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A+ Update
Ozarks Technical Community College
December 6, 2013
• Program Growth
• Communications
• Administrative Rule Recap
– Algebra I EOC
Deferred Action for Childhood Admission
Legislative Issues
Award Reminders
Program Growth
• Projections
– FY 2014: 13,230 students paid $32.1 million
– FY 2015; 14,000 - 15,000 students paid $36 million
• $11 million in additional funding requested
• Unknown effect of newly designated high schools
• Students from newly designated high schools
– Eligible if 3-year attendance requirement met
– Even if transferred prior to designation
• Questions about:
– A+ Scholarship: MDHE (800) 473-6756, option 4
– Core Data/Reporting Requirements: DESE Office of Data
Management (573) 751-8271
– Stamp: DESE (573) 751-8247
– A+ Designation Requirements: No contact information available
• DESE listserv has been discontinued
• MDHE e-distribution list is the primary means of
receiving A+ information
– E-Subscribe to MDHE Electronic Communications page on MDHE
Administrative Rule Recap
• All rule changes effective June 30, 2013
• 6 CSR 10-2.190 available on Secretary of
State’s website
0-2.pdf, page 26
• Summary of changes in December 5, 2012
board book, Tab E, Attachment A
Algebra I EOC
• Remains effective for 2015 Seniors
• Allows for waiver when DESE has waived its
testing requirement for a student
• Eligible if score proficient or advanced on
higher-level math EOC (Algebra II, Geometry)
• New alternative replaces old:
– Old: Complete 12 credit hours at student’s expense
with minimum 2.5 GPA
– New: Achieve minimum score on COMPASS exam or
ACT math subtest
Algebra I EOC
• Status of Alternate Eligibility Process
– Developing cut scores for ACT/COMPASS math exams
• Equivalent to mastery of high school Algebra I
– Reviewing available information
• MDHE developmental ed. study
• Other data on math mastery/placement
– Request input from A+ community
– Proposal to CBHE in February
Deferred Action for Childhood
Admission (DACA)
• Federal policy to delay deportation of children
brought to US by undocumented parents
– Prosecutorial discretion
• Not the “Dream Act”
– Does not change legal status of child
• Not eligible for federal student aid
– Can complete the FAFSA
Deferred Action for Childhood
Admission (DACA)
• Primary state financial aid impact is A+
– Access and BF require citizenship or permanent
• Missouri law prohibits “public benefit” to
individuals who are “unlawfully present”
• Currently under study
– Final decision will be distributed through e-distribution
list serve
Legislative Issues
• Academic preparation
– End of course exam requirements
• Algebra I and English I EOC
– Alternatives for eligibility
• Timely completion
– Complete minimum number of hours per year
– Focus on completion not enrollment
• Better targeting of programs
– Bright Flight Boost
Award Reminders
• A+ award does not always equal two years of
tuition and fees
– The amount of tuition and general fees remaining
after any federal sources of funding have been applied
– Pell must always be applied to tuition and fees before
A+ award is calculated
– Additional fees (e.g., program specific) are not covered
• A+ will not pay for repeated, withdrawn or
dropped courses
State Aid Questions
• Connie Bestgen
Program Specialist
(800) 473-6757, option 4
(573) 751-1772
[email protected]
• Amy Haller
Program Specialist
(573) 526-7958
[email protected]
• Kelli Reed
Student Assistance Associate
(573) 751-2444
[email protected]
General Questions
P.O. Box 1469
Jefferson City 65102-1469
Phone 573-751-2361
Fax: (573) 751-6635
Info. Center: (800) 473-6757
[email protected]
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