Sacramento City College Associate Degree Nursing

To prepare nurses with knowledge, skills and
attitudes necessary to continuously deliver
quality and safe patient care in accordance with
Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN).
QSEN Competencies are:
1. Patient-centered care → recognize the patient or
designees the source of control & full partner in
providing compassionate and coordinated care based
on respect for patient’s preferences, values and needs
Teamwork and Collaboration → functions
effectively within nursing and inter-professional
teams, fostering open communication, mutual
respect, and shared decision-making to achieve
quality patient care
Evidence-Based Practice → integrate best current
evidence with clinical experience and
patient/family preferences and values for delivery
of optimal health care
Quality Improvement → use data to monitor the
outcomes of care processes and use improvement
methods to design and test changes to continuously
improve the quality and safety of health care systems
Safety → minimizes the risk of harm to patients and
providers through both system effectiveness and
individual performance
Informatics → use information and technology to
communicate, manage knowledge, mitigate error, and
support decision-making
 Associate of Science Degree;
2 year program
 Many units transfer to 4 year colleges
 Accredited by the California Board of Registered
 Solid reputation; high NCLEX pass rate
 Excellent clinical facilities
 Check website FAQs
Bio 430 & 431 Anatomy & Physiology
Bio 440 General Microbiology
EngWr 300 College Composition
Psych 300 Intro to Psychology
Communication 301 and/or 331
(Public Speaking or Group Communication)
Soc 300, *Soc 321 or *Cultural Anth 310
* Qualifies for multicultural requirement
Chem 305 is required as prerequisite for Bio 430
& Bio 440, but not a nursing program
No “in progress” courses at time of application
No recency requirement for courses
Proof of eligibility for EngRd 310
***Once a passing grade is achieved in a course
taken within LRCCD, it may not be repeated; you
may repeat courses outside of LRCCD
Graduation requirements
 Highly recommend completing all before
starting program
 Highly recommend taking Nutrition and
Growth & Development; they are no longer
required pre-requisite courses
 For more details go to SCC website and click
“Counseling” in quick link menu
English 300 satisfies writing requirements
English 310/312 passed with “C” meets graduation
 Math competency may be met with passing Math
100, Beg. Algebra or Math 120, Inter. Algebra
(Depending on your catalog rights)
 BS/BA degree meets all Graduation Requirements
and Competencies
Simple to complex over four semesters
Medical Surgical – in each semester
Maternal Child
Psychiatric-Mental Health
Crisis and Multiple Patient Care
Dignity Health/Mercy General
Kaiser South
Sutter Medical Center Sacramento
 Memorial
 General
 Center for Psychiatry
Sutter Roseville Medical Center
Sutter Davis Hospital
Sutter Auburn Faith
Shriner’s Hospital
Acute Care Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Outpatient Clinics & Doctor’s Offices
Correctional Facilities
Public Health Community Agencies
Occupational or Industrial Nurse
Home Health
Teaching & Research
Leadership Positions
Background check, drug screen, immunization tracker= $115
CPR with AED – Health Provider =$50
Books, uniforms, shoes, Nurse Kit, supplies = $2200
BRN application, IP, NCLEX, graduation, stole = $450
Malpractice insurance ($30), Healthstream ($14) = $44
LiveScan fingerprinting = $40
Physical Exam, Immunizations, PPD, flu shot = $250
Tuition ($46 x 48 units- nursing) = $2208
T O T A L (estimate) = $ 5357
(plus access to computer, Internet, printer, ink, paper)
Payment for malpractice, badges, supplies at SCC Business Office
Students with a baccaulaurate degree or 72+ units
are no longer eligible for financial aid
 Go to SCC website Financial Aid for FAFSA
application and more details
 Dollar amount varies based on number of units
taken per semester
 Many scholarships are available; posted on bulletin
board in Nursing Department
Must take TEAS V before applying; cost ($35)
HIGHLY recommend studying for the test
If a passing score is not achieved, there is a
required 3 month wait before being re-tested
ATI website
to purchase TEAS V Study Manual ($42); also
available in Learning Resource Center
TEAS can be taken at any available test site
including ARC, CSU, Samuel Merritt
Test dates at Main and Extended campus;
student purchase’s test on day of exam
ATI website to find
additional testing dates and times
Higher TEAS scores earn more points on new
enrollment program criteria; only the first
passing score will be accepted
N407: 4 days/week (26 hours class/clinical and
40 hours studying/preparing)
 N417, N427, N437: 4 days/week with varying
times for theory and clinical; some clinical on
evening shift
 Students must achieve 75% or higher in each
ADN class for progression in program
May not be allowed in a clinical facility
May not be qualified for nursing license
BRN has the right to deny any graduate
opportunity to take NCLEX
Prior to getting into the ADN program, if
criminal history is a concern, please check
with the BRN
SCC ADN program uses an online
application process
Must apply to the district at in order to obtain a
student ID #
With student ID # the student can access
application through eservices account
Previous degrees, health care licenses, certification,
direct patient care experience
Grade point average (GPA)
Life/special circumstances, veteran status
Second language proficiency
Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
Application online; must reapply each semester
Check website carefully
All nine criterion yields possible 100 points
67 points needed to be placed into random
selection pool
Below 67 points not eligible to apply to the
registered nursing program
Class selected from random selection pool
Higher GPAs and TEAS scores increase odds of
getting into the program
Work and life experiences can add points
Grades earn point values
Will know if eligible to apply to the program
No wait lists
Application timelines have changed
o Fall and spring classes chosen during one
application period
o When completing online application you will
learn whether you qualify for the pool
o If eligible to apply, start gathering supporting
Verification of Program Enrollment Criteria
Support documents confirm responses
Must submit all documents with online
application cover page at the same time
Incomplete applications are not processed
Will not be notified re missing documents
It is the responsibility of the student to make
sure there are no missing documents
Tattoos may not be visible
Mandatory nursing orientations
Can be dismissed for excessive absenteeism
Expected to take the seat in semester offered
ADN program has no waitlists
Follow online application instructions carefully!