12 th meeting of QECs Heads

University of Veterinary and Animal
Sciences, Lahore
12th Meeting of QECs Heads
Dawar Hameed Mughal
Deputy Director QEC
Email: [email protected]
QEC Achievements
Assessment Culture
 Self-Assessment
 Model
 Selection
for SA
 Other
of More Departments
Continuous Self-Assessment
Director QEC is member of
– Academic Council
– Board of Advanced Studies and Research
– Synopsis scrutiny committee
Programs Teams Formation
Surveys completed;
– Teacher’s evaluations
– Alumni, employers, post graduate research
students etc
Teachers Evaluation software developed and is
being used
Model Departments
Criteria and Standards developed for the
model departments
– Vision, Mission
– Objectives and Learning Outcomes
– Curriculum standard course outlines
4-Model Department completed their SAR
2-Departments submitted SAR to QEC
Other Activities
 Director
QEC participation in the
meetings of statutory and non
statutory of the University
 Course
outlines are being
standardized with PVMC
 Teacher
training was competed 2007
Other Activities
Catalytic role of QEC with Institute of
Continuing Education and Directorate of
Advance Studies to organize
workshops/courses/trainings on
Students Orientation Program
Research Processes
Oral and Communication Skills
Modern trends in livestock & dairy sector
Evaluation of Tenure Track Assistant
Professors in collaboration of the
Registrar office
– Prequalification of candidate before selection board
Executive Summary
Summary of Model Departments
Main issues
1. Inadequate hand on work
Specific problems
– Teacher’s shortage
– Short of apparatus
– Theory in practical class
QEC suggested a basic protocol for
conducting practical class
2. Not completing course
– Posting of course contents at the
beginning of semester does not work
– QEC has suggested
IT based system to monitor the going on
teaching of all courses
Will be implemented immediately
Infrequent field visit
• Unavailability of transport
• Priority for field trips
Possible solution
• Vehicles are available in a transport
Shortage of books
• Lack of coordination between Library
and Department
• University has enough funds for the
• Teacher's interest at the time of book
purchase is vital
Inadequate lab microscopes
• Suggested to share the labs
• Use all the available microscopes
• Get broken one repaired
UVAS has an efficient repair work shop
• Purchase more if really needed
New Teaching issues !
Teachers overwhelming interest for
• Less interest in class teaching
• Occasionally post graduate students
teach on behalf of senior teacher
Senior teachers opt for less
challenging teaching
• Postgraduate teaching
Course contents are not completed
Solution !
 Viable
– If we can sort out the problem during
rather at the end of semester;
 In
collaboration with IT
– After a lecture its outline or “ppt” has to
be displayed at University web with
teachers name and date
 Accessible
to staff and students
Bottlenecks faced
Departments have to aggressively
persuaded for the completion of SAR’s
– Prepare it with out interest rather considering
is an additional job
Permanent Director for QEC
– University needs clear cut instruction from QAA
to appoint whole time Director for QEC based
on available qualifications
Thank you for your attention