PowerPoint-presentatie - WageIndicator Foundation

Corporate statement
WageIndicator Foundation aims to make the labour market more
transparent for workers and employers worldwide by sharing and comparing
information on wages, labour law and career.
Position in the market
In many countries there is a lack of coherent labour market information, easy to access, easy to
understand, full circle, independent and free of politics. Local WageIndicator websites provide this
information to workers, employers and governments and function as online, up to date labour market
libraries. WageIndicator Foundation’s sources of income are grants from national governments and
sales of data and licences. It is important for WageIndicator Foundation to build a strong relationship
with stakeholders in the labour market, research institutes and media. Building a strong local presence
through networking and pr in these respective markets is essential for retaining and growing
WageIndicator Foundation. Building a strong corporate profile is of value for its global branding.
Main policy topics
I. Providing basic wage and labour market knowledge for workers and employers
II. Mapping the labour market in emerging markets and improving compliance
III. Providing international wage and labour market comparison
Detailed solution: (proof points)
- Online and offline surveys on wage and working conditions
- Local legal helpdesks, mobile judge and compliance forms
- Publications from Universities worldwide working with the WageIndicator Foundation and their rich micro database
- Local websites with Salary Checks, Minimum Wage information, Labour law information and VIP checks in a
highly standardized way (e.g. loonwijzer.nl)
- Collection and annotation of Collective Agreement data for national and international comparison
- Fact finding debates throughout countries with workers, employers and labour inspectors. Results of these debates
are awareness campaigns with a focus on minimum wage
- Regular WageIndex reports
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