming few years. Many schools do not
have an easy way to create, print and get assessment results
Budgets and renewal of budgets depend upon student and teacher performance and
Performance Matters has a strong presence in the Southeast, particularly FLA
Robust back-end data analytic software differentiates the product by comparing
school district data to state date
Involves connecting via the Cloud to the Performance Matters solution
Easy to install and support – requires only a connection to a web browser
Konica Minolta Performance Matters Integrated Connector
Step 1
Create your assessment(s) in
Performance Matters
Step 2
Print bubble sheet answer forms – preslugged with student ID or blank from
Step 3
Scan completed bubble
sheets into MFP
Step 4
View reports via the MFP and
analyze results within Performance
Bubble sheet data
Bubble sheet data
Student answers
Result Report(s)
Achievement Data
Cost Recovery
Why cost recovery?
Students and academic departments with unlimited printing and copying can lead to a printing
Existing copier and printer costs grow out of control
Wasted paper and toner push up costs each year
A cost-recovery system helps educators monitor, manage, and charge back department and individual
–Control, track and manage print and copy
–Convenient-Intelligent authentication built into most MFPs
–Eliminate long lines in student centers, libraries, and computer labs
Users print as usual
Selected jobs are released
to printer
Users swipe ID
card or enter
PIN to access
Print Server
Jobs are held in secure
Release at any
SchoolFlow eForms from Prism
Electronic Forms for K-12
Cost of preprinted forms
– Problem
Preprinted forms are expensive to purchase and modify.
Example: schools use a myriad of forms for student information
– Solution
SchoolFlow eForms (Prism Software)
Automated eForms makes it easy to eliminate preprinted forms by creating
electronic forms that are instantly accessible.
– Benefits:
Enter student data on a master screen and auto-populate an eForm
Reduce data-entry errors on eForms
Auto-populate data onto a single eForm or packet of eForms
Automatically create barcodes containing student information
Barcodes allow easy scanning
SchoolFlow Electronic Document Management (EDM) from Prism
Document Management in K-12
Lack of timely access to records
– Problem
K-12 Schools lack ability to respond on a timely basis to document
requests by students, parents, and teachers.
– Example: students applying to college must meet deadline for
delivery of transcripts and other documents
– Solution
SchoolFlow EDM
– DocRecord provides K-12 schools with a centralized student
repository for easy access to all student documents
– Benefits:
– Immediate access to all documents being requested
– Print or email documents on demand
– Reduce administrative costs and time for request response
SchoolFlow Enterprise from Prism
Information Management in K-12
Student records not up-to-date
– Problem
Keeping paper records up-to-date requires much manual effort
– e.g., Vaccination forms, doctor notices, parental approvals, etc.
– Solution
SchoolFlow Enterprise
– Electronic records automatically generated, filed, & processed into
– Benefits
– Records automatically updated
– Versions automatically tracked
– Electronic workflow means processing tasks are automated
EducationFlow eForms from Prism
Electronic Forms in Higher Education
Cost of Preprinted forms
– Problems
Preprinted forms are expensive to make and store
Preprinted forms require changes when regulations change
– Solution
EducationFlow eForms (Prism software)
– eForms are an inexpensive and efficient replacement
– eForms easy to modify quickly
– Benefits:
– Instantly available eForms library helps keep forms current
– Significantly lower costs
– Greatly improves workflow
– Secure distribution
– No paper inventory to store, and no waste
EducationFlow Electronic Document Management from Prism
Document Management in Higher Education
Tracking Documents
Increased documents required for student registration
EducationFlow EDM (Prism software)
– DocRecord can track and monitor different registration requirements
based on different criteria
1. Reduce time to process student registration documents
2. Set tracking to conform with specific policies
3. Reduce errors and administrative overhead with compliance
EducationFlow Enterprise from Prism
Information Management in Higher Education
Workflow process for related documents
– Problem
Documents from different sources must be collected for workflow
between departments
– e.g., scholarship packages, loans, financial, grants, etc.
– Solution
EducationFlow Enterprise (Prism software)
– Easy search, retrieval, and workflow of related documents
– Benefits:
– Complete document sets forwarded; no missing documents
– Electronic workflow, approval, and signatures
– Efficiency goes up, costs go down, response time improves
ScanPath from Prism
Automatically convert scanned document to 8 different editable, searchable,
document and image file formats.
ScanPath is an easy cost effective scanning solution that allows
educators and school administrators the ability to easily convert scanned
documents form the bizhub panel into Word, Excel and more
ScanPath converts your documents scanned from the bizhub MFP to common
usable and editable file formats.
ScanPath accomplishes this conversion through a powerful OCR (optical character
recognition) engine that recognizes the text images on a page and converts into
editable text.
ScanPath resides on a non-dedicated, local server within the user’s organization.
ScanPath can OCR documents in 20 different languages.
Printing and Managing Course Materials – Job Submission
– Problem
As instructors rely more on making customized course packs, printing and finishing
these materials takes time away from planning, instruction, and assessment
– Solution
• Several bizhub devices allow tab printing from standard print drivers making it wasy to
produce binders
• Production print presses for stitch and perfect binding
• eCopy scanning and NSI Autostore offer panel-integrated solutions with our MFPS or
stand alone eCopy ShareScan stations externally connected to MFPs
Digital, automated job submission for printing and finishing course materials (RSA,
Konica Minolta’s Printgroove, EFI’s Digital Storefront)
scanning at a bizhub
web submission
– Benefits
Instructor saves time via digital file upload to a copy center
Document attributes are saved and archived for later use
Instructors avoid printing errors
bizhub SECURE
Konica Minolta Has Better Ways to Safeguard Student Information
The industrys most powerful and
comprehensive security capabilities
FERPA-compliant features include:
• Identifying users and restricting access
with secure authentication in
password, HID card or Biometric
• Encrypting student information
• Protecting hard-disk content with
• Overwriting HDD date more
• Sanitizing hard drive
• All bizhub devices 15408 certification
at EAL 3 — the highest level for
commercial products
Addressing Budget Cuts – Optimized Print Services (OPS)
Education administrators want to
• Evaluate educational document workflow
• Measure and control printing and copying
volume and costs
• Monitor device usages
• Consolidate printing/copying/faxing and
scanning devices to cut expenses
Benefits of Optimized Print Services
Customized solution for greater efficiency
Assessment of printing environment
Resources conserved; maintenance costs
Expenses are clear via a Total Cost of
Ownership plan
Creates a cost-per-print plan
Develops a roadmap to replace outdated
Managed IT for Educators
Provides ongoing support to manage the school and universities network,
servers, desktops / laptops, mobile devices, and applications.
Hosted services via a managed data center environment
Project management for network upgrades and build-outs
IT business plans and preventive maintenance
Cloud services
Offices in > 26 states
The Konica Minolta Clean Planet Recycling Program
Colleges and Schools want to support practices that
reduce, reuse, & recycle
Only program of its kind
For all models - desktop to print shop
For all consumables: cartridges, waste toner bottles,
imaging units, developer/developer units and drums
Toner bottles made of HDPE 2 are recycled locally,
if possible
Makes consumable recycling simple and free
Box is sealable and returned via UPS to
closest Konica Minolta facility for recycling