Middle School Scheduling Guidance Concerns

Middle School Scheduling
Mapping Out our Students’ Futures
Civics- F. S. 1008.22
 Civics is 7th grade Social Studies course for 2012-13.
 All 7th graders will take the Civics EOC Field Test in 2012-13
 In school year 2013-14, the Civics EOC will count as 30% of
the final Civics grade.
 Beginning in 2014-15, students will need to pass the civics
EOC to pass Civics AND Civics becomes a middle to high
school promotion requirement.
 Be aware of the ASSESSMENT field on A13. This will be
critical when, for example, an ESE student is exempt from
an EOC impact.
Math EOC’s
 This year (2011-12), all middle school students in Algebra
must PASS the Algebra EOC to earn High School credit in
 Students who pass the course but do not pass EOC will still
earn a middle school math credit.
 Students who FAIL the course, but pass the EOC will earn
one HS credit in Algebra.
 School year 2012-13, students in middle school will need to
PASS the Geometry EOC to earn HS Geometry credit.
Forgiving Math Courses
 When a student earns a C or D in 7th grade Algebra I,
the student MAY re-take the course in 8th grade for
GRADE forgiveness.
 Grade forgiveness does NOT award an additional
math credit for promotion to high school.
 Students who re-take a course for forgiveness must use
a recovery model to earn their third middle school
math credit.
Mid-Year Promotion
 There is NO provision in SBBC Policy 6000.1 for midyear promotion other than third to fourth grade.
 In High School, a student’s CONTRACT YEAR is the
school year that he/she begins 9th grade.
 When a student begins 9th grade mid-year, that student
is at a DISADVANTAGE for graduating high school
 This puts the student and the high school at risk!
Graduation Requirements
Contract Year 2013
 Each CONTRACT YEAR will have a different set of
High School Graduation Requirements.
 Your current 8th graders will be high school contract
year 2013. They will need to pass:
EOC in Algebra, Geometry, Biology
Algebra II
EOC in US History*
An online course
*Current legislation has not determined how the US History EOC will
affect graduation requirements.
Graduation Requirements
Contract Year 2014
 Your current 7th graders will belong to Contract Year
 Contract Year 2014 increases in rigor and includes
 Must pass: Chemistry or Physics plus one equally
rigorous science
 EOC in US History*
*Current legislation has not determined how the US History EOC will
affect graduation requirements.
HS GPA for Courses in MS
 SBBC Policy 6000.1 will go to a final reading for
adoption on 2/22/2012.
 If passed, this adoption stipulates that all High School
courses will count toward the Weighted Grade Point
 This is a substantial change from previous editions of
the policy that included high school courses in middle
school in all HS GPA’s EXCEPT for the Weighted
Online Graduation
 Beginning with this year’s entering 9th graders (contract year
2012), students must pass an online course in order to fulfill
graduation requirements.
 Online course can be 1 or ½ credit.
 Students MAY take this course while in middle school.
 Online course MAY be an elective course.
 If course is taken in middle school, it should NOT be a core
course for ninth grade students.
Elementary Acceleration
 New legislation allows Elementary students in grades 4 and
5 who meet certain criteria to take middle school level
courses online.
 Broward County has established additional criteria to ensure
that this option is limited to students who have
demonstrated the maturity and work ethic required for
successful completion of online accelerated coursework.
 Middle Schools must be prepared for students entering
grade 6 who have already taken sixth grade Language Arts,
Science, Social Studies or Math Courses.
 Proper articulation processes with feeder elementary
schools will ease surprises!
Grade Changes
 New TERMS processes have been established for
making a grade change.
 All grade changes must now specify a REASON for
the change. This is captured in the RC field on the
 New to the A13 Detail Screen: You will be able to
view the reason for any change, the date the change
was made, and the USER ID of the person who made
the change.