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Facilities Pilot Buddy Program
2020 Goals:
Attract, Retain & Reward Top People
Office of Human Resources
July 16, 2014
The Buddy Program:
A buddy program is a means of welcoming and encouraging new
employees to help them in their first few months and up to 1 year
to build a personal connection with Clemson University.
A “Buddy” can contribute to the success of a newly hired
employee by…….
1. Scheduling regular contact, such as lunch, coffee, and
phone calls
2. Sharing insights about “how things are done around
3. Discussing why you like working here and the Clemson
culture, and
4. Answering questions and providing resources.
What Does it Take?
Key Characteristics of a Buddy:
• Communicator
• Role Model
• Motivated
• Strong Performer
Why Have a Buddy?
To help welcome new employees and reaffirm their
decision to join our Clemson family.
• It provides new employees with a reliable, motivated,
single point-of-contact for their basic questions
regarding their work experience at Clemson.
• It also helps establish orientation as a process of
onboarding, rather than a single learning event.
Why Have a Buddy?
Buddy Program Advantages:
Having a Buddy program offers
significant advantages for the new
employee, Clemson, and the Buddy.
Buddy Program Advantages
For the New Employee:
One-on-one assistance
Jump-start on networking
Single point-of-contact; and
Smooth transition into the department and onboarding
For the Buddy:
• Opportunity to encourage and engage others
• Enhanced leadership and communication skills; and
• Recognition as a strong performer / team player
Buddy Program Advantages
For Clemson:
Increased employee satisfaction and retention
Increased employee communication
Enhanced employee development
Enhanced quality work processes; and
Increased employee productivity
Buddy Selection Criteria
Selection should be based on the following
Demonstrates strong performance
Is given time to be accessible to the new employee
Proud of Clemson University
A peer of the new employee
Patient; good communication and interpersonal skills
Wants to be a buddy
Well regarded and accepted by current employees.
Buddy Responsibilities
Contact and meet with the new employee on Day 1
Establish rapport with the new employee
Have lunch with the new employee at least once a
Act as an informational resource on policies and
Helps socialize the new employee to Clemson’s
guidelines, norms, and culture
Answer general / routine questions
Follow up with the new employee on a weekly basis.
Tips for Buddies
Be patient:
• It takes time to develop a relationship. Don’t
try to cover everything right away.
Be positive:
• New employees will grow into their roles if
given proper reinforcement.
Don’t be judgmental….simply offer feedback.
Buddy Resources
• Buddy Program Checklist
• Employee Interest Sheet