Caminos Leadership Summer Program Presentation

-Marcie Revada
Its an Opportunity you
don’t want to miss out
 Helps you get on the
right track about High
school and also College
 The Algebra and
English 1 classes
prepare you for your
freshman year
English 1 Credit
• You must read ‘’To Kill a Mockingbird’’ and get tested over it
• You must have a good consistent average
• Last but not lease, take the final exam
Algebra 1 Credit
• Quizzes everyday over what we had accomplished the day before
• Tests every Friday
• Also keep a good consistent average
• Complete the Final Exam
BCIS Credit
Follow all Instructions
Pay close Attention
Keep a good Consistent Average
Take your Final Exam
Homework is every night
• Algebra 1
• English 1
All homework is
expected to be done by
due date
Mentors are there to be
at your assistance
Raise your hand and ask
We have some field trips.
Bob Bullock Museum,
Semi-Tech, Aquarena
Springs, Texas State to
learn how to build
Computers and Texas
Agriculture Museum.
They’re so much fun.
Caminos Provides
Breakfast and lunch.
Everyone will be Required to live
on Campus
Will I get the Roommate I want?
Very fun Experience
Learning how to be away from
It all depends on working habits
and Behavior
What's a normal day?
A normal day consist of breakfast,
Leadership class, your first period
of the day for 2 hours, Lunch, your
second period for 2 hours, your
third period class, Free time,
Dinner than Tutorials for 2 hours
and bed time (10:00 pm)
What's Leadership?
• Leadership is for 2 hours
• It’s an AMAZING program, it
helps you find yourself and
give you the confidence you
need to succeed
What do you do?
• Every morning you walk in,
grab your spiral and write
down a famous quote and
reflect on it
• Participation is everything in
• There will be so many funny,
ridiculous and emotional